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Hi my name is, Penny.

Actually it is Ananda. Penny is my middle name and Ananda my first by I hate it. I have a good reason to too. It was the name of the dog in one of the 'wrinkle in time' books meaning "without the universe will fall apart" and my moms old dog when she first got married to my dad. So I am named after 2 dogs. Who wants to be named after a dog? My child will literally be the son or daughter of a bitch! C'mon!

What I look like.

I have short black hair which is only a little below my shoulders and a curly mess I hate it and will it was longer and strait, I have brown eyes that are almost black, a light tan and freckles, wear glasses but I hate them though I have to wear them being shortsighted if I don't I will probably get run over by a car not seeing the stoplight correctly though I am saving up for contacts, a sweatshirt that's usually grey, and jean shorts or skinny jeans depending on the weather, and of course black converses.

How I act/personality.

Well I am the type person who things always happen to in movies, books, anime, cartoons, a fluffy romance drabble, I'm the shy smart girl in back of class who really never talks and if my life was one of the things I listed above then something amazing would have happened to me by now but no I am cursed to a boring reality. So basically I am an introvert. I never curse out loud or in my writing but in my head I am cursing every second at everything. I love writing and I dabble in drawing, mainly sketches in my notebook during school, 'cause the lessons are so boring and I already understand them. I read fanfic and fictionpress tons as well as hardcover books that are fiction, realistic fiction, or historical fiction I don't like fantasy and I am always referencing books or fanfics I read in my day to day life. Like I read a naruto fanfic for the first time and asked my Japanese friend about ramen and she took me out for it and I had it for the first time. Best thing ever I agree with naruto!

Horrible Mistake by Penelope P reviews
The Devil grinned wickedly and stared down at her broken body. Her mangled wings spread out painfully and her bruises ached. The last Angel was dying and The Devil stood and watched. Oneshot
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