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I am an aspiring science fiction author; currently I’m at
university studying chemistry. I am avid writer and all of my writings are all based in the UCEF universe, revolving around the Union of Creatures Energy Force, an alliance of aliens and heroes. The whole idea of UCEF has been with me for years, an ongoing project I have nurtured for along time. I have a younger sister called Judith and between us we created this universe as well as helping each other with one another’s stories. While writing may be a hobby for me, I find nothing as delightful as seeing other people enjoying my work…although my lifelong dream is to one day be a full time author.

So, what inspired me? That’s a hard question if ever one was asked, I blame my English teacher for a good deal of it, he was such a crazy and enthusiastic guy I couldn’t help but want to be like him and to just simply write. I’d say Tolkien has played his part, especially the whole going on a journey idea, as has Andy Briggs (author of a great series called /) with his gripping books. What pushed me towards science fiction? Well, Star Wars, I loved the films from a young age, also just my curiosity, pondering what could be out there beyond Earth… There are just so many possibilities with science fiction, the ability to create fantastic worlds and whole new civilizations, that’s what really excites me.

I honestly can’t put a date on the point when I created the UCEF universe, it is something that’s grown up with me, evolving to what it is now, a fascinating place full of strange aliens, weird and wonderful worlds and stories of heroism and courage.

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