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Well, this should be fun. I've decided to join this site here. Anyway, I'm Elizabeth, I'm 22 years old. I've just finished my ECA program at a private college. (Early Childcare Assistant).

I have decided to discontinue my Strange World Series for personal reasons.

But I have new stories, so please check them out!

I always love feedback, so please leave a review on my stories!

My new stories are based on RPs that I'm doing with a user on DeviantART called the-empty-book. She owes her characters, and I owe my own characters.

Will be reuploading those stories from me and the-empty-book; to fix some grammatical errors. It shouldn't take me long to do so.

This thread was originally designed to serve as a place to leave a list of users who were banned from this forum and sumarize what went down. However, in time it became the gathering place of evidence against a user who didn't just troll Overdrive, but hundreds of forums over the years and continues to do so. If you're reading this, good, means Hunter has finally managed to warn you and you have a chance to take action before the bomb blows.

At first Hunter simply gathered the stories of victims who came forward, yet for some, that isn't enough. Thefore, we have begun gathering screenshots and links as well, giving you firsthand view of genius' behavior and insistence on trolling. You can find links and screenshots throughout the announcement, but the majority has been gathered in the bottom with the newest update regarding the troll's activity. By the time you're done reading this announcement, I hope you now know what I wish I knew when I first saw Genius. Don't repeat the mistake so many users, including myself made, learn from them. This is the announcement of the troll who spent so long lurking in the shadows of ignorance of his foes. We bring Geniusinmath's trolling and pattern to light, never to prey on the innocence and naivete of admins ever again.


UPDATE: He has confessed to his trolling intent: ht tps://pos timg. cc /gallery/1jel2rxoq/

To put it in simple terms, Geniusinmath is a troll who goes around acting like a child or at the very least, a young RPer. Spoiler alert, he isn't either. Genius has estabilished a pattern of wasting people's time and patience, and causing massive drama to get his pity parties going. He will cringe you with his posts and Mary Sues, he will lie about ongoing events in other forums and has a tendency to drag forums into his drama in forums that have nothing to do with it. When caught, he plays dumb, yet as shown by Valzoa's attempts to guide him away from his behavior(ht tps://postimg. cc/gallery/3j2hx1cj6/) and the experiences you'll see through the link, it's clear the troll is messing with us. Every chance given is used not to change, but persist in his behavior.

Now, if you'd like to see how it usually goes down, here are the experiences of users who dealt with him and screenshots of his unnaceptable behavior. A small fraction that stepped forward and put down information of the time wasted because of that plague, gathered in this post, including my own. Which you'll actually find disturbingly similar to what other users described:

Gigabyte's own mistake

The user geniusinmath joined the forum back in August in 2018. Like most other forums you'll soon see, we made the naive mistake to think he was just a kid who was a slow learner. So when he made the cringy bland OC Gwen, which you'll see other sheets he made that are basically the same, we tried our best to put him in a proper path. Well, first he downright ignored the digimon half of the sheet and proved to be entirely ignorant of the lore. Not knowing the first thing about digimon, despite claiming otherwise and trying to stick in his dumb orphan story. It was so downright wrong and cringy that I still recall the basics of it: Mom died for reasons unlisted. Gwen then got sent to an orphanage and ended up getting kicked out for something she didn't do. Got a helicopter ride to the city where the forum takes place. Now, anyone who ever reviewed an OC would be fully aware of the sheer ammount of issues on that backstory. First, Genius refused to come up with a cause of death for the mother, taking my sugestion of natural causes despite his OC being 10 and the mother being a NURSE, not nursed, but a nurse. Then started taking the worst sugestions on how to get Gwen out of the orphanage, trying to keep her a pity-party material as possible.

After two days of frustration with the lack of progress, I accepted the OC so we could get it over with. So, genius went ahead and broke the first rule of the forum: No one liners. I erased the post and asked him to abide to the rules. Genius posted again, this time two sentences, still a one liner. I asked him again and explained what he was doing wrong. He insisted, not once, not thrice but five times in rapid fire. So I gave him an ultimatum, stop or get banned. His reply was simple enough, "No.", then he went ahead and posted another one liner. So, for the first time in my time as an admin(5 years give or take), I banned someone.

However, we made the mistake of trying our best to help him before dealing with him, that came back to bite our heinds. So, it wasn't a minute after he was banned. I got PMs from him. Later I'd find out how much he repeated them. To give you an idea:

Geniusinmath: *crying* Please unban me

Me: Why should I?

Geniusinmath: Pretty please

Me: How about pretty no

Geniusinmath: *crying* Give me another chance please

Me: Are you still going to do one liners?

Geniusinmath: Yes

Me: No, now quit bothering me or I will report you and block you

Now, this is a heavily sumarized version, the troll has a knack of using one liners to prolong conversations to ridiculous levels. After that he tried the crying and pretty please again so I blocked him. It was over? Nope. Genius used to rp in another forum I was in, Portal Masters United or PMU for short. There, he started to talk about how I'd report him if he didn't "Change his roleplaying ways", one of the mods however, NitroTheKid, was also a roleplayer in Overdrive and knew that was a lie. Something I confirmed. We told genius to stop causing drama and left it at that. Did he? Nope, soon I started getting PMs from a user asking me to unban genius.

Tte14 told me how genius was telling people how I banned him and was harsh, "mean" and similar things, all while *crying*. So I did some digging and behold, there he was in a private forum with the user CrecentLily trying to get her to report me. I showed it to Nitro and he told Genius to stop spreading lies about me. Genius said he stopped, so I checked the same forum and behold, there he was, not just continuing the drama but trying to trick Lily into thinking people were lying about him. At that point, Nitro was done and banned him. We hoped that'd be the end of it. It wasn't. Over the next couple days, genius PMed EVERY user in Overdrive and my other forum at the time, Kingslayers, at the time and even Dwarvannman, who only joined about a week after we dealt with him.

Every time with the same "arguments" he made to me. It was so ridiculous I had to add a rule to block genius from PM so he wouldn't harass any new users. Then things were quiet for the rest of August, ocasionally a user popped asking about genius and I gave my side of the story. Thankfully people realize how awful genius is when the truth is handed to them, geniusinmath being an awful liar after all. In September though, a "new" user joined both Overdrive and PMU. Named "Roleplayingiscool" and with the account being about a month old, myself and every user involved called genius on it imediately. It was the first time I requested the aid of Internet Troll Hunter, whom after PMing Roleplayingiscool, confirmed it was indeed Math. We proceeded to ban him. That's when the "hacking" happened.

Geniusinmath modified his old account, changing the username to an obscene name and a picture that was pretty much hentai pedophilia. The next day, Hunter and I got PMs from users from Author's Den, asking about the genius situation and revealing that Genius was going around claiming that we had hacked him. Considering neither of us posses the ability to do so, and that genius' story was farfetched at best: "...Turned my computer on and said, "Oh no, I've been hacked"..."-Geniusinmath. The users of Author's Den called bull on him and Hunter and I agreed. When they confronted genius, the coward only replied in PM claiming he wanted "another chance". They blocked him and left it that after warning their other forums about his trolling. Not long after that, he changed his profile on his second account:

Hi there. Everyone, I wish to apologize for my previous actions. It turns out my previous account got locked out. I am deeply sorry for saying hacking like I originally thought. I hope that someday I can be forgiven for my mistake. I will do anything to make things right. I will miss everyone on forums I have been banned from. If I had a chance to make things right, I will do it. Let's be friends and start over. I feel so bad right now.

