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Hi, my name is PsychoticFoxy! Or, at least it is on here. I must say it's very nice to be able to write again once more, whether my stories are worth a damn or not.

A little history about me. I grew up in the same town my whole life. I'm not going to say I'm necessarily anti social, but from a young age, it was difficult for me to make friends, especially ones that shared my interests. Perhaps I was a strange kid growing up with strange interests, but... well, we're all strange to some degree.

When I was around 14 or 15, I watched My Little Pony for the first time (I know what your thinking, but give me a chance to explain.) I don't really remember WHY I watched it, but I remember standing up and saying to myself, this isn't half bad for a kids show, likely aimed at young girls! In a way, I sort of became a brony before I even knew what that was, or possibly before the word was even well known. It was very inspiring to me, even though many people bashed on the people that enjoyed the show. I thought that it was both inspiring that bronies could still watch that show, despite the constant trolling and bashing they experience, and I also found it inspiring that MLP could appeal to so many people like this, despite it being a childrens show.

Now, when I was around that age, like many kids, I absolutely loved fiction, of all kinds, whether that includes anime, video games, manga, whatever. I like (and still do to this day.) stuff like Dead Space, Halo, Mass Effect, almost anything that is sci fi and involves space. Not that I didn't like other things. I immensely enjoyed animes, especially Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop among many others. I also was a HUGE fan of games like Ocarina of Time, and pretty much any sonic game that existed. Sonic was my hero ever since I was very young, perhaps that's the root of my interest in furries (I say furry because, well... anthropomorphic is just a silly, stupid word to me that is way too long to say. :) ) I'm still not sure this is true, because it took me until I was fully grown to realize they could even be considered furries. Despite that, I was not interested in "furries" at the time. No no no, I was a brony, and a big one at that.

I began to dream about creating a fan made series containing the world of MLP crossed over with whatever I