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Pleased to meet you. I am The-Dedicated-Girls, also known as "TDG". A few of my known aliases are:

  • Athena
  • Lena/Leina
  • Thena
  • A friend of mine is under the pen-name "FreethinkingLife", another is called "Quannax". They both are amazing writers, please go and check their writing out!

    On both Roblox and DeviantArt I'm ATACLC, and I also own "ATACLCsAthena". On I am "bookowl26".

    There's extra content at DeviantArt that isn't here or on FFN and will probably never end up here.


    As I have stated earlier, you may call me "TDG" or Lena/Athena. One may not be comfortable with calling me these names at first, but as a joke, you may also call me "Ded" (ha. Ha. HA). I am an aspiring writer on this website who hopes to write more.

    My short story collections (and almost everything I'll publish from today on) normally be grouped into stories of ten, each of them broadly covering one topic. One example of this (it's not obvious) is Parts and Pieces of My Life, which is a safe for parts of my life which I wrote about around that time. If I did not, then the writing seems more mature, because I am looking back on it. I also have some intermediate stories such as "Any Sane Person", which could belong in PPML but did not qualify.

    It would be nearly impossible for me to have an actual flow-blown story on the website by next year, because I only write short stories. I only write short stories. Remember that.

    I am here if you have anything to say, so please feel free to PM me and chat. Though please do not send me 100 PM chats.

    Some of what should have been on my profile is in FreethinkingLife, which I may put a link to (yay!). As said before, I am an Arcane helper (I give out armor for fruits), Teacher's Assistant (and proud), and... haha, I forgot the last one.

    Thanks. The next few sections are my "blog" and story list.

    My Stories:

    Stay Strong and Remember Me: This was written when I was still a bit confused but relieved about the two people I probably care most about here. It is a short collection of tributes to Quannax and FreethinkingLife. Two chapters.

    Once a Bird Sang: The first chapter (the introduction) was made when I was reaching out of... *eyes wide* ADOLESCENCE. woot. The rest are just random poems and things like that. I'll finish it up by redoing the big red bow by gathering some things I wrote in English.

    Parts and Pieces of My Life: I'd count the first few chapters as "writing from back then", but honestly, it was the bridge between now and then. In there is writing from 2016 and 2017, there being a big gap in between (possibly because of Winter Break). It got started again after Marina x Machina's (see favorite author list for link) eagerness to review every single chapter. Thank you to all reviewers!

    Dark Soul: A Gathering of the Past: This is a gathering of stories that I cherished in the past (and wrote a long time ago). I added updates to this without edits. It is your job to catch them and point out what is the grammatical errors and to decipher what is going on. Some things are left hanging and that is the way they'll be.

    We Are Not Alive: This one showcases a few of my personal "favorites" (they are well written and flow nicely, but I will not pick them out specifically) that I've written in the past month. This one is a loose collection of queendom stories I've written on here, all of them drafted on FictionPress (though one is not, but it is very precious). It took forever to write.

    In the Woods: A loose collection of camping stories... or rather, cabin stories! Some chapters are collected, others are rewritten, and there are some that are just simply ideas that randomly came in. Includes a lake in almost every story. Will also have "sequels".

    Stories to Come in the Future:

    We: Have I mentioned that I absolutely can not write stories? If I did not, then... oh well. This story has complicated relations and last year I planned for it to be written right now, but I am nowhere near finishing the second chapter. I suppose I'll just have to add in short stories one at a time. All of these are going to be placed in chronological order and will actually have a plot and characters.

    Stories Resting in Peace:

    The A's Song: I deleted it and replaced it with "Once a Bird Sang".

    Prequel to We: Once deleted I can't find it anymore rip.


    Masks don't define everything,

    The world still goes round and round,
    (Like my falling to the ground),
    (My head that's so profound),

    Words the words, the random words,








    "We" is basically Hetalia fanfiction because of the stupid choices for the names. I had to pick Elizabeth, Matthew, Francis, and Oliver... right? All otherwise, it isn't Hetalia—but people will get suspicious.