However, with some digging Hunter found out that even as he put that on his profile, he was going around forums telling people how he had been "hacked". So Hunter took action, which is possibly how you found this very link. With that, I was done with geniusinmath, save for when he tried getting in the other forums I was in or whenever I elect a mod and the poor fellow gets targeted in PMs. But these things are dealt with swiftly enough. Now, the more Hunter saved forums from him, the more he learned about Genius. Turns out, the troll has been pulling stunts like these for YEARS. Not just that, but if the age of his youtube and original account, summed with his own claims, he's 30.

So yeah, turns out the "sad slow kid" was actually some creepy 30 something troll. Here is what Hunter got from admins all over the website. Geniusinmath doesn't know the lore of most forums, and like he tried in my forums, tries forcing the Gwen Adoption Story and shoving it in every forum he gets in. Which leads to a myriad of problems.

Here are the reports from other admins and users who dealt with him before:


Honestly it mostly happened so long ago that I can't remember all the details. But it's probs the same story as in other places. He joined our forum and we have certain standards that he wasn't meeting and after many pms and chances we suggested that he be better off else where and he quit. Then he regretted it and we said that we wouldn't want him back. Which is when he started the harassment thing. Every couple of months since then he's tried to PM different members of our forum asking for Rhya (our Admin) to unban him. She ended up fully blocking him because she was so creepedout by it. He was messaging me and the other mods so often and then started on our regular members as well. We had to make a couple of notices about it Was all the same thing "Please ask ALazyGeek to unban me" "I've changed" "How can I show you that I won't do that anymore" Etc. Over and over and over. And he was badmouthing us at the same time to a different forum we found out.
Some random admin we had never heard of PMed us about how we had been treating him unfairly and bullying him. Turned out he had been saying all sorts of s* about how the Convergence was treating him horribly and all the *crying* bs he does. Like we hadn't done anything wrong and we explained this to them but it was mental. A few months ago though he did try and pretend he was someone else. He created an account called Role-playingIsCool and then tried to rejoin ours as someone calls Antony. We realised straight away and didn't let him though but he was pestering us about how he wasn't Michael he was Antony and should be allowed to join.

Lukia Deathstalker

As mentioned by Galaxy Queen above, genius had been spreading lies about her forum across other forums. Lukia and his admin and friends were a part of said forum. As you can see, genius turns everyone on each other when he has the chance...

ZeroWolfWriter and I have just banned Genius when we heard of the rising rucks on his reputation. It was dejecting, to say the least, and we were left feeling like sitting ducks in the whole ordeal.

Emerl, another friend of ours, have redirected us to the troll-announcement and we couldn't help feeling like we've got the short end of the stick in the situation.

We have been mislead;


Played for fools;



And all sorts of stress we did not need in our already stressful daily lives.

As usual, Genius entered our forum and right away I could tell something was odd about him; childish mannerisms, annoyingly naive, playing dumb, like some kid who just gained access to the internet.

I was extremely patient with him in behalf of my forum fellows:

I quoted info about Rockman.exe (our forum's franchise) from more than 7 pages from wikia - carefully selected;

Walked him through the steps of how we RolePlay;

Reviewed all rules together;

I literally played mama for him, only to see him using nothing of our information and ignoring our advises.

-- In regards to Galaxy.Queen's statement

I was the mod to PM them regarding Genius, back in the time we were still played for fools by him.

He's told us a completely different story, and as I researched for his posts in Convergence Forum, I couldn't connect the dots to what he claimed and what was true. So I PM one of the mods to ask what was happening in regards to Genius, but they refused to say anything in the matter, or explain what have actually happened, claiming it to be "what happens in our forum is none of your business". So I was left in the dark to what was Genius on about, and have had my name and reputation corrupted because of him.

I was paying high prices for merely being kind and helping a "seemingly inexperienced member".

Genius broke so many rules while playing dumb - "sorry, crying, scared" being the usual excuses - that Zero and I had to ban him after getting spammed on the chat with simple "Hi"s. We had enough of his ghosting.

Later we learned he began witch-hunting us and badmouthing our names. Emerl has been witch-hunt, ZeroWolfWriter have had his PM bustling with messages from the people from his other forums telling him that Genius have been spamming them to request to be unbanned from our forum.

And we lost members due to Genius' spam-PMs, which eventually helped lead to our original forum falling inactive.

As a result, nowadays, we barely can trust any new member who enters our forums showing "friendly and overly-sympathetic" behavior or quoting any sayings as "I like you guys", "I like this forum", "I wanna make friends".

I am borderline paranoid on forums because of a s* piece of human deject.

If anybody can put an end to this already, I would be eternally glad.

X Bout As Stable As The Wind X:

lollllll michael.

interesting fellow.

I've dealt with him on every forum I might've ever owned and every forum I've ever been on; even ones I know of. He claimed to be a 19-year-old man, who would come onto the forum often with posts like:


(*starts crying*)

(*is sad*)

Also found him on a forum that condoned r, treating it like a justifiable fetish, and the forum was a smut role play between doctor who characters and my little ponies SO. like i said, interesting. he'll call me his friend, though. always ask me how i am, say hello randomly, then proceed to ask to be let back onto the forums he's been banned from. he once harrassed a friend of mine who owned the forum, talking to her nonstop and when we blocked her he begged several people to ask her to talk to him. he also made a second account to try and get on, texted and spoke the same way, knew things only michael would know, then proceeded to deny it was his account at all.

Except he later said it was his account and it got hacked, and THEN said he wasn't hacked and simply got locked out. So. XD And here are his PMs when confronting Genius' fake account,

Roleplayingiscool: I'm sorry, I think you might be getting a bit confused here!! Maybe I can refresh your memory; I asked you how you knew that the banned member we were talking about was geniusinmath, even though we didn't tell you that was him. I also asked how you knew his name was Michael, and you said you thought I was talking about a different Michael; but there's only been one Michael on the forum all the years I've been there, so that's not true.

Please answer these questions with an answer that is not "I am psychic" or "a hunch" and I will gladly take it into consideration. Until then, please do not message me.

-- May 16 I have no idea who that is.

-- May 16 You just lied again. We talked about Michael and geniusinmath all day yesterday. One more lie and I block you.

-- May 16 What was the question?

-- May 16 This is an automated voice message. You are currently being ignored by x Bout as Stable as the Wind x due to unnecessary and repetitive conversation, deceit, and a lack of answers. If you wish to be unignored, please use human intelligence to try and answer the question you were asked nearly a dozen times before with the truth. Thank you.

-- May 16 *crying*

-- May 16 This is an automated voice message. You are currently being ignored by x Bout as Stable as the Wind x due to unnecessary and repetitive conversation, deceit, and a lack of answers. If you wish to be unignored, please use human intelligence to try and answer the question you were asked nearly a dozen times before with the truth. Thank you.

-- May 16 I already did answer.

-- May 16 This is an automated voice message. You are currently being ignored by x Bout as Stable as the Wind x due to unnecessary and repetitive conversation, deceit, and a lack of answers. If you wish to be unignored, please use human intelligence to try and answer the question you were asked nearly a dozen times before with the truth. Thank you.

-- May 16 No.

