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I'm an aspiring novelist in my early twenties and have been writing since I was twelve. I'm currently writing a series I intend to publish one day, combining fairytales and superheroes.

Series Premise

In the late twenty-first century, Earth was struck by a plague unlike any the planet had ever known. In just five years, the world lost a fourth of its population and stability plummeted. Yet the epidemic mysteriously vanished as quickly as it came. And when all was said and done, most of the world's countries, desperate for leaders, resorted to monarchies as a form of government. Now, in the mid twenty-third century, Earth is still recovering. But no one knows that the plague has still, for better or worse, inadvertently affected many. Particularly twelve young women, who may seem as different as can be. Yet not only do their lives mirror famed tales of old. They also fight for the same three things: justice, love, and freedom.

1. The White Lotus vs. The Black Phoenix - A Retelling of Cinderella (Currently in Progress)

At first glance, Wang Yuming seems only an unappreciated girl who works day and night for her ungrateful stepmother and stepsister. But when the sun comes down, she becomes the famous White Lotus, vigilante extraordinaire. Her determination is her ultimate weapon in her goal to bring down the notorious Black Phoenix crime syndicate. Yet she must also evade the police who are just as intent on catching her.

Though she has the help of her godmother and even her more kindhearted stepsister, Yuming is content to work alone. Until one day when she comes across, and eventually befriends, a biker with a heart of gold. What she doesn't know at first, though, is that he hides his identity as carefully as she. In reality, he's Prince Zhen, heir to the throne of China. But as the danger around them begins to intensify, their relationship only deepens, leading Zhen to wonder what kind of woman is behind this extraordinary mask. Before she can even think of revealing herself to him, however, Yuming discovers that the Black Phoenix intends to destroy everything she holds dear in order to reach her goal to send China into chaos.

Still, in their quest to defeat her, both Yuming and Zhen will learn, one evening at the stroke of midnight, that some secrets, no matter how noble, can kill.

2. Mistress Kiss vs. Wisteria - A Retelling of Sleeping Beauty

When Princess Elizabeth was born, her parents, the king and queen of the U.K., and all of the kingdom rejoiced at the arrival of their long-awaited heir. But on the eve of her christening, the princess was kidnapped by the mentally unstable Wisteria. Though rescued by the secret service, Wisteria had already changed Elizabeth's future, for both good and bad.

Sixteen years later, Elizabeth has turned into a spunky young woman. Though under the watchful eyes of her protective parents, she's content to spend her free days with James, the prince of Scotland, and his cousin, Alex. But Elizabeth hides a secret, known only, at first, to her godparents. She's also the heroine who's taking Britain by storm: Mistress Kiss. Strong and agile, she has the ability to send people to sleep the moment she kisses them. The only other person who knows is James, who joins in as her partner, the bow-and-arrow wielding Silvershot. But their biggest trial yet comes faster than either expect. On the night of Elizabeth's sixteenth birthday, Wisteria covers the entire city of London with thorns, and challenges Mistress Kiss and Silvershot.

They eagerly agree, but little do they know that not only will their abilities be put to the test, but so will their growing love and someone they thought they knew.

3. Doctor Wild vs. Robotica - A Retelling of Snow White

Germany seems to prosper under the rule of its queen. But the monarch's stepdaughter, Princess Gabriele, knows better. With the help of the prime minister, and a secret ability that allows her to turn into any animal she wants, Gabi infiltrates underground, illegal laboratories as the famous Doctor Wild. She and the prime minister know her stepmother is funding them in order to add robotic parts to humans against their will. But without direct evidence, they can't bring her to trial.

And that's not their only problem. Gabi's kindness and good heart, which have made her popular among the people, have also driven her envious stepmother to plan her assassination. Upon discovering this, the prime minister sends her away into the mountains where they can plan their next move. But both he and Archduke Maximilian, Gabi's childhood friend, are captured by the queen. Meanwhile, the princess has found her way into the hiding place of the Squad of Seven, a group of young people committed to bringing down the queen. While finding herself the object of their leader's affections, Gabi struggles to figure out whether or not she should reveal her abilities to her new allies.

But if she doesn't make her decision fast, her stepmother might send her, and everyone she loves, to an early grave.

4. Rán vs. Tiamat - A Retelling of The Little Mermaid

Princess Vivian is the youngest of six sisters. And also the most curious. Though part of the royal family of the underwater kingdom of Cascade, she longs to know about and experience life in the world above. She gets her first chance when, on her fifteenth birthday, she gets to go to the surface for the first time in accordance with her people's tradition. But on the same day, she rescues a young man who would otherwise have drowned in the stormy sea.

