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I write anything that I feel magical towards. I have no professional education/training towards writing or poetry but I just write to... I don't really know at this point. I just write and see what comes out.

If it isn't to your liking I would really appreciate if you could drop a review or PM me to tell me why and what you think I should do to better my craft. I always wanted to publish a book one day and hopefully one day I could with enough polishment.

Now then something about myself I suppose would be in order, it is after all a profile page.

I'm 19 years old as of 18/10/20. I am about the most plain person you will ever meet. I had fallen into a lot of mimetic traps and truthfully don't even know what I want to be doing with my life. I always thought I wanted to become a scientist that studied and researched genetics. I always wished that diseases would just disappear and I could perhaps genetically engineer humans to live a life where cancer and other illnesses would be non-existent. Though it may seem very noble, it wasn't like that to begin with. I wanted to first focus on genetically making my complexion better, and then improving my height. Not that it isn't important, but then it branched off to wanting to make the perfect human. What is perfect is then subject to a lot of debate. Long story short, that dream has crumbled because of how much a risk it would be to take to go down that path both in time and effort, but the fact that I'm a dropout with a mind-whopping 0 chance at becoming a scientist.

Fun fact now that the dream is gone, it's like I've escaped from an invisible life script and am now floating along. And also, I like to my make poems rhyme so most of mine will probably be like that currently. Who knows how much I will change over the course of a few years. Isn't it really weird how people change so much, time really does it's thing doesn't it?

Just a thought I had suddenly.

Have you ever thought of how you were compelled to act a certain way in school. If from the first day you were always cheerful and you kept up that persona (whether it being true or not is not particularly relevant), say you were to try and change you would be met with a lot of curious gazes. Well guess what, this is exactly what made me adopt a front I hated for years because I wasn't willing to deal with the awkwardness of the change in perception people around me will go through should I change. And I'm guessing that's how many people feel as well though that is just speculation. I don't interact much or actually remember for that matter... But isn't it just scary how many people are potentially living similar or other kinds of life scripts that they don't even know they are following?

So that leads off to another situation, what if you had perpetually bad memory. I'm talking mega-giga-ultra poopy memory. If you don't remember anything. I don't even remember if I used to have a good memory, I could count on one hand the number of days I can distinctly remember. and those are just scenes, like mental images I have that are not even clear! What would you do? Write it all down? But how would you deal as the number of days that pass by increase. How many times will you reread the same things over and over again and just forget. Well don't you worry amigoes, I got you covered. What you do is learn memory techniques like mind palaces and other memory techniques. Though that it in itself is hard to implement.

Well, that's enough talking about me. It is probably too wordy for a self-introduction and it isn't even much of one! Just random thoughts I had but hopefully it kept you entertained, or not... I'm not good at that.

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