    Boom, Hetalia.


    Please note that I will be inactive between 6-5-17 to 6-19-17, because of various problems and experiments I have to try. You can contact me via FanFiction, but just remember that I reply slowly.

    I would like to apologize for wrongdoings that have been committed this month. They say that history cycles. I'm quite afraid that it has, again. My only hope is to escape the vortex again.

    Does anybody even read profiles anymore


    New Updates for Later:

    I'm going to be mass-updating for "We Are Not Alive" in the next few weeks, so don't be surprised if there are three updates in a day. Thanks!

    I will still be inactive, but that doesn't stop me from writing.

    Merged Goals:

    We are a collaboration of writers working to make the world a better place, word by word.

    But honestly, are we getting any further?

    Yes, we are.

    Nani, shitai ne?

    Done With Ban:

    I'm done with the ban! Hurrah! I think I'll be active every two days because of work. Bye.

    When I Get Headaches:






    its the börkpocalypse

    With Each

    After each encounter, I feel more and more sickly and dead. There's nothing left before I have to go and encounter the living world.

    I'm not sickly right now, but my tongue is.

    With each encounter, I get entombed in another layer of glue, permitting my soul to stay here.

    Today we added three more layers of glue. That's more than I'd add in half a year.

    I really don't know what my reflection has turned into now.

    Tidal Wave Hits Just In Time

    Announcements and A Farewell

    I've wanted to say a thank you to everybody, but this mental pressure is really weighing down on me. So far I have completely quit on FFN (with the exception of talks and last chapters), I feel like quitting on many websites, but I can't escape... YouTube? Stupid YouTube. I have writing here to complete and that has to be completed within a deadline, so I am not eager to leave the website.

    I've left quite a few fandoms this school year (yes, including 2016, when I was recovering from war), which have all taken quite a big impact on me. These people I thought that existed just vanished. The shrouded figures in my dreams changed into something else. I was confused. I've been through... say, six big fandoms during this school year (2016-2017).

    The "blog post" above was a six-line story, just like the "For Sale—Baby Shoes, Never Worn" story. After I finish two series and (maybe) write the third one, I'll most likely be leaving from big stories or collections for the main part.

    And just in case if you're wondering what I'm doing, it's a combination between school, extracurricular classes, and responsibilities I haven't payed much attention to. Thank you all!

    [to clarify things i'll just go offline from writing stories until i find a good prompt or somethin', after finishing my collections of ten]


    When I think of laughing, I may cry. When I think of crying, I may snort. When I thinking of snorting I begin to steam. When I think of steaming I begin laughing. It's a long cycle... I...




    You will never see my face (the true one),
    Because if I do everything you did will be done,
    What you have remembered no longer is true,
    I hope you do realize that things can be cruel.

    You left me behind (not like me leaving you behind),
    Letting go of the past and just letting it flow beyond your mind,
    It's stressful (I'm sure) but I'm on my own journey,
    I know, it's painful, but the rewards are earning.

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    Baby Blue by Marina x Machina reviews
    Spiritual sequel to Blue Rhapsody. Romaine is now in college and trying to survive independent life. While Rosaline (for better of worse, grumble grumble) will always hold some sort of place in her heart (not sure what kind), she is slowly learning to focus on her own future and navigate challenges by herself.
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    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Once A Bird Sang reviews
    On dreary and rainy nights I lift up my hands and begin to type out unordered poetry, things that won't fit anywhere else.
    Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 782 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 11/17 - Published: 11/13
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    He didn't understand why his opponent chose him until he leafed through her memories. [There are a few scenes that are not horror, but I guess the genre will have to stick.]
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    For my two best friends, Mira and Julie. They totally deserve it. I'm sorry if the religion bothers you. It's just my inner fantasy exposed in a story.
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