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Hey everyone, I'm RowenasSon21, and I'm on FanFiction under the same PenName.

See my profile pic? That's a picture of France's flag supporting Belgium's flag, following the terrorist attack on Brussels. I hope that nothing will happen like that again, but that's probably a foolish hope. Oh're here for my stories so go look at them (Once I publish some!)

My story up right now is about a girl in an isolated kingdom who has many big choices to make soon. SYOC btw, the form will be below.



1. They must have a tie to one of these characters somehow. (Natalia, Fox, Orion or Liam). Please tell me which character you plan to submit to beforehand so I can tell you if it is full or not.

2. I will accept at most 2 per character.

3. Yes, they can be siblings, or guards, or maids, or servants. Anything you can dream up.

4. Have compelling backgrounds please.

5. Do not do a look alike from another book. I WILL KNOW. (I only say this because I have seen it happen).

6. Anything you need, just PM me and I’ll answer questions.

7. Nothing in this story relates to Earth. No Earth to Aluvian characters please.

8. There will be a masquerade ball in an upcoming chapter, so there will be a question in the form about it.

9. You can submit up to 2 characters




Kingdom of birth:

Kingdom they reside in:

Who do they tie to (Natalia, Fox, Orion, Liam):



URL (If you can find one):






Weapon of Choice:


How they met the one they know (Natalia, Fox, Orion, Liam):


Status (Royalty, Lord, Lady, Governor, Guard, Maid, Peasant, Street rat etc.):

Masquerade outfit?:

Anyone you know you want them to dance with?:

Anything specific you want to happen to your character?:

Magic will be involved later. Any specific kind of magic you want your character to have? (Make it believable):

Romance current?:

Future Romance?:

If so, any ideas?:

Opinions of…





Exploited Magic reviews
Book 1 of The Eleven Thrones series. Princess Natalia is the younger princess of the newly coronated Queen. Magic has been said to have died nearly 5000 years ago in the Battle of Magic. Since, civilization has improved without it. Now, magic is trying to make a comeback. SYOC Open, 0/4 or 8. Natalia struggles between home and leaving for the unknown.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,700 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Published: 9/28/2016