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Hello I am Kaito Yokushini,I am aspiring to become a writer so I decided to start here writing fanfics.If you read one of my stories,please review,any help,(I.E criticism etc...)is greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)Here is some personal info about me.

Full Name: Tyler Flory



Birthday: December 23,2001 3:04 PM

Fav anime:Bleach,SwordArtOnline,and Attack on titan,FAIRY TAIL

Fav ships: Eren x Mikasa, Ichigo x Orihime,Kirito X Sachi,Kirito x Sinon, Klein X Sasha Braus. NATSU X LUCY!! (Fanboying so hard rn)

Fav video games, COD,Minecraft,Drakensang.

Fav Bands: Skillet,Papa Roach,TDG,Sleeping with Sirens,Breaking Benjamin,Nine Lashes,Black veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills.


Sexuality: Heterosexual. (Straight)

Grade: 10th

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White Magic by InkedGirl reviews
A servant girl who keeps her magic under lock and key joins forces with an exiled and cursed prince to end the tyrannical rule of his twin.
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A long time ago, humans lived in harmony with us. We traded lands, secrets, magics, sciences - you name it. But now, things are changing, and I guess somebody's gotta fix the mess humans made of things. The mess we made of things.
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Zombie apocalypse
Post-apocalyptic story where a group of friends set out to survive the zombie apocalypse together. Problem is, one of them is hiding a dark secret...one that could spell out whether they live or die.(Looking for editor. Also name suggestions,both for future characters and the name of the story. PM or Review if you have a suggestion. Also if anyone is interested, I need a cover pic)
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The Hero's will reviews
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Fiction: Action - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 913 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 2/26/2016