-- May 16 This is an automated voice message. You are currently being ignored by x Bout as Stable as the Wind x due to unnecessary and repetitive conversation, deceit, and a lack of answers. If you wish to be unignored, please use human intelligence to try and answer the question you were asked nearly a dozen times before with the truth. Thank you.


Yes. She attempted to join a DBZ forum that I am a moderator of. While we tried to work with her, but we ended up not letting her in because she made a five-year-old girl with no experience or power level. Genius wanted to put her on Namek at around the time of taking on the Ginyu Force and then Frieza, or, in our case, the entire Cold Family.

Genius, if we can even call him/her that, had the OC in search of a strong person to train her. If you've seen DBZ, you know why this is a stupid idea to begin with, and she couldn't even explain how her character got to Namek. Her continued explanation was "I got picked up." Genius could not tell us by who or why.

So, when Genius finally saw the writing on the wall, he/she asked us to recommend another forum that would be more fit for him/her. We refused because we didn't want it to come back on us if she caused problems elsewhere.

Shiny, a Mod in Jade Mountain:

I'm called Shiny. So when you put this up, call me Shiny. I'm one of the mods of Jade Mountain

A short and sweet version of what happened:

There was a guy who came to the forum. He asked if one-sentence posts are allowed. We said yes. He then proceeded to have every one of his posts be one sentence long. And like, three to twelve words. He joined the Ceremonial RP and kept RPing his character even when others didn't have a chance to continue. This is where he earned his first and second strike. Queen and I took it to PM and asked him to change very nicely. He accepted, but we came to observe his empty apology. After blatant rejection from Queen's rebuke, he earned his final strike.

We banned him for six months. He started begging to me and Queen to be allowed back on the forum. Queen and I were steadfast in our decision. He then changed his username from "geniusinmath" to "c u m guzzling sl ut 69". We asked him to stop bothering us and to change the name. I gave him an ultimatum: stop bothering us and we will allow him back on the forum. If he keeps bothering us, he will be permanently banned from the site (and all his posts will be deleted to keep his username off our forum). He did. He's banned.

His character's profile has been deleted, but here's what I remember it being:

Character's name: Sleet

Tribe: icewing

Gender: Male

Appearance: white scales with brown eyes and a black pelt (FYI, IceWings can't have brown eyes)

Personality: (I don't remember the personality, but he didn't do the myers-briggs thing that was required)

History: he has no family

I had to go over the thing with him multiple times, but he still didn't fix the major errors. I was getting so fed up with him, I just allowed him to go on and RP. Once he began RPing, we began to notice his RPing behavior. Sleet washed up on the island the RP takes place in and loafed around with another dragon for a bit before taking him to one of my characters to get him a place to crash. The other PC left after my temperamental character gave Sleet the evil eye for not responding to her.

Sleet played along, though was rather vague (and since my character, Aurora, was more irritable than the other characters, I could let my irritation slip into her persona). Aurora asked Sleet to wait for her husband to come back. Her husband was off RPing with another character, so I basically said through the RP, "please wait for this scene to finish up so I can come back and get that done/write a reason for him to come this way." Then his character meandered off to start another adventure. About now was when me and my fellow mod banned him, so to make up for the fact his character would not be returning, I wrote this little gem. (And bonus! It helped push the plot!)

As Sleet ignored her and continued walking, Aurora's heart burned with anger. Damn the dragonet! How dare he ignore the words of his elders! "Sleet!" she hissed, but he did not listen to her. Aren't mainland IceWings supposed to be highly disciplined? What caused this failure of a lizard? As she cursed him in her mind, a tiny thought passed by. He's vulnerable. No one's here. No one will miss him. Instinctively, Aurora crouched low like a snow leopard, stalking her prey with dark blue eyes reflecting a hunger for blood. The naive lizard didn't seem to pay attention to the fact he would soon be prey. Aurora's jaws parted, revealing gleaming white teeth. As she growled, it was then that her prey noticed her. He shouted something and readied to fly, but she lunged out at him and clawed his wings, grounding him. She pinned him down belly-side-up, but her prey flailed in fear for his life. She smelled the fear that radiated from him. She saw the fear in his soulless black eyes. She heard him grovelling to spare him. It only fueled her bloodlust. She tore into his throat with her jaws, making him cry out in agony. She relished in it, loved it. She fired a direct blast of icebreath into the bite wound and watched as he screamed in pain. When the icebreath and blood loss wasn't killing him fast enough, she broke his neck to finish him off. It was done. He was dead.

I think this is the most fun I've had writing in an RP ever. XD

So here's the PM conversations I've had with Math after he was banned (who went by Michael in our forum).

M: I want 1 more chance.

S: Too bad. You had two chances to change your ways and you rejected discipline from Queen. You are banned from the forum until March.

M: Just 1 do over. I can change.

S: You have six months to think about your actions. You can wait that long.

M: No I can't.

S: You should have thought about it before rejecting Queen's rebuke. Now leave me alone. I have a forum to manage.

M: Please 1 more chance.

S: Too bad. Even then, your PMs are only one sentences. Seeing that you obviously have not learned the error of your ways, I will not be merciful. Now stop whining to me. You had your chance.

M: I promise to be good. Just 1 do over.

S: Keep crying to me and I'll make that ban permanent. Now stop bothering me and think about what you've done. You have six months to do that.

M: Is there anyway I can appeal. *some ignoring later*

M: I want to appeal.

S: Too bad.

M: :(.

after a chat with a mod*

S: If you send any more PMs whining about your punishment and begging for acceptance back into the forum, I will personally ban you from the forum for the rest of time. Also, if you do not change your name and profile picture to something decent within a week, we will delete all your posts from the forum. I, nor Queen, nor any other mod, will tolerate your actions if you do not chose to make a child of yourself.

M: Please unban me, I just want to keep breaking the rules and being forgiven

S: WHY?!

M: Because I want to have fun

Then we banned him.

So this guy is a trolling masochist who wants to be treated like he's special.


Okay, I'll tell you our story with Michael.

I, along with some good friends, are part of a Total Drama group, where he joined. He pretty much played the innocent act with us, and always claimed Gwen if we tried to do Rps with canon characters. And if he got his mitts on the teenage goth girl, he would always act as her completely out of character. But to be fair… We got off fairly easy aside of some Godmodding from him. But if we only knew about this sooner...


He was new and the guys and I thought we could help him out, help whip him into shape. The cracks showed early on, when he completely screwed up the bio of his character...twice. One of the players helped him iron it out...though I suspect it was more of my friend's doing than Math's. He began dragging his feet in the RP, not doing much in terms of the characters so I decided to step in. I played bad cop and he began to improve when he began dragging his feet. Then he did it again and I saw what would happen and decided to tell the rest of the guys. He did the same thing I read: say "no" to an ultimatum given, so I told him that by choosing neither, he chose to get kicked out.

He began to freak out, pleading with me to not do it while giving me NO real reason why I shouldn't to the point where I told him to stop or I'd block him. He went "no" again, so I blocked him. The rest of us told him that he was out of the RP and he continued begging to be let back on. I linked him to the clip from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: "IT'S ALL THERE, BLACK AND WHITE, CLEAR AS CRYSTAL! YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR!". His response? "I win". How he thought that is something I'll never understand, none of us agreed to let him back on. We decided to just ignore him until he stopped posting, refusing to acknowledge him. It worked...but a while back, I saw him trying to throw himself a pity party. Oh, it didn't go anywhere, since no one cared for that, was a f, though; it happened, it stank, but no one cared when it passed.


