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I don't really know what to say about myself. I just write because my brain won't let me sleep until the story is out. And I can't leave it alone until it is shared. It is good to get sleep. :)

So, I am kind of working on a series of stories. It is intended as a series. However, it is slow going as my brain jumps around.

I love to read and write stories delving into the complexity of grays... the spectrum between human or animal, creative world building, looking into the darkness to realize there is no pure good and evil can come in different shades. I am particularly fond of stories involving werewolves, dragons, or demons. However, I do enjoy sci-fi, other paranormal, and horror stories.

I am open minded to all parts of society and sexuality (in literature), however, I have a strong stance of wanting to see healthy romances. I've writen stories with BDSM, dominance, kinks, open sexual relationships, polyanderous relationships, and more. They can and should be written from the view of trying to have a healthy relationship if it's meant to be the focal romance of a story. No one's perfect and the characters certainly aren't, but there has to be a minimum of respect and trust between a couple by the end, not just sex or some magical bond that forces them to betogether despite sheer selfishness. Just my opinion. So, you will see all of my primary relationships working toward healthy romances.

With that said, I do explore the dynamics of culture clashes, social expectations, and recovering from betrayals (those who have been betrayed and those who are guilty of the betrayal). So, don't expect happy, perfect relationships from the get go.

Some of my favorite stories on FictionPress delve into those topics as well. In my favs list, there is one story that looks at how a deaf girl survives in a werewolf world where you're not supposed to look others in the eye without it being seen as a challenge. Another story explores identity questions between a shifter and a transexual woman. Couldn't you tell I like werewolf stories? I love other story lines, but these really stood out for me. Also, I have the Loyalty series which is sweet. The series starts with one bastard wolf... but give it time. It's the only story I've read where the author successfully does shift the character from abusive creep to worth giving a shot.

I do recommend giving them a shot. :)

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It's hard being something your not, even more impossible is being something you hate. I was raised with the knowledge that one day I'd change. Werewolf. Predator. Violence. Then it happened and my life became darkness. Pack battles. Mates. Alphas. Dominance. Submission. Death. I never wanted this. Now I wonder if it's possible to free myself from it. (Full summary inside!)
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Charlotte the first born of her Alpha father isn't sure where she fits in. In a world ran by males, where females are never the first born to an Alpha or Beta, she feels completely lost. After the Gathering her parents attended, the Elders made a few modifications to the rules, which have backfired on Charlotte. Will she be able to do what is expected of her, or follow her heart?
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The Mating Gathering is a time every young werewolf looks forward to. A time when soul mates no longer exists. Lucas went into the gathering with his eye on his long time crush. What happens when he is patiently waiting, only to hear her name called out, having to watch her be given to someone else. Anger consumes him and Lucas is hell bent on getting revenge, no matter the cost.
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Farel is adrift, an ex-con shifter in a world of humans who aren't fond of his kind. Sunny is a woman misunderstood, disowned by her mother and more comfortable alone than with others. As they try to cope with their misfortune together, they learn that the body can change, but the soul always stays the same. Trans woman main character
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Order of the Stars- Hiatus reviews
Hiatus... All Dania wanted to do was hide. Hide from her past. Hide from men. A quiet life where she could deal with her issues in relative peace. However, as she approached her 24th birthday, things took very unexpected turns. Pulled into a war between the courts of dragons. She must learn to navigate the dangers, find her inner alpha and maneuver lustful pursuits from everyone.
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The common story: finding a mate is supposed to make the wolf stronger. For an alpha, finding his mate, blessed by the moon goddess, strengthens the pack. But there can be such darkness hidden in that dynamic. Even those of cruel hearts can seek the power of a mate. And the damage they cause might not ever be healed. (Haunted by the Blood Moon, reference in Foretold by the Stars)
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Order of the Stars- Hiatus reviews
Hiatus... New updated version being posted separately.
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On Hiatus... will re-post later..., the self proclaimed 'patron demon of BDSM' finds himself completely drawn to a mousy little human. Crossing lines he never allowed others to think about, the incubus finds himself wanting more than he should. And when danger knocks on her door, he's in for a surprise. His mouse might be a tiger, after all. Erotic BDSM with plot- Mature
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