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Age: 40's

Location: United States

Hobbies: Hiking, motorcycle riding, driving in Enduro races (when the local short track has cars to rent for the event), working out (new one for me, especially weight machines), traveling with the wife, video games (still loving the Nintendo Wii playing Goldeneye), and getting back into writing after a long period of inactivity...

About my stories: I am a Christian writer who likes to produce thought provoking stories of fallen souls who find redemption. I deal with tough subject matter in same vein as my favorite Christian author, Frank Peretti. My stories, such as "From the Clutches of Wolves" appear dark at first but I find that kind of setting serves my writing well in displaying the ugliness of sin and its unfortunate consequences. Like Peretti, my stories will borderline on horror but do have redemptive elements in them as well as allegories of the Gospel.

As a disclaimer, my stories also feature elements of violence of a Biblical nature. There will be death and bloodshed, especially in reference to the Gospel because as the Word clearly states in Hebrews 9:22 without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Christ gave His life for us on the cross and rose again on the third day. My stories will reflect Biblical truth in some way or another.

I am open to review exchanges and to concrit, but please keep it clean. You can point out my writings faults and make suggestions without resorting to foul language or personal attacks.

Please note that this is a nondiscrimination page. I do not allow age, gender, race, national origin, etc to play a role in whether or not I enjoy your book. Those things do not matter and never should in any capacity. Discrimination of any kind is disgusting to say the least. I was raised better than that. I strive to live better than that. And I am better than that.

Current Works:

The Skies Are Ablaze: (In Progress) In the distant Amosia galaxy, a war between the dreaded Maynerian Dynasty and the Amosian Contingency has waged for thousands of years. Maynerian Dynasty Admiral Garren Prolov distinguished himself as an no-nonsense officer as he rose through the ranks. Brilliantly strategic and a stern disciplinarian, Prolov is an example to all who serve under him. Yet, his inner being is deeply traumatized by the murder of his wife at the hands of rogue agents.

Through his rage, he develops the persona of the "Butcher of Zyria Prime". In the midst of hunting down those responsible for his wife's death, Prolov receives an offer from Antiochus Mayner, leader of the Maynerian Dynasty, to become the custodian of an ancient weapon known as the "Heart's Blaze".

Armed with the Heart's Blaze, Prolov and his fleet set course towards a final battle with the Amosian Contingency to end the war and finally claim utter galactic dominance. However, along the way, a mysterious circumstance propels Prolov and his fleet towards a destiny where he must make personal and strategic decisions in the face of an enemy waiting to claim the Heart's Blaze for it's own agenda.

From the Clutches of Wolves (In Progress): Believing the King abandoned them decades ago, the medieval town of Oakcrest entered into a pact with the mysterious entities dwelling in the forests just beyond their borders. For a time, the town enjoys periods of prosperity, ignorant of the fact that sin has it's pleasure for a season. Unfortunately for Oakcrest's citizens, that season has come to an end...

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