Geniusinmath has been trolling around Storyteller's Circle. It is a website and forum where you can RP with people of all skill levels. He was there and joined a RP i was leading. I gave him several chances to edit his OC. Obviously i was surprised when i found exactly the same OC last night in your announcements thread. I tried to help him develop it, but he ended up ghosting not only me, but the forum as well. He has been doing this to others forums and RP's as well, and it is - obviously - absurdly annoying that when you put your private time and effort into helping a guy that only ends up being a troll.

I don't mind this being published. He is a troll that needs to be exposed to the biggest audience possible.


I've been dealing with Genius recently. I first saw him in a Sonic RP forum. Then later on a Pokemon RP forum, a Steven Universe RP forum, an OK KO RP forum (there is literally one currently) and a Splatoon RP forum.

At first I was the nice guy, willing to RP with him despite my cringe at his post. Safe to say I learned fast that he was going to be an annoyance. He begged me and the Admin of the Pokemon forum (which I am a mod of) to be un-banned because he broke several rules.

I've heard of his recent shenanigans, but so far he hasn't come back to bother me. I do want everyone else to be weary of him and I've learned a few things after interacting with him which would prove helpful to spot him out (should he ever make an alt account again or change his name)

One of the most notable things is that he tends to use the same OC and bio for every forum, with little altercations. As being part of multiple forums that genius shared in interest, I was able to spot this very quickly.

His most notable OC is 'Gwen'. Oh, I am sure you've heard of her. The little girl who an orphan and is looking for a family. This is what I've called 'orphan-fetish' due to the fact that not even canon series characters are safe from this. Apparently he got his hands on Sakura from a Naruto forum and Dawn from a Pokemon forum and pulled the same rp plotline, dis-regarding that face that they have parents. Luckily, both forums were owned by the same Admin, so he was forbidden from ever touching a canon character again.

Anways, Gwen is his go-to pick for an OC and she's soo plain its horrifying. Not even Dragon Ball Z mods who fought OP OC submissions would want her. Sometimes she makes no sense in the context of the series. A plain character in a series that focus mostly on the superhumans, makes it almost impossible for him to interact with anyone. Which I say is shooting himself in the foot.

Gwen is easy to spot. She has certain details that you can easily spot. She likes math and making friends. Her weakness are yams (oh no, not the YAMS!), cranberry sauces and Pies. She wears Mary Jane Shoes. It is a common thing I've seen with Gwen and her other incarnations. Genius makes her around the age of 10 mostly. Gwen is usually a skeleton of a bio, lacking any effort.

And example of this right here:

Name: Gwen Michelle Wilson

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has average height, weight, body build, and muscle tone for a 10 year-old girl. She has white skin, black shoulder length hair with a pink hair bow, and green eyes. She wears a white long-sleeved t-shirt, a pink jumper with a black double row studded belt around her waist, white tights that cover from her thighs to her feet, and black Mary Jane shoes.

History: She is from Route 1 all of her life. She and her mom lived in peace. Sadly, her mom passed away due to natural causes when Gwen was only 10

Hometown: Route 1, Strengths: Trading cards, math, and making friends. Weakness: Pies, cranberry sauce, and yams.

Pokemon Team: None

Stored Pokemon: None.

Special Belongings: None

Friends: None

Rivals: None.

No effort to create a Pokemon team. Understandable to start as a rookie with nothing, but I've seen this multiple times. And it shows that genius won't push to add anything extra.

A while back we forced Genius into a corner and made he make a new oc via ultimatum. This OC was as rubbish as Gwen.

Here's her bio from the Pokemon Forum:

Name: Jennifer Lawrence

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Appearance: She has average height, weight, body build, and muscle tone for a 10 year-old girl. She has white pale skin, black afro, black glasses, and green eyes. She wears a white long-sleeved t-shirt, a green shirt with a black oval that has her name is Times New Roman red letters, black knee-high skirt with a blue web belt around her waist, white tights that cover from her thighs to her feet, and black Mary Jane shoes. She also wears a golden watch (That has unlimited battery, timer, stopwatch length, calendar, time, calculator, and more.) on her right wrist. On her left wrist is a black studded bracelet.

Personality: She is very nice and friendly towards everyone. She hates to be alone, bullies, and violence. She loves to make friends, play games, and have fun. She gets very shy when you first get to know her. However, when you start to get to know her better then she will like you and become your friend.

History: She is from Littleroot Town all of her life. Her and her mom loved to do Pokemon battles with cards a lot. They always loved each other very much. Her mom's name was Gwen Michelle Lawrence. She loved her Pikachu and her daughter very much. She enrolled Jennifer in Pokemon Trainers School when Jennifer turned 10.

As you can see, she is bad. Orginally Jennifer was a seperate oc with an equally bad bio to Gwen but this is simply a recycle of both girls. Gwen even features in the bio as her mother! Once again, the Mary Jane shoes point out that this is Genius' work. Other odd one is the Times New Roman print on her back. Jennifer also and a thing of her own. Her black afro.

I just I can't picture a caucasian female with a black afro. Where I am from, its more common to see a black woman rocking the fro. I still take it as a detail nonetheless and it is still something you can use to point Genius out.

Also, don't invest your time into RP with him. At one point Gwen's generic orphan plot worked and she got into a family. The RP was actually going somewhere (even though Genius was writing one-line replies) but what disappoint me is that when Gwen at one point was in a different RP with a different character (taking into account what RP has happened before which adds to Gwen's character development and story), Gwen will literally reset back to the start, with the same generic plot, forgetting everything that has happened. The sheer lack of continuity angers me.

All an all, I'm sure the other complaints told you of Genius works. I am not sure if these are the very same OCs he's been using years back but these are the current ones. You'll know what to do when he submits them in your Character Creation Topic.


(Ok, I'm not a digimon fan, I will admit that, what I'm hear to say is my own experience with Genius, I deleted a forum because i was fed up then set it back up, here's an exert from our latest roleplay {I apologize if the subject matter of MECCW, my cartoon wrestling fanfiction is weird or cringy,)
Sounds good to me" Saturn smiled "Now, how long of a walk is it to this ponyville, or should i break out my wings"

"It's not THAT far silly!" Pinkie smiled

"did he say wings?" Spike asked

"Yeah I have wings...didn't start using them until my battle with Shi no ChiChi" Saturn said (spoilers!)

"Who?" Pinkie asked

"I don't wanna talk about it" Saturn looked away

Reply Feb 18 . Edited Feb 18 #42 geniusinmath

Twilight said, "You'll love our shops."

Starlight looks at the map.

Reply Feb 18 #43 The-Yodahawk

(Moments later)

The group of Pinkie, Saturn, Cody, Twillight and Starlight walked into ponyville, Kenny in the distance

"Cody?" He asked getting up "Oh my god when did you make it here?!" he asked running and hugging cody

"Just before saturn" Cody pointed

"...Kenny" Saturn glared with anger

"Saturn" He glared back

"Guys...not infront of the ponies" Cody got in the middle of the two

"Yeah, unlike you, i charge for performances butterfly" Kenny grinned

"GUYS GUYS, STOP FIGHTING!" Pinkie shouted

Reply Feb 18 #44 geniusinmath

Twilight said, "Are you having a good time Starlight and everyone?"

Starlight smiles, "I sure am."

