Joshua Falken
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I'm a ReBoot, Early Edition, Pokemon, Jonny Quest, X-Files and Quantum Leap and Sci-fi fan

I apologize for the delay in the update of my fics, in special of my ReBoot and Pokémon fanfics. The reasons of it is: One - due my schedule with my work and my university studies, I really had very little time to write the new chapters and, Two - since that I really wish that the fics being good, I re-write the chapter several times.
I'm really sorry for every and whatever discomfort that my slow pace would bring to you.
But I can guarantee one thing: the fics *will be* finished. ^_^

Joshua Falken
June 3, 2002

Upcoming and In-Progress Fanfics ==

Stage 1 - Pokémon Fics:
- Osteogenesis Imperfecta (in progress)
- The Omega Mutation (in progress)
- What a Guardian Angel! (together with Liv Valle - in progress)
- The Ketchum Variable
- Instinct of a Ninetails
- Pokémon: Artificial Intelligence (in progress)
- Darkness of Mind, Light of Heart

Stage 2 - ReBoot Fics:
- The Hollow Sprite (in progress)
- Connections with the past (in progress)
- Another Point of View
- Real-Time Interference
- Hidden Eyes
- Mainframe Data-Times
- When Worlds Merge
- The Quantum Zone: Zipboarding in the fast lane
- The Quantum Zone: Echoes of a Nightmare
- A Composer in Mainframe

Stage 3 - The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest fics:
- The Arrival of Flight 56
- The Accident
- A Silicon Soul
- The Thomas Young Experiment

Stage 4 - Card Captor Sakura Fics:
- The Negative Image
- The Amamiya Factor

Stage 5 - Sailor Moon fics:
- Fear of Flying (in progress)
- The Student with the Ultimate Power
- A Brilliant Mind, A Beautiful Heart
- Better Luck Next Time!
- The Bionic Senshi

Stage 6 - Early Edition fics:
- The Mystery Admirer (in progress)
- Deadly Headline
- A Headline from a hundred-years ahead
- A Woman from the Video
- Tomorrow's Newspapers and Bounty Hunters
- The Return of the Iceman

Stage 7 - Love Hina fics:
- The Memory Man
- The Unexpected Talent
- Chemical Dependence
- In a Girl's Dorm Manager's shoes
- A Predicted Murder, An Unpredicted Love

Stage 8 - A.I.-Artificial Intelligence fics:
- David's Legacy
- The Tale of The Guardian of the Humanity
- Missing Mecha-Child

Stage 9 - Rurouni Kenshin fics:
- A Internal Enemy and a Wormhole
- The Ultimate Duel

Stage 10 - Video Girl Ai fics:
- Video Stalker Mai