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Greetings, I am Saya3x3, but some of you also know me as Kira444, a veteran fanfiction writer on Fictionpress's sister site. I've spent over four years writing fanfiction, and I am an avid fan of anime, manga, and fantasy stories. I've refined my writing skills through writing my fanfiction series Transformers Titan, and I've gotten to a point where i'm confident enough to beginning writing my own fantasy project on this site.

This account will be the centerpiece of a new fantasy series that I have spent almost a year creating and perfecting on my own time. The series is called Fantasia, and it is based mainly on Greco-Roman mythology but is influenced by various other cultures. The series is set in the world of Terra, a realm situated between the heavenly realm of Olympus and the dark Underworld. On Terra, magic is commonplace and widely practiced around the world, and humans live alongside demigods and monsters, powerful creatures who often prey upon humans. Fantasia was designed to be a sort of anthology series, separated into different sagas detailing the lives of different characters and often taking place in various time periods. For example, one saga can take place in the modern era, while another takes place in ancient times where technology was less advanced. Fantasia is a series that will tell the stories of people, both mortal and immortal, from all over the world in the past, present and future.

I plan on getting a website for this story setup, but it will take some time until that can happen. Until then, this account and my other account on Royal Road--Akira433--will remain the only two places where I will post Fantasia stories. I'm no stranger to writing fanfiction, but original stories is still kind of new to me. Hopefully I can write something that you guys will like and that I can be proud of. Don't worry, along with the main series, I will also be posting a guidebook sometime in the future that will go more into detail on the world, its elements, and the characters. I hope you all enjoy the series as much as I did writing it. Thank you for your time.

I've just created the new website for Fantasia on Wordpress. Since I can't post the link on this site, you can find it at my Archive of Our Own account, Saya444, in my profile. It be a little shoddy in it's design, but it'll be more polished as I get the hang of fixing the site up.

I am now posting this series on Royal Road under the account Akira433.


Book 1-Red Dawn

In the land of Nippon, twins Kira and Saya Asakura were just two normal children living their lives the best they could in a world where mankind is in constant conflict with monsters. But after a near-fatal encounter with a monster, the twins discover an ancient power they hold and spark a series of events that unravel everything they know about themselves and their family. As more truths are revealed, the twins learn they are being hunted by not only monsters that want to kill them but also by humans who seek to abuse their power for their own selfish goals. With enemies coming at them from all directions, Kira and Saya must fight hard to protect their loved ones rom those who would do them harm to get their power, but how far they'll go will dictate whether or not they end up becoming something worse than the monsters that hunt them.

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