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Tiny little update, in case you were wondering: So uhm I was an idiot and began two stories in the Dead End universe before I was done editing Dead End Diner. If you are reading those then I deeply apologize because the editing job is taking all my time. As much as I want to write the Nightingale and Under, I really have to finish editing Diner first, it was a total mess (I'm about halfway through and I am so embarrassed about some of the mistakes and dumb small plotholes I found - and some of the ways I've described certain things hmm). I will write the other two, but I can't focus on anything but the editing at the moment. Apologies.

Hello and hiya,

I write purely as a hobby because I enjoy it. I am by no means professional and my works are anything but masterpieces. They're basically just me vomiting words onto a blank page, trying to get all the silly stories out of my brain.

And, English is not my native tongue, being Danish and all, so my stories will have faults and mistakes. Annoyingly. But I'm hoping writing in English is going to improve my knowledge of the language.

Also, I swear a lot, both in Danish and English.

So, what can you expect from my writing?

- Oh boy, long chapters I'm afraid.

- Men with lucious long hair, usually tied into a wonderful man bun. God, I love a man with long hair. My romantic leading men will most likely all have long hair. I can't help it, it's my thing.

- Chess. I don't know why. I like the game, it somehow always sneaks into my stories.

- Supernatural beings, be it werewolves or vampires, ghosts or witches, love 'em all.

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Dead End Diner reviews
[BOOK ONE] Karen is a college dropout, with no job, a shitty apartment in the city and a stale relationship. She gets offered a job at a diner. A very, very different diner. There she meets tall, dark and handsome, and all hell breaks loose. Literally. (REWRITING IN PROCESS, chapters are being updated)
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(Dead End Desire) For Jen, a street rat with a golden voice, hiding from the world, the secretive diner immediately became a sanctuary. But temptation started to lurk within the walls of the place, because Gaston De La Fontaine was determined to have her as his plaything. And reluctantly, she found herself wanting to be played with.
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Dead End Darkness reviews
[BOOK THREE] Things were finally going great for Karen. She had her demon, her friends, her job, it just could not get any better. But then her dreams start to turn dark and new information suddenly makes her whole life feel like a lie.
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Under (Dead End Deep) reviews
ON HIATUS. It's not easy being a witch, especially when you have no powers to show for it. Liv was trying hard not to wallow in her own misery too much when a distraction comes in the form of a body floating in the East River, a very much alive body, and her world gets turned upside down.
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Daughter of the Alpha reviews
[Northcreek wolves #1] AJ wasn't sure what she wanted out of life. But she did know that it included more than just becoming an adult, finding a mate and start breeding pups straight away. It definitely didn't include being given away to the Beta of her father's pack at all. And then there's that lone wolf that showed up one day, what was his problem, anyway?
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Dead End Dimension reviews
[BOOK TWO] Getting over a demon is hard, hard work. Especially when Karen is dumb enough to get caught in a rift that sends her straight to him. Unfortunately for Ceftion, Karen chose the worst time to show up.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 151,772 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 68 - Updated: 9/8/2016 - Published: 5/27/2016 - Complete
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