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I updated my geocities site! Please visit it! It's the only place you'll find my Backstreet Boys fics!

Boy, that was bold of me. Get it? It's all in bold text...bold...Eh..Feeble, right?
Is this better? Cuz I can do underlined as well. Of course it looks more like a really long link. I'd just better not scare everyone away...

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Hi, it's good to see you stopped by!
My name is Jenn and I'm a 27 year old author from Pittsburgh, Pa. I stand 5'11", I'm a Sagittarian, and I love long walks on the beach at night. Um...not that there are any beaches in Pittsburgh, but I have a good imagination.
A few of my favorite things are Pokémon (and Ash, Gary, Danny, Morty, Faulkner, and of course, Yummy Drake), Dragonball Z (and Trunks, Vegeta, Goku, and um...that's it), Tenchi Muyo (ooooh, Tenchi...), Backstreet Boys (Go, Nick! Get that bad Twinkie!), Digimon (they're all underaged, unless it's older Ken and then I liked him more as Evil Emperor Dude Ken), and Mojo Jojo (he's just silly^^).

Fics I'm Working On:

tO eXPLAIN iN dUE tIME : There will be a Chapter Ten. I'm just not sure when it will be up (I'm still writing it). Suffice it to say that everything will be explained. No loose ends here.

Hidden Journey: I haven't dropped poor Cirrus from my To-Do list. It seems like it though, doesn't it? I just haven't been in the mood to write and an author needs her mood. But like tedi, I am in the process of writing chapter 10.

Uninvited: Aah, Uninvited. This was my Backstreet Boys mega fic. Unfortunately it won't be posted on , ever. I like not being in trouble with . I will post it on my site, more than likely with five chapters and all this in October.

Future Projects

I've got ideas bustling around for other fics. Mostly romance, bah, I know. However, it won't be the usual trite that is online. These will actually have a plot and hopefully read like a good novel.


Could it be me?: Oooh, title only so far! It could be Ash, or Gary, or Brock, or Brad Pitt, all up for Misty's affections.

It Had To Be You: Will sparks or fists fly when two enemies (m/f) are confined in quarantine due to accidental exposure to a mysterious disease?

Sno-Caps: No, not a fic. I just happen to be eating some and wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Be sure to check out my old site, Ryoko's Insight, for all your Tenchi Needs!!

Props out to all my online best buds,

Trish, Dana, Mia, Jaime, Chris, Sean, ahhh, you guys know who you are!! Without y'all, I'd be really bored


Luv, hugz, an' Pokémon wishes,

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