Reply Feb 18 #45 The-Yodahawk

"...You hear that, the cutie Marxist is having fun" Kenny smirked

"I was gonna use that one!" Cody frowned

"Do you have to insult everyone? what did starlight do to you?" Saturn asked before running and hitting cody with an rko followed by a tombstone piledriver to kenny

"so, this rarity, where does she live?" Saturn asked

"Follow me!" Pinkie smiled hopping up and down

Reply Feb 18 #46 geniusinmath

Twilight and Starlight follows.

Twilight said, "I am so happy to be here. Starlight is very nice. The only 1 we don't like is The Great and Powerful Trixie."

Reply Feb 18 #47 The-Yodahawk

"I got alot of enemies, there's undertaker, a zombie undertaker that has dark magic and superstrength, sting, who you know as discord, kenny omega, broly, dark star" He began to list

"We're here!" pinkie smiled before saturn knocked on rarity's door

"Oh hell- AHHHHHHHHH" The pony who answered screamed using her magic to beat saturn with a pony manniqiun

"Rarity, saturn's a friend, he came here for clothes" Pinkie explained

"...sorry darling, right this way" Rarity said walking into the house "What is it you were looking for?"

"Yeah I wanted to know if i paid you 5000 bits worth of human money if you could make the suit gerard way wore in the black parade music video" he said giving rarity some reference photos

"Of course dear...oh and i'm ever so sorry for beating you with that model" Rarity apologized

"I've been through worse, WAAAAAAAAY worse" Saturn reassured as the lights in the boutique blew



Twilight was reading a magazine.

Starlight Glimmer said, "Hey there Rarity. How's my number 1 fashion expert doing?"

Reply Feb 18 #49 The-Yodahawk


"...I was doing well until the lights blew and that voice started to speak dreadfully loud" Rarity said to starlight

Reply Feb 18 #50 geniusinmath

Starlight feels bad for what is going on.

Twilight said, "We hope we didn't scare you Rarity."

Reply Feb 18 #51 The-Yodahawk

"...twillight, shut up" the voice boomed before the lights turned back on and the undertaker held saturn by the throat before chokeslamming him through a table before taker rubbed his thumb across his neck and rolled his eyes behind his head.

"You didn't dearie...he did" she pointed to the undertaker

Reply Feb 18 #52 geniusinmath

Twilight said, "That was not nice. We need someone to beat his butt. I will not shut up."

Reply Feb 18 #53 The-Yodahawk

Saturn sat straight up before getting up and hitting undertaker with a dropkick followed by a leg sweep and an elbow drop

Saturn stood up as the undertaker rose and grabbed saturn by the chest before powerbombing him through a chest, gems impalling him

"THOSE WERE CANTERLOT SAPPHIRES, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE COST?" Rarity shouted at undertaker before saturn snuck up behind him and put him in a chokehold

Reply Feb 18 #54 geniusinmath

Twilight Sparkle was getting scared.

Starlight Glimmer said, "Get him Saturn."

Reply Feb 18 #55 The-Yodahawk

(Devil's Sky-NJPW)

Kenny omega walked in and in a feat of strength picked up both the wrestlers, suplexing them into another table


"...Chemical what?" Rarity asked pinkie who shrugged as Saturn got up and wrapped his legs around omegas neck, flipping him into a wall

Reply Feb 18 #56 geniusinmath

Twilight was very nervous about this.

(Are you ready for WWE Raw tonight?)

Reply Feb 18 #57

Essentially, he basically rp's as if he doesn't have to react to others or as if he does not understand there is another person, he also mischaracterizes characters and plays guilt cards

Godzilla the Destroyer

Thank you. Because of this topic,and because of Troll Hunter I was able to ban him before his cancer started.

On a small,slowly growing forum.

I mean,look at his character sheet. The guy has a knack for lacking detail and completely pissing me off

Name: Gwen Michelle Wilson

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: She has average height, weight, body build, and muscle tone for a 18 year-old girl. She wears a white long-sleeved t-shirt, a black jumper with a white skull on the center of her jumper, white tights that cover from her waist to her feet,and black Mary Jane shoes. She has white pale skin, black shoulder length hair with a pink hair bow, and brown eyes.

Threat level: 1.

Main Weapon: Her Fists.

Backstory: She is looking for a team to join since her old team abandoned.

Other Info: None

Influence: None.

Hes a problem. He should be removed from the site. His rping is atrocious, repeting most of his posts with small details. She smiled. They smiled. They cried. Thats it. Little detail,crumbsworth of rping potential.

This post here has helped alot. If you wish to join my forum as well, feel free! I dont know much about Digimon,but you guys seem like a fantastic forum. Keep up the good work!


Godzilla,King of the Monsters

Paladin Minerva

Hello! I'm PaladinMinerva, but you may call me Minerva or Paladin.

My friend linked me to your thread on GeniusinMath and I'd had this account for a while, just never used it. Thought it was time.

I have some experience with him before. Like several in the post, I am an STC member (my username on there is Minerva). A little over a year ago in January 2018, I wanted to run a Battle Royale roleplay based off of the original novel (Hilariously, this was just before the huge Battle Royale craze in gaming). The setting was set in Taiwan and followed students as they broke down, etc. It never got very far. However, I had put a lot of heart into it and the formatting. The character sheets were designed to look like they were from a shady government organization, and the setting was a Taiwanese Parochial School that also catered to diplomat families and corporate families in Taiwan. Basically cause rich kids to go Lord of the Flies on each other.

It was really fun working it out and talking to people. However, Genius submitted a sheet to this roleplay. This sheet did NOT follow the format of all the others, was WAY too undetailed. Compare my example sheet:

"Attached Photo:

Name: Xia Feng

Age: 18

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Psychological Profile: Mentally stable with no disorders to speak of. Her upper-class upbringing has raised her to be a fashionable young woman. She is fairly open and cheerful person, who will attempt to make friends with those around her. She's very neat, clean, and orderly.

Familial Background: Father is Tian Yu Feng, a self-made millionaire in the tech industry from Tainan. Mother is Xiu Feng, a board member of Tian's company. Feng was born in Seoul and moved to Taipei with her family at age 2. Has been enrolled in Saint John Bosco Academy for 3 years following her graduation from Saint Matthew's Middle School.

Decided to join Group III in order to become a biochemist for her father's company. Currently an average student in Group III with no special accomplishments. Passed Entrance Exams.

Nationality: Taiwanese

Observed Strengths:

Quick on her feet (Ran track for two years)

Scientific knowledge Biology (Group III Student)

Good with a shotgun and crossbow (Competition shooting)

Charismatic (Good looks, personality)

Can remain positive in hardship (Personality)

Observed Weaknesses:

Does not like getting her clothes or body dirty at all (Rich upbringing, neatness)

Not good with carrying heavy objects (Build of body)

Not good in close combat (Reflex and strength related)

Reluctant killer (Downside of friendly personality)

Too trusting (Downside of friendly personality)"

To his:

" Name: Gwen Michelle Wilson

Age: 17 Height: 5'9"

Weight: 53 kg


Psychological Profile: She is very nice and friendly towards everyone.

Familial Background: Need One

Nationally: American Strengths: Math, making friends, and fashion

Weaknesses: Thunderstorms, bullies, and violence.

