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Hello all, this is where I go “This is my first time writing, so thank you…”.


Here’s the rules: You have a problem with my writing? Good, give constructive reviews.

People that write reviews like “MC sucks, I don’t like him at all! You’re ugly!!" are not welcomed, because you’re talking about things I can’t change.

Reviews like “Side character A is so dull, show us more of his background.” or “This is a load of , a normal person wouldn’t react to Event B that way. You don’t know what ur doing, MC should (blah blah blah)” however, is welcomed. Because that’s something I can change (I prefer less insults though).

So yeah, feel free to point fingers at me (I do need to learn, after all).

That’s all, enjoy.

psst... Grammar nazis, pm me for spelling and grammar stuff, and I will fix it! ty!


Well here's the thing, I have no idea how this story is going to unfold.

I know what you all are thinking "Then why the * are you writing this then?". Here's the situation, I hate it when authors make characters do out of character things, just to follow the planned plot. NO! The characters becomes puppets then!

I have an idea of a plot, of where this story is heading. But here's why I say I'm clueless, if I feel that a guy is going to screw everything I planned over because he's created that way, then the plot can go to dumpster-land for all I care. I want my characters to live their lives naturally, so yeah, categories like romance/gore/action/mystery is all up in the air, depending on how the characters grow and respond.

That being said, my notes might be shot completely after writing a chapter. I might run into a wall, I might delay updates, but if it drags too long or something happens to me IRL, I will at least have the decency to post a notification of some sort.

An update date will be set up. Maybe. I don't know how fast/slow I write chapters, since I'm still starting, but so far I'm going to set 1 update/2 day as an ideal. AKA I'm going to try to hit that frequency and that might be my max. 1 update/week minimum because I know I can be very lazy. If I have a situation where 2 weeks will pass and I don't update, I will post a notice.

Oh yeah, since you are reading this, comment! This is a story in growth, any comment can and may change the final outcome of this story. Like if you all like character C enough, he might have a "stroke of luck" and fare better. Btw, I can get heartless and kill off characters, I even have a "I want dead" list, though the status often changes each day.

Hmmm, I think that's it for now. Yup.

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