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Hello! I go by Livvy. Writing is my passion, my hobby, and—hopefully—my future career. Until that happens—if it happens at all—I'm content to post stories online.

My current original WIP is called Metanoia. A full-fledged summary is still in-progress, just as the story is, but the definition of the word should provide a vague picture of what the story is about:

Metanoiathe journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life.

As I'm enamored with the story, setting, and characters, don't be surprised if a lot of my stories are:

  • backstories of the main characters
  • stories that take place alongside the main storyline
  • snippets of lore
  • vignettes written to help me get to know my characters, with the names/setting changed
  • Want to get a look at the structure of the world, and read the myths and legends, while getting to know the characters? Check Eldora out here.

    Constructive criticism is welcome, so long as it is constructive.

    Most of my book covers are aesthetic sets I made by browsing pinterest! If there's a photo on any of them that should not be, let me know and I'll get it changed :)

    I hope you enjoy reading!

    Metanoia Continuity

    I started writing Metanoia too early, and have a bunch of extra words that won't make it into the book. More than that, there are character backstories that won't make it into the book due to space, or meaninglessness to the overarching story. But I find them interesting, and I want to share them.


    Innocence Lost: Part I of the Lady Cravenheart series. For two weeks, everything was perfect. And then the world shattered around her—taking Alinora's heart with it. This is the beginning of her journey; the motivation that spurs her forward; and the formation of her end goal. The Ghost she lives with; the past that haunts her.

    Summer Sands: Part II of the Lady Cravenheart series. Alinora has left her homeland behind, guilt and fear churning in her gut as she seeks a way to defeat the man who has oppressed her people. Unfortunately, she needs training to do that–and she knows just where to find that training: with the assassins' guild in Verdani. The Black Swans. The events in Innocence Lost changed her, fundamentally. This is her putting those changes into action; trying to rebuild herself after what she lost. I have mixed feelings about this. There's a lot I could add; a lot I could change. A lot I left unexplored. I think I might like to come back to it someday.


    These, unfortunately, aren't up yet, and it might be a while before they are. Most of them have been started, in some shape or form, and I look forward to finishing them one day—and sharing them.

    Arrangements: Part I of the Pirate Queen series. Talitha Lumina is the Archmage-in-training of Illuminara, city of light and learning. Or, at least, she's supposed to. Her mother, Archmage Joane Lumina, is out flitting about the southern hemisphere, looking to spread the college's influence. Her father, consort and acting Archmage couldn't care less about magic or its study. He wants power—and he plans on using his daughters to get it. But the suitors he invites to Illuminara hide their own dark secret. Talitha hears them whispering of a "master" known as "Kai'os" and catches them attempting to slip love potions in her tea. Her best friends, wandering nomads Lyr and Ava, have disappeared; her letters going unread and unresponded to. But she can handle this. She has to.

    The Captive Queen: Part II of the Pirate Queen series. Talitha fled in the night with her sister in tow, refusing to let either of them be mentally enslaved by the suitors their father chose for them. Lynette is concerned for their people's safety, but Talitha's first priority has always been her sister. While in Nadrisa Port, Lynette heals sailors in hopes of making enough coin to buy them passage out of the country... but Talitha has grander ideas. She challenges a pirate captain to a duel, and wins them passage aboard the Captive Queen. But not all is as it seems, and this captain proves exemplary of the cruelty said to lurk among pirates. There are stirrings of a mutiny among his crew, and Talitha just can't help but get involved...

    The Crimson River: Part III of the Pirate Queen series. Talitha is now captain of the Captive Queen. With it, she inherits both crew and enemies... but even so, a moving home is better than a stable one, when you're on the run. As captain, she's well-respected among her crewmates—mainly because she has no desire for gold; only magical objects. Through adventure, she makes them both friends and new enemies, but even those are no match for the enemy the previous captain made. Infamous pirate, Captain Sammie Nightwind, catches them on the windless terrain of the Dead Sea, where Talitha is exhausted from propelling the ship forward. They prove no match for her, and the ship sinks. The survivors make to an island, in the middle of the Dead Sea, where few dare to sail—and those that do, wouldn't help them. They have to get off the island... but how? Talitha's dreams may prove to be the key.

    Resistance: Part IV of the Pirate Queen series. An old friend sends a letter. He's been asked to meet with a mysterious group known as the resistance, and he wants Talitha to take him there. The journey over proves troublesome—her sister looks at him with starry eyes, and Talitha's always been the overprotective type. But the true trouble starts when they reach the rendezvous point, as Lynette decides to join the movement! She's a healer, and they need healers. Though Talitha tries to argue, she's never been the type to stand in the way of her sister's happiness. But the departure of Lynette produces a new problem for the crew: their captain is laconic, uninspired, and refuses to go too far from the port where she left Lynette. Had she been anyone else, she might have had a mutiny on her hands—but she'd done well by her crew, and they respected her. Even like this. However, there's a collective sigh of relief when the letter comes...

    Hope's Fall: An insight into one of the later legends within the series. Namely, the fall of the Vanguard and the loss of two of Eldora's Divines. Not crucial for the main plot, but an interesting look into the way their mythology works.

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