Other: She takes medicine twice a day. Once in the morning to help her concentrate at 11am and at night to help her sleep at 11pm." Me, being the bleeding heart that I am, wanted to offer to help him with his sheet. However, another player stopped me and told me to reject him as he didn't think Genius could handle the stress of his precious character getting killed as well as not being able to handle the RP. I also had another friend in the same RP tell me Genius tried to join his RP and that it did not end up well. They tried to help him with his CS, and he kept making up excuses until he posted basically the same character. From Discord DMs:

"the guy's like 40 or something and he makes up all these odd excuses and doesn't ever say that he can't make it on deadlines. Then when the deadline comes he pulls an excuse out of his butt"

I sent a DM rejecting it, but offering to help if he so wanted and never got a response. My first friend had to deal with the same character and dropping problems in multiple incarnations of the same RP. As of 2/22/19, he was still trying to seek pity on Storyteller's Circle and even called TrollHunter out, saying he wishes that TrollHunter would leave him alone. The other participant in the conversation apparently tried to invite him to an RP previously, but he refused.

Sorry if it was not okay for me to DM you, especially regarding this, I just have had an awful experience with Genius and wanted to tell I to help warn others.

Lupin Dark

So I wanted to give my report on said troll. I met him/her/it on a Shokugeki forum run by an acquaintance of mine. The forum is gone now, but genius made a rather lackluster oc and tended to disregard the post length rule and made posts that really didn't fit with the vibe of the series. I mean, just making an average souffle when the show is about creating awesome cullinary delight through battle and hard work is not how you keep a forum active. the admin banned him and immediately said banned user started pestering me about getting unbanned and apologizing and wanting me to talk to the admin. I ignored him/her as I knew it was a load of bull.

later, I made several other rps, and he/she shows up AGAIN, pulling the same crap with an OC that acts against the vibe of the RP, no drama, just lame casual daily life make friends in an RP about ghosts and fighting.

Later, I helped create a MLP rp, and he/she appears again. my mod banned him/her and AGAIN he/she pesters me. I say ENOUGH and blocked the account for good.

Snowcrystal of Thunderclan

"Awhile ago, one of my fanfiction friends brought a man name Michael to my fourm. He told me he was 26 years old but he didn't really act... mature? We got the infamous Gwen just like everyone else. I am too trusting and I have a hard time being harsh with people so I tried to help him some. The longer he was on, the more I didn't want him there. He didn't necessarily do anything wrong but just the lack of depth and posts just to make a post was... annoying for the lack of a better word. I eventually banned him because I wad done with it. On several forms I see the same man and on each of those forums he ends up disappearing off of them meaning he was banned. When he joins, quickly delete his posts and ban him before anyone else notices. It's just better that way so you and your form don't have to go through the 'Please don't ban me' and the 'I hate it when people ban me for no reason' even after you've only been nice to him."

Unsurprisingly, genius was spreading lies about the situation in STC as well. Users came and asked about it, found out the truth and went back to deal with him in their own website. Geniusinmath spreads like a plague, not quite hundreds but certainly dozen forums with similar stories. As Hunter kept busting, eventually users contacted us. Aparently, Geniusinmath had been telling people in Storyteller's Circle that he was being cyberbullied. So some users, suspicious since they knew how Math behaves, came to check it. They understood the situation and started dealing with genius' lies in STC. But at this point, hopefully you guys got a scope of the situation. Don't be naive like I was. Most forums where Genius was busted were left alone since they banned him right away. Hope you guys take action before what happened to me happens to any of you.

20th of February-April note:

Genius claims to have changed. He hasn't, recently, he actually tried to get into a forum I'm in. Digimon: Xros Gaiden Forum, the admin offered him a chance. Yet his character only proved he's the same troll he's been for years. Here's a copy of the sheet:

Human Character (NPC)

Name: Mary Ann Watson

Age: 13

Gender/Pronouns: Female and her pronouns are: She and Her.

Appearance: She has white pale skin, black long hair, and green eyes. She is 5'3" and weighs 137 lbs.

Attire: She wears a white t-shirt, a pink shirt with a green tree as a logo, black knee high skirt with a purple belt around her waist, white knee high socks and black Mary Jane shoes with a golden buckle on each shoe.

Personality: She is very nice and friendly towards all the nice people and Digimon. She hates to be alone and all the bad people and evil Digimon.

Strengths: She is very good at making friends, battling, and having fun with her Digimon

Weaknesses: She really hates being called Annie, being made fun of her or her Digimon, and crosswords because they are too hard on her.

Bio: Currently she lives with her mom Gwen Michelle Watson and her dad Harold Jones. She and her mom live in Japan. She speaks English very well. Japanese is not her strong suit. Her father and her mom support their daughter. They are very wealthy and nice.


Name: Palamon

Nicknames: None

Human Partner: Mary Ann Watson

Evolution: Yuramon, Tanemon, Palamon, Togemon, Lillymon, Rosemon

Bio: Mary got Palamon as a gift from Mimi. She loves Palamon ever since. Her mom paid Mimi for it since she didn't want Palamon anymore.

Now, anyone who ever seen digimon will be able to tell how awfully wrong this sheet is. But for those who haven't, basically genius is claiming that the cannon character(Mimi) would sell her best friend and not want her. Digimon and humans share a special relationship, and what genius has chosen not only contradict the forum since it's an AU, but also insults the core of digimon, the bond between them and their partners. There are several other mistakes, but I believe you guys can see it for yourselves.

On Hydropistol's The Symbols forum. Hydro made it clear he wouldn't accept Gwen or anything like her. So Genius' newest troll character was born, Danielle, or as Hunter calls her, Negative Gwen


Name: Danielle Jones

Age: 18

Appearance: Danielle Jones has white skin black shirt hair, brown eyes, weighs 130 pounds, and her height is 5'4". She wears a white t-shirt, a green dress, a purple web belt, white leggings, and black knee-high go-go boots.

Personality: She loves to dress in goth clothes. She doesn't like to sun that much. She loves black so much.

History: She lives in North America all of her life. Her family loves to travel and forced her daughter to travel so much. She hates it but no matter what she doesn't want to associate with others. Her mom Nancy and her father Danny are watching Danielle very carefully.

Symbol Location: Her shoulders

Symbol Appearance: A white skull.

Faction: None.

ROle/Job: None.

Powers: None.

Strengths: Reading and writing poetry.

Weaknesses: Sunlight and anything nice.

Reply 4m ago . Edited 2m ago #2

After seeing genius was indeed the same troll, Hydro banned him. As usual, genius went after him in PMs, demanding to be allowed back and proving he doesn't care what kind of attention he gets as long as it's on him, in the following screenshots you can clearly see genius behavior after being busted: ht tps://postimg . cc/gallery/2ix2uq894/

In addition, genius started trying to deny the acusations, yet as you'll see if you poke, he has literally just keeps saying "I changed" and "I'm innocent", trying to disregard the evidence gathered here. In fact, he even denied targeting users, yet on the exact same day he went after one of his previous targets as you can see in this link: ht tps://postimg . cc/crmY2WFZ

He also continues to try deceiving users to try and cause further trouble, as you can see with CW: ht tps: //postimg .cc/gallery/1oice20co/

In addition, he troll has gone a step up to the point where he tries forcing his own terms during the "chances" he keeps getting. You can see how he utterly disregards the lore of Warriors and how it is a waste of time trying to make this troll correct his own behavior quite clearly here: ht tps://postimg . cc/gallery/38kgkty6g/

Just like with Hydro, he wasted his chance in Underneath the Iron Sky and behaved the same way he did in Hydro's case: ht tps://postimg . cc/gallery/17a5uwtoo/

Short version, the troll is the same. Block from PM, warn forums and if possible, notify Hunter and he'll do those things for you if you'd like. Genius is a headache nobody should waste time on. If you consider giving him a chance, please rethink it, as you saw in this post time and time again, this may be your first time offering a chance, but it's far from genius', who will only exploit it to cause trouble and be even more troublesome after you finally deal with him.

