Silver Horizon
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I love digimon. It's the only fanfiction I write. My fav. couple is Sorato. I don't write any stories unless they have Sorato in them.

Couples I love:

Couples I like:
Sokeru (Yeah I know I'm weird)
Michi, Jyomi, or Koumi

Couples I don't mind:
Yaoi or Yuri
Any others not mentioned above or the hated one down below =)

Couples I hate:
*MIMATO* (Die! Die! Die!)

A little info about me:

Name: Silver Horizon to ya'll
Gender: Female
Address: The middle of nowhere, Southeastern U.S.
Favorite show besides digimon: Crime Scene Investigation, 7th Heaven, and Smallville
Favorite Food: Buffaloe Wings (Yum!)
Favorite Band: Avril Lavigne
Favorite Sport: Soccer (Yeah! I'm a goalie!)
Favorite Color: Yellow or Yeller


Tainted Destiny- Sorry I've stopped this for now.

Realm of Power- I can't say how far I'm a long with this fic because I can either make it really long, in-between, or medium. This fic is going better than my other one.

Pirates- God, I can't believe I started another fic! The idea just popped into my head one night and I just started the story. I asked for six reviews to continue and then of course people give me 20, which I don't mind, but now I have to work on this too.

Thanks to all the reviewers of my stories.