The boy turns out to be none other than Karl, the crown prince of Denmark. Inspired by this one experience to help once she hears of trouble, for the following year, Vivian uses her aquatic abilities to protect this new world as Rán. Karl, ever since, has been longing to see his rescuer again. A lover of the sea all his life, he's convinced she might be a mermaid, and learns all he can about both her and the possible origins of her people. When he finds Vivian washed ashore one day, injured and unable to talk, he's thrilled to at last have the chance to talk to her firsthand. But while Vivian recovers and even slowly comes to love the prince, she and Karl eventually discover that the one who sent her to shore after a fierce battle may have sinister plans for both her and Karl's kingdoms.

And she goes only by one name: Tiamat.

5. The Crimson Cape vs. The Flame of Fury - A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

After her mother's tragic death, Marisol Redfox and her family do what they can to move on. But even more issues face the sixteen-year-old. On the eve of her mother's funeral, Marisol discovered that she possesses pyrokinesis, an ability she seems to have inherited from her grandmother. The older woman's company and the rescue farm she runs have become some of Marisol's favorite things.

But after being inspired by her grandmother to use her powers for good, the fiery girl dons the crimson cape she comes to be named for to help make her city of Sacramento a safer place. She seems to have an obstacle, though, in the form of a large black wolf with humanlike eyes. She eventually discovers, though, that he is actually a young man named Ash Bison. Ever since being bitten by an unusually powerful dog, he's been cursed to turn into a beast every full moon. Not even his uncle, a former mafia hitman, knows his dreadful secret. After discovering each other's identities, Marisol and Ash slowly begin to realize they might be in love. But their first major test comes too soon when the two discover that Ash's uncle is planning to avenge the death of his sister, Ash's mother.

And that revenge could mean the death of not only the killer, but many otherwise innocent people as well.

6. Windstrike vs. The Glass Ghoul - A Retelling of Rapunzel

Hanan El-Saqqaf has lived a very sheltered sixteen years. She's rarely allowed to leave the tower-like structure she lives in just outside the city of Beirut, and even then, she's always accompanied by the woman who found and raised her. But she was alone when she was struck by lightning one stormy evening, and survived. Now, not only can Hanan manipulate weather and especially lightning, but her hair turns blond when she activates her powers.

After secretly teaching herself to control her new abilities, Hanan decides to use them to help settle the growing instability of her country, and disguises herself to become Windstrike. Along the way, she meets a young man who has a similar goal in mind, and soon reveals himself to be Nadir-Rashad, the prince of Lebanon. Hanan finds herself surprised not only by this revelation, but by how the prince is so unlike what she expected, being the son of the king her guardian so vehemently despises. They immediately become allies, and with each of their secret meetings, their relationship slowly starts to bloom.

But after a meeting in her own tower room, Hanan and Nadir eventually discover some shocking secrets about the ones they thought they knew, which could send Lebanon into the chaos it's only recently started to come out of.

7. Comet vs. The Illusion - A Retelling of The Frog Prince

Princess Adriana was once the rather spoiled and self-centered heir to the throne of Italy. But after a visit to a laboratory ended in an accident that granted her the ability of super-speed, she keeps up her appearance as the somewhat superior-minded princess, while becoming the masked Comet in her spare time. She hopes to discover a possible connection between the lab where she received her power, her valuable gold locket which was stolen, and the recent rise of crime in Rome. But that's not the only issue she needs to deal with.

Adriana grew up with Dante, a prince of Sicily, and has been trying for quite some time to gain his affection, but to no avail. He's now turned off by her new elitist nature, but he is drawn to the heroic Comet. Adriana wonders how she can get close to him, even asking him to find her stolen locket, until Dante's attempt to help Comet ends in him receiving green skin and a condition that slowly starts claiming his life. Believing they can find a cure as well as a solution to the crime problem at the lab, Adriana and Dante decide to work together. But Adriana has one condition: that Dante must never remove her mask.

Little do either know, though, that the two will soon be fighting not only for their love, but also their kingdoms and even their own lives.

8. Glimmer vs. The Commander-in-Chief - A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin

Letitia Farley enjoyed her life as a fashion heiress in upstate New York. Until her mother got involved in a car accident. Though she survived, Letitia is determined to find out who could have done this and why, believing it to be no random accident. Fortunately, it seems she has the means to do so herself. With the bracelet given to her by her late grandmother, she can create just about anything she wants, and do it in style as Glimmer.

Unfortunately, the glitz and glamor fade as soon as she discovers she may be facing an underground drug empire. And she's also being followed by Robbie Steele. Haunted by mistakes he's made in the past, Robbie decides he wants to turn over a new leaf and follow in his policeman father's footsteps. Believing that catching Glimmer will give him the favor he wants, he's determined to learn her identity and turn her in. Letitia is just as intent on evading him, until a financial crisis puts her in an impossible situation. Unfortunately, Robbie is the only one offering assistance. He proposes a deal to Letitia that he will help her if she promises to give up her crime-fighting. She reluctantly agrees.

