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Call me a fool, a sinner, everything deemed wrongful in the world today. It will never change the fact that I enjoy to write and create, I want people to take from my writing just as I have from many other stories. I think that is the most fulfilling thing in the entire world. I don't care about what happens to me anymore; for I know that I am strong. I am not easily deterred from my path in life, I know what I must do. Other people can't come out and say that, and I pity them. Some people can go throughout their entire life and never have the feeling of fulfillment, when you can die with a smile on your face; leave the world knowing you did everything you wanted to do, as long as it gave you purpose.

I know it's hard, I know the world doesn't owe you a damn thing. I know that it is only yourself who needs to owe the world something, it's the cold hard truth. The only thing you can trust is nature, and human nature. We will never stop harming nature, because human nature is the now. We will never change, we will never stop growing until our source of life ceases to exist. We conform because we are weak, or do we conform because we have to? What does the world owe you? What did you think the world owed you? This world gave you soo much, this world gave you everything, but instead we drove it to curroption and infection, one that has no cure. What has become of the world?

This is why I write, this is why I create, because what humanity has created disgusts me. I cannot even care for it anymore, but the sad part is that I care, I still care about everyone, I care soo much that I would rather see someone else be happy, I hate seeing people who look defeated and depressed, it is unhealthy, and it is a waste of time. Nobody is perfect, and that is why correction is the only solution. I care too much that I am forced to correct myself in the process. Care for those who teach you something, advice is one of the most important lessons. You have to listen and follow through.

I think I pity myself, but then again I have learned soo much just from a single year. You think that what happens to the previous generation won't happen to us? It will be worse, by tenfold. Do you really think we're safe? Do you really think this world cares about you? The world isn't like you, just because we care, that doesn't mean others will. Don't be so foolish, don't be so naive, stop becoming that voice of reason, instead... deny... deny... deny! Become the hero of justice, become the savior for all of mankind, even it it means sacrificing your own well being, sometimes we have to give up our own happiness in order to do that. We need to put ourselves through pain in order for us to understand what being human is all about. We are limitless, if we want to do something, we can do it! If you want to be god, then do it! God is nothing more to me than a word we created, that lead to the creation of the being that is immortal, all knowing. Who is the one to say I can't be god? Nobody has the right to deny you of your own fulfillment.

Does the world really not give a damn about us? How hard we work, how much we do for others. I think they see us as a number, so that is what I shall remember. The next time we think if the world owes you something remember this... you owe your life to correction and change.

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