A clear example of his newest stunts can be found here in Saviors, the one forum Hunter actually RPs in. As you can see as you go through chat, genius stalled on correcting the problems with his OC and ignored Hunter's reviews of it. Finally, as you can see in this mess conclusion genius proved to be ignorant of some of the Arrowverse's simplest aspects and claimed otherwise even as he tried to waste Hunter and the admin's time further.

Another example of him wasting away his chances can be found in The Clan Wars Era, where Hunter managed to find and warn the forum. The admin was kind and wanted to give Genius a chance nevertheless. As you'll see in the chat, all genius did was try throw blame around and contradict his own lies, revealing his less than noble goals before finally being banned. In the words of one of the RPers in TCWE...

"Yeah but sky, cmon man. There's an entire THREAD IN ANOTHER FORUM dedicated to this assholes grievances. I say delete cunt before he has a chance to spread toxicity. I'm all for watching a bit of cringy fun but it really seems like he's affected a lot of people's livelihood with his existence alone. Why would you want to let the same happen here? What if someone saw him here, knew about him, and didn't even wanna chance it and left? Now we've got potential players running away cuz this man is a walking nightmare. Just drop the dude, man."-SadistWithTheSickness

While blunt and perhaps a bit vulgar, Sadi sumarized all the reasons genius should NOT be given a chance to let this troll wreck a forum. Thankfully the situation was resolved and they're now free of Geniusinmath's antics.

Update: July-October(2019)

Regrettably, the troll is back. Hunter is already on it to stop him from spreading again, specially since he has once again proven to be the same as always, with the exact same M.O. as before( ht tps://postimg. cc/Lq76tDhq). Which persists regardless of how often his "mistakes" are called out on(ht tps:// postimg. cc/njT5rqqx/f404394f ht tps:// postimg. cc/0bh4zkKz/f1c4bb03). As you can see in the following links, he has no real morals, and will reset his behavior while trying to earn pity and new chances to troll in forums, as discovered by The Devious Shini(ht tps://po stimg.c c/ga llery/keepzze0 /).

Geniusinmath has no real concept of honesty or keeping to one's words, saying whatever he has to in order to get what he wants, to the point of repeating previous stunts with the same user, as shown here by Niceandfriendly(ht tps://po stimg.c c/gallery/m5szmwvc/) (ht tps://po stimg.c c/gallery/k4avrmqw/). Finally, revealing his intent to troll, he may even, after all his whining, ghost on the forum once he realizes he won't be able to troll them(ht tps://po stimg.c c/gall ery/1l jc2iepa/).

He will lie about the situation and try to start, but once he's revealed and given a chance(Bad idea but some still make that mistake), he'll simply clutter chat for a bit before ghosting. Further backed by Niceandfriendly's screenshots, it's clear he simply wants to take advantage of people's ignorance. Thankfully, he's not as smart as his name indicates. Genius has already publicly stated he's targeting forums and proceeds to manipulate users to do his dirty work for him through pity parties.

Update: October-November(2019)

Awareness has proven to be the greatest weapon against geniusinmath. Yet, the troll exploits something else: kindness. Through "chances" he has been able to start trouble in multiple forums before being put down, and even then persists in PMs. In the last couple days, Genius has yet again proven to be the same he's always been.

Saying he'll do anything, then making demands on the next second, as it is clearly displayed here with Lightning's attempts to reason with him: ( ht tps :/ /po stimg.c c/ga llery/37ka17yc8 / ). As you may expect, genius blocked him shortly thereafter once he realized Lightning wouldn't bend to his deceit. Yet that did not stop him from going after Lightning's friends. The troll continues to display no real remorse for his behavior and fully expects people to ignore the evidence in the link,( ht tps :/ / po stimg.c c/ga llery/loipdfh4 / ). That did not stop him from going after Lightning's friends, including the admin bellow:


So one day I made my own forum. I was so pleased with my success. Many of my friends came along. I was having a good time role playing with them. That was until Genius came along. I did what any admin would have done, I accepted him. And just like other admins, fell for his tricks. When he started showing up on some more of my friend's forums, I was instantly angry. He soon joined my Warriors forum. I was trusting enough to give him a chance. Yet I watched him very closely. I started to hear people telling me that I had made a mistake. I banned him. Well, he ended up tricking me into letting him onto my Kingdom Hearts forum as well. I banned him a second time on my Kingdom Hearts forum. He was also banned on my Warriors forum. Then he started his PM s*! I was so mad. I am still arguing with him to this day! Well thanks for your time.

Update: December(2019)

Genius continues to forum stalk Lightning, Vanitas and seek out new targets. In addition, he fully expects to keep trolling people, as its clearly shown in his latest attempt to deceive another user(ht tps :/ /po stimg .c c/bZvJp8Ck), yet he proves himself a liar as he tries the opposite lie with Nerd herself and posts an OC that only confirms to Lightning that he's in fact the same, harassing Nerd and when given the chance, trolling with the usual OC( ht tps:/ /pos timg . c c/gal lery / qikutcwk/ ). Geniusinmath remains a troll, saying whatever he thinks he needs to say to deceive you. Don't let him.

Update: January(2020)

New year, same troll. Upon being offered a last chance, one of which his failure meant leaving FFN for good. Genius has yet again shown his true colors, as you can see here: ht tps:/ /pos timg .c c/gal lery / 2x3aljphw / . Upon comparing this sheet to the one in NitroBandit's report(Up this very thread) you'll see that he remains determined to continue trolling. In addition, it is now even more clear that he can't be trusted by his word alone, saying whatever he thinks you want to hear to try continuing his stunts.

In fact, he confessed and insulted several of the individuals whom he tricked, as you can see here( ht tps://pos timg. cc /gallery/1jel2rxoq/ ) he fully expects people to believe his latest claims while disregarding his past behavior. Not to mention he confessed to trolling.

Upon being busted, he's now attempting another pity party ( ht tps://pos timg. cc /BP5ptdpN ). Do not encourage it, as it may be the greatest shot of being rid of the troll and stop everything you've witnessed on this thread from happening to more people. As you read this, he continues to harass Vanitas( ht tps://pos timg . cc /2V9Y5JtC ) and attempt deceiving others. The troll remains a troll like always.

Update: February-March(2020)

Unsurprisingly, the troll lied about leaving upon realizing nobody was falling for it( ht tps:/ /pos timg. cc /yW6ydWqP ), yet again showing his only goal is to follow his trolling whims. Additionally, upon being given chances on forums, he has proven to yet again, that his only goal is to take advantage of ignorance and chances to turn users onto those who have taken measures to protect themselves against him ( ht tps:/ /pos timg. cc / gallery/ 1j89ez2fe/ ). Additionally, the troll has finally revealed himself to be a pedo, having a 5 year old making out with a 15 year old with his cohorts: ht tps:/ /postimg. cc /gallery/gty22b62/ ). Showing yet again what a twisted individual this 31 year old man really is.