But even after the crisis ends and she even starts dating the governor's handsome son, Letitia will once again be forced to put on the bracelet, and find Robbie.

9. Clair de Lune vs. The Iron Mask - A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

The City of Lights has recently put its spotlight on Clair de Lune, a masked musketeer-like woman whose knives never miss their target, and whose hypnotic charm no one can resist. What no one knows, though, is that this woman is an otherwise normal sixteen-year-old named Julienne Labelle. The youngest of three sisters, Julienne discovered her gifts early on, and now uses them to fight the growing anarchy in Europe's most famous city.

One man, known only as the Iron Mask, is said to be the most dangerous anarchist of all. And Julienne believes he's behind the framing of her father, who's been accused by Prince Sebastian of attempting to assassinate him. Sebastian has been reclusive for three years, ever since he failed to save his parents, receiving only a burned face for his effort. Still, he longs to break out of his pit of anger. And when Julienne takes her father's place of being under house-arrest at the palace, he can't help but wonder if there's a connection between her and the masked woman he's come to admire. Julienne steers clear of him, though.

Until she can't deny that not only is Sebastian not the monster everyone thinks he is, but that the Iron Mask may be planning a bigger and much more devastating overthrow than she could ever have imagined.

10. Blizzard vs. The Heart of Ice - A Retelling of The Snow Queen

The current queen of Norway may be the former queen's sister, but this one has none of the compassion or grace of her predecessor. Instead, she rules with a heart of ice, and makes sure everyone knows it. Even the one who shares her remarkable abilities and uses them to openly defy her. The one known as Blizzard. At least, that's the mask Sofia Dahl wears when she uses her powers. When she takes it off, she's a simple high school student living with the older woman who raised her.

Fortunately, she doesn't bear this secret alone. Her best friend and next-door neighbor, Peter Hummel, has helped her hide it ever since she revealed her abilities to him. But even so, despite Peter's patience and understanding, which continually attract her to him, Sofia hides another secret even from him. She's the true heir to the throne, and had to flee for her life when she was just a young girl. No one knows she even existed, not even the queen. Before Sofia can even consider revealing herself and taking her rightful place, though, Peter is kidnapped by the queen, who forces Blizzard to come and battle her in order to rescue him. Sofia is more than up to the challenge.

But to get to Peter and save her country, she'll have to use not just her powers, but also her courage, wisdom, and heart.

11. La Sombra vs. The Mad Bomber - A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea

The heart of Spain is home to flamenco, fiestas, and crime. Fortunately, it's also home to the heroic La Sombra, the shadow who can disappear at will, use force-fields to protect the innocent, and lift just about anything with just a thought. The Mad Bomber, who's bombed his way to the top of every most-wanted list in the country, will do anything to get her out of his way. And not just because she might stop him, but because she may be the princess whom he thought he killed along with the rest of the royal family many years ago.

It's a popular theory, but La Sombra herself, Consuela "Coco" Juarez believes it to be nonsense. Until one evening, when she rescues none other than Prince Enrique. Not only does her inexplicable concern for him lead her to reveal her identity to him, but it also leads her to enter a competition the king and queen are holding. One that will decide which of six young women, counting Coco, will win Enrique's future hand in marriage. Coco knows the contest won't be easy, especially since she's competing against five princesses.

But when blackmail, attempted assassination, and even startling revelations concerning Coco's past and abilities come to light, she'll have to make sure that everyone walks away a victor in this game of life and death.

12. Lady Fey vs. The Cult of the Ivory Star - A Retelling of Thumbelina

Russia is a mythical land with a dark past, one that seems to have reemerged with the cult of the Ivory Star. They're mostly mysterious to outsiders. But when some new members come in, they don't come out. It seems the only person brave enough to snuff out their murderous passion is the six-inch-tall, pixie-like woman known only as Lady Fey.

It's been three years since Tamara Krupin, her two brothers, and mother lost her biologist father. But in that same time, Tamara has been secretly learning to control remarkable new abilities. Ones that seem to have been given to her by a genetically-engineered butterfly created by her father. And her deeds have not gone unnoticed, especially not by the Tsarevitch, the heir to the throne, Grigory Sokolov. She's held his intrigue ever since she rescued him and his family from assassins that seem to have been sent by the cult. But in the process, Lady Fey has become a target for the Ivory Star's leader. And he will spill her blood before he allows her to keep him from attaining revenge. After being forced to take direct action, Tamara realizes she can't stop this unholy cult alone.

She'll need not only the help of her brothers, but also the dashing Grigory if she wants to save Russia from repeating its history by starting another bloody revolution.