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Hello! I'm Keith Havok! And no, that's not my real name! I'm just a nerd on here that enjoys writing as well as drawing and likes creating stories for their own amusement! Um, nothing more to say about me really. I'm an introvert and tend to get nervous easily. Currently, my life is bogged down by real life things so unless it's something important about my stories or you just want to say something nice or give criticism, please do not PM me!

Most, if nor all my stories are things I one day want to publish as books more or less. However, since I am still planning things out and I want to get my characterizations spot on before writing officially for those stories, I write a lot of drabbles and oneshots. Some are scenes from the books I am planning, others are just ideas I myself had, or even prompts yanked off tumblr to use.

On top of that, all these stories are actually collaborations with one of my friends from tumblr- angel-fieramente-humano from tumblr. He helps a lot with ideas and character building as well as a lot of the art done for these storylines.

Anyways, before you proceed I do want to say that the genres I write in are as follows: Romance, Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort, and Angst. I don't just stick to these genres- I write in a lot of others, but these are my main four. Likewise, all my stories are centered around a MaleXMale pairing so if that bothers you, I suggest not reading anything I have. Another thing is that all these stories and such are "first draft stories" meaning they go under very little editing and could be very different from what the actual book turns out to be. Only first drafts of things will ever be posted here- nothing more.

Likewise, other themes that pop up in my stories are moral dilemmas, mental illnesses and disorders, substance abuse, self-harm (past), suicide, murder, genocide, pedophilia/hebephilia, and a lot of other darker and more controversial themes. As such, I do place warnings before everything if needed so please make sure to read those before reading on. If you get squicked out or triggered by my writing, you are liable for that and I will not be held responsible if you happen to get triggered.

Anyways! If you like my writing, I do have a account under the name Lanx Borealis. I write Gravity Falls fanfiction over there.

I am also on AO3 under Lanx Borealis and do have another psued that is the same as the one here- Keith Havok. If you like AO3 more than Fictionpress, you may want to check that out!

Anyways, below are story synopsises as well as very brief character profiles. They are mainly spoiler-free and are to give you an idea of the characters and the type of world they live in- nothing more. Warnings for the stories in whole will also be placed.

Inner Demons:

Warnings: Past self-harm, past suicide attempts, present suicide attempts, mental disorders (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem), drugs, drug dealing, alcohol, alcoholism, substance abuse, past child neglect, homophobia, sexual situations

The story revolves around Caleb Anders, a young man who has a host of mental problems that manifest as personal demons who torment him. Only he can see them. He works a dead-end job and at times drug deals to keep himself afloat and to also try and help save up money for his niece, Sariah, who is the light and joy of his life. Her mother, Dannah, is his older sister and someone he loves yet argues with a lot due to his bad habits.

Through chance, he happens to meet Gabriel Velásquez, a young man who works in a gardening shop who was interested and attracted to Caleb the first time he laid eyes on him. Wanting to help him and be in his life, he struggles alongside Caleb and his issues and tries his best to heal him and help him with things real life throws their way.

Caleb's demons are as follows:

Nadzor: Need to control everything

Yarlost: Anger issues

Islesder: Depression

Fukai: Body dysphoria and self-loathing

Noya: Paranoia

Ankth: Anxiety

Krivda: Guilt

Love Thy Sacrifice:

Warnings: Pedophilia/Hebephilia, ownership, child neglect, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, ableism, non-canon sexual situations

The story revolves around a young thirteen-year-old who was freely given by his parents to be the sacrifice to Rytyx, God of the fourth year in the Celestial Calendar for the New Year. Giving him up was to herald in a new year in which hopefully Rytyx would bless. However, things go wrong when Malik can actually see Rytyx’s true form. Curious about the child, Rytyx takes him to his realm and keeps him alive. Malik works on trying to convince Rytyx to allow him back home while also being the first to witness the threat of the balance of the twelve gods breaking up and an old evil returning.

The Power of One:

Warnings: Hebephilia, graphic violence, murder, genocide, unhealthy lifestyles, past child neglect, sexual situations

The story revolves around Nessiah Kuran finding his father dead in his study one day when he wasn't at breakfast- one of the three times they saw each other every day. Still 17, he was given to a friend of his fathers, Xerohn to take care of. Unbeknownst to Nessiah however, Xerohn is in fact an exiled daemon from the daemon world. Nessiah, angry at the world, is determined to find out not only all of Xerohn's secrets, but the reason why his bookish father was killed as well and ends up getting sucked into a world of old grudges, politics, magic, daemons, and more.

Monster Hunters:

Warnings: Murder, graphic violence, moral dilemmas, sexual situations

The story revolves around Kenneth, a young man who also has been raised to fight monsters along with his younger sister, Lynn. Together they form a gang of friends who all protect their town from all sorts of beasts and creatures. One night, being reckless, Dante, Kenneth's boyfriend, chases after a vampire to fight by himself and ends up getting turned. Upon finding out of his boyfriend's new species change, Kenneth tries his hardest to keep Dante's turning a secrret and introducing him back into normal society as well as protecting not only Dante, but the town's population from Dante's thirst.

Counting Stars:

Warnings: abuse, mental illnesses, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, misandry, misogyny, sexual situations

The story is very slice of life and revolves around a couple- Douglas and Wilhelm- and their family and friends.

Wilhelm is trying to win Douglas's heart after "instantly falling in love with him" when seeing his pink hair at school. However, Douglas is an asshole and prickly to people and suffers from social anxiety and depression. On top of that, his friend, Richie, is increasingly becoming abusive towards him, cutting him off from people.

Vee is Douglas's best friend and is filthy rich. She worries a lot about Douglas, but is dealing with her own tumultuous life at home.

Krystle is Douglas's brother and a girl who can never seem to hold a steady boyfriend and gets taken advantage of easily. Alan, who is best friend's with Wilhelm and is ace/aro, becomes her friend and the two explore the bounds of both sexuality and friendship.

Tainted Wings

Warnings: Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Daddy/Mommy Kink, Sexual Situations, Attempted Rape, Polygamy

The story revolves around an angel, Ophiel, running away from Heaven because they do not like it there. Instead of getting to the Human world, they accidentally fall into the Monster World instead. There, they meet an Incubus, Rhareth, who runs a night club called “Rotten Eden.” Rhareth’s goal is to try and sleep with Ophiel as angels are the most powerful beings in the world and sleeping with one would give him more power than he could ever dream of. Unfortunately for him, angels are immune to all forms of demonic magic, including his power of seduction so Rhareth must get Ophiel to fall in love with him first.

Stars, Smoke, Leather, and Letters

Warnings: Past Child Neglect, Past Child Abuse, Prostitution, Past Emotional Abuse, Violence, Alcohol, Alcoholism, Drugs, Homophobia, Racism

The story revolves around the gang member and all around danger-to-everyone Billroth falling in love with Mason. Set in the 1960’s, this story intends to explore same-sex and interracial relationships at a time when both were heavily frowned upon by society as a whole.

Ballad of Shadows

Warnings: Sexual Content, Minor Child Abuse, Sociopathy, Violence, Some warnings to be added

Ballad of Shadows is about the couple Liberty (Ty) and Ezekiel (Zeke) struggling to get through college and hiding their identities for one another. Ty is an infamous supervillian known as Shadow Blister and has the power to control shadows. Zeke is the famous superhero known as The SpellBinder and has the power to duplicate himself. Despite being in a loving relationship with one another for years now, both do not realize that they are each other’s greatest enemies. The SpellBinder is constantly trying to capture Shadow Blister and bring her to justice while Shadow Blister is determined to end The SpellBinder’s life.

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