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I've removed my stories due to... Some 'happenings.'

Anyways, thank you:

Victoria Best


Zukafu Chirimaorimoto



For reviewing my stories.

Those of you who would like to read them still, may proceed to Wattpad. Profile matches this one, username is DarkDementedCyborg, profile name is Môrbidity Persônified, and the stories have been revised:

1) AURA (Numinous Halflings Book 1)

2) FORBIDDEN EGRESS (Arcadian Warriors Book 1)

3) WANDERLUST (Standalone novel)

4) Totem (Building series, yet to decide)

Wanderlust will be posted here as well, the other three are only on Wattpad and nowhere else. If you so happen to see them somewhere besides, please let me know and I will be forever indebted.


If you'd like my review, a PM should drag me out of my cozy coffin, otherwise, I'm not planning on leaving my humble catacomb anytime soon.

That said, peace fellows.

The shadows betray you because they serve me; for while you merely adopted darkness, I was born into it. And don't ask me why I'm not smiling, it's when I do smile that you need to worry about.

Most people cannot see how beautiful the darkness is. It mustn't always be equated with evil, as light doesn't always bring good.

If you knew my thinking patterns, you would never give me a sharp object and at the same time, stay in my vicinity.

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I want to destroy you
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Supposedly, I smell like sex and shaving cream all wrapped up into a small delicious bundle of pudding heaven. I didn't agree. The Alpha who is holding me captive says otherwise... Rated M for EXPLICIT CONTENT, read at own discretion. Main character will be crude and humorous... not always used in the same sentence, but definitely implied as crude humor.
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Prize of the Warrior by open mind reviews
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Most people tell about their rags-to-riches life. But Tempest Sinclair does the opposite. Disowned and thrown out by her family, she is determined to build her own life and follow her dreams of becoming a painter. Only nineteen, she takes life by the horns and faces the hurdles. And through those hurdles, she finds new friends, learns new things. For those who experience.
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