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I'm sorry for inflicting my brain on you.

My life in a cardboard box:
I have one best friend Rackitt Omar, or by her birth name, Shinitama Katsuragi. I like to think of her as the second half of me.
She happens to reside with me in our shared abode, full of rodents and small crawling insects that can hurt if they bite you in weird places, but can easily be squished by baseball bats.
I have a broad taste in music, ranging from Linkin Park and Sum 41 to the Sound of Music soundtrack. Inclusive titles are Millencolin, Creedence, Radiohead, Davie Bowie, Foreigner, Aphex Twin, Rob/White Zombie, Not By Choice, Stiff Little Fingers, Jeff Buckly, Fat Boy Slim, The Verve, New Found Glory, and Jimmy Eat World.

I am a diagnosed kleptomaniac, something which I find increadiably funny, that some doctor had to tell me I had a problem with stealing stuff. Like I couldn't tell.
I have problem parental units, but luckily I am an adult myself and have not had to put up with their shit for over 3 years. 19 is a golden age to be.
I live in the big dusty country down the bottom of the world, that no one really knows exists (Australia), but was born in the Canada of Australia (New Zealand). Because of this fact, I constantly remind people that I like shagging sheep. Inside joke there. Just ask any New Zealander what I'm talking about.

I like slash. I didn't even know what it was until last year. *grins* Then my world suddenly got brighter and better.
I do not write straight stories on here, because anyones I do sound like I'm trying to write myself in, and I hate that.

That's me. Have fun childers, and keep forks away from powerpoints. Electricity and your body don't mix, no matter how cool it might sound.

Sum 41 Section: (Ones that don't fit in favourites. Stupid thing)
Tear - azure^raven
Middle of the Night - DGxRockOn
Screaming Fans - sissyneck
Mesh - DGxRockOn
They Said... - Blink-sum-new-muse
clean - maliciousfaerie
Gelled Perfection - OcToPuS bALAnCeD
Need You Now Somehow - PumpUpTheValuum

Star Wars Section :
Caught! - xenabard20
Only Light, Only Life, Only Love - Amy Fortuna (nawh I LOVE this one)
Theme and Timbre: Affretando - Sage
The Jedi Patient - Sage
Poetry - Sage
A Place Amoung the Stones - Sage
A Lovers' Feast - Triskell
The Master's Touch - wednesday-mc
Master of My Soul - wednesday-mc
Better Part of Me - Lady Vorgunby
Secrets of the Heart - Ana
Terms of Service: a series - domenika marzione
Sense - rahaliacat
Pictures of Darkness and Light - Vanna Silver
Deep Blue Day - N
Two Out of Three - BlackRose

Harry Potter Section (Remus Lupin/Sirius Black):
Complication - Dawnatello

(Linking idea thingy taken from MoonDoggy. Idea not mine!)