Additionally, he has yet again proven that he lies to get chances, quickly demanding to unleash his stunts once he gets them. As shown here, which also further reinforces his sick desire for underage children.

This troll has also dropped to a new low, plagiarism. He has repeatedly uploaded and put down the first chapter of Gigabyte's story:



Screenshots of theft, including photo of the original story for evidence: ht tps://pos timg. cc /gallery/pyPXfWx

Update: The plagiarism continues, as evidence, screenshots of the top of each chapter have been taken. You're more than welcome to compare them to the original: h ttps:/ /post img. cc / gallery/ RJsvwS0

This is clear and blatant plagiarism, to report it, follow these instructions: ht tps: / / pos timg. cc / gallery/ r08Jff1 and don't forget to encourage others to do the same. Fanfiction needs to be made aware of this and take action, the more reports they receive from more people, the better.


Geniusinmath is repeating the "hacking" stunt. This is yet another ruse in an attempt to get unbanned from forums. Just report him for the innapropiate choice of pen name and picture and leave it at that. Between his blatant plagiarism and this, his intent to troll continues. Do not give him the attention he wants. ( WARNING: Graphic image and name: ht tps://pos timg. cc /yDxQrdwf ) he has also confessed to be faking this event: ht tps: //pos timg. cc /3yFsDZck

Do NOT let your roleplaying be ruined like so many others and risk his continued presence. If you have evidence to supply, Hunter is a PM away. If you lack it, you can do your part to help but shutting this troll out. As seen by PMs with him, an intelligent conversation with him is impossible and will only encourage him to continue plaguing the website, much like keeping him in your forum, a chance you give will only be a chance for him to troll, nothing more.

Don't repeat the mistakes you've seen throughout this thread. Ban Geniusinmath from the forum, block from PM and go back to enjoying your drama-free rp right away. Hunter will make sure he can't deceive anyone else in further harassing you(But if someone slips, just send them this link, genius preys on ignorance and doesn't do well once busted). Do not let him take advantage of your kindness and trust. For it may be the first time your offer it to him, but as you can see throughout the link, its far from his first time exploiting it.

Let's show this troll that regardless of fandom, nobody will ever entertain his half baked lies and trolling a second further.

July 30, 2020

While another troll has attempted and failed to follow up on genius(, the true troll has fallen. After his claim to leaving the website for good, the FFN admins finally took action. Deleting his account and plagiarism once and for all. In the following months, no news of his undesired presence have ocurred. So it is with great hope that its made fact that, geniusinmath has finally been defeated.

January 21, 2021: New account, same troll.

Geniusinmath has returned, now with as Thetruegeniusinmath. Do not trust him, as he has already proven he's still continuing with his trolling (Same OCs: ht tps://pos timg. cc/yWkbv2Vq ), (Same lies, ht tps://pos timg. cc/BLsb3TwG , ht tps://pos timg. cc/kRg56nm1 ). Ban him, block him and contact Hunter. This troll was shut down once, if we stop him now, we can stop him from spreading again. If you are directed here after he targets your forum, then that will serve as further proof of his deception ( ht tps://pos timg. cc/gallery/FSVWG9j ). Surprising no one, he has already proven his claim to be a lie, ( ht tps://pos timg. cc/rz56ZkF0 ). As further proven (while he bluntly ignored forum rules) his stunts remain the same: ht tps://pos timg. cc/ftzDXcPK , as does his continued use of the mary sue: ht tps://po stimg. cc/BLmsC89G , once again identical to his previous stunts.

Additionally, the troll continues to plagiarize stories.

So far he has made two copies of my Avengers: Next Generartion fanfiction, which he repeatedly puts down and then back up. Likely to avoid reports. Nevertheless, screenshots of these copyright attacks have been recorded here: ( ht tps: //pos timg. cc/gallery/2qS64z2 , ht tps://i .postimg. cc/pdB53ZfG/troll1.gif , ht tps://i .postimg. cc/W3bqVkS2/troll2.gif ) along with the links, which work while he has the story up.

Geniusinmath's third account, Thetruegeniusinmath, has been shut down by the admins. Considering his track record, keep an eye out for his next appearance and if he returns again, ban from forum, block from PM and let Hunter know if he doesn't already.

January 27, 2021: Targeting FictionPress

After his account being banned by site admins, geniusinmath seems to have turned his focus away from and toward its sister sister: Fictionpress ( ht tps: // i. postimg. cc/pXvqB1g1/troll1.gif ). Operating once more as geniusinmath. If you have contacts there, warn them and have the proper precautions taken (ban/block) so this troll doesn't bring to your forums the same chaos he brought to fanfiction all these years. Good luck fictionpress users, and if you require aid to further deal with him, get in touch with Hunter. He'll be happy to further assist you against genius' stunts.

February 3, 2021: New account (again), same troll (again)

Geniusinmath has returned to fanfiction as OakenFromFrozen, already he has begun targeting former targets such as IamMoreThanMemory, Nan the Keyblade Master and Stuka529. Pretending to be a new user, yet between having Hunter blocked despite no previous interaction between this account and his, and the distinctive writing style and pattern on targets, we can confirm it is indeed him. To confirm this, Nan and Stuka provided the PMs from their interaction with this new account, which are exactly like Genius' original attempt at pretending to be someone else (See his attempts as Roleplayingiscool at the top of the announcement).

From Nan the Keyblade Master:



From Stuka529

Genius: I'm OakenfromFrozen. Do you have any forums open and is it ok if I join any of them please? I am new to roleplay as well.
Stuka: Sure. But how do you know I have any forums? I haven't seen you on any of mine before. And also, you haven't even said what you're in to. You also don't have a bio or anything like that on your profile. Is that because you're new? But I did Google your username.
Are you the same OakenfromFrozen who started a Twitter account in 2014? Sorry for the questioning. I'm just trying to make sure that you aren't someone else trying to contact me through a new account. I've been having some problems with that, lately. But if we really haven't meet before, then you have nothing to worry about :)
Genius: I am into a lot of forums. I am so new. I am a different OakenfromFrozen.

Yet, the troll himself has admitted to his attempt of deceit: ht tps://i .postimg. cc /Pq5JFmKv/image.png

Even so, he continues to try tricking others, as shown in two other forums he's targeted in the past, and again on February 3rd, 2021: https:// postimg. cc/ gallery/FLZkMGm

Finally, evidence that his claims of having changed are the same lie theyve always been: ht tps:/ /postimg. cc /gallery/8Tc5QCF

February 14, 2021: Fanfiction's stalemate, Fictionpress' threat

After more failed attempts to deceive users in FFN. The troll has returned to fictionpress, this time, he almost managed to find a place to stay. Currently, his focus has turned towards fictionpress, where he's attempting to further deceive its users regarding his ill behavior, all while continuing it ( ht tps:/ /pos timg. cc /gallery/QrtR6xD ). With the evidence in this announcement, it should be enough to help his targets realize the deceit and take action.

Do not feed his hunger for attention. Ban him from the forum, block him from PM and report him for ban evasion (links to his previous accounts can be found throughout the announcement). Geniusinmath returns to fanfiction because people keep replying to him, meet him with silence so others here won't have to meet him at all. Same goes to any other website he goes after.

More updates:

https:/ /postimg. cc/ gallery/ QrtR6xD

https:/ /postimg. cc/ 184c150R

ht tps://i.pos timg. cc/7ZMtRdFR/troll4 . gif

https: //postimg .cc/ qhX3tTQw

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