Admiral Kelley
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Updated: February 9, 2002 10:30pm

The name is Admiral Johnathan Kelley. My organization is unlike other clandestine outfits in that we don't prevent people from reporting on us because, quite frankly, the goings on around here are too odd for any normal mind to comprehend...

Many a strange tale you will find within this motley collection of fics, most of them unfinished. As of late I've been too busy to get any comprehensive work done and will most likely be unable to finish anything here. This is undoubtedly a great disappointment to my fans, all .5 of them, but I'm sure we'll be able to move on. It’s been a pleasure submitting my work here, and I hope to continue it in the future but right now the future has other plans for my small bits of free time...and none of it involves storytelling.

"When thinking outside the box you're just thinking on the inside of a bigger box."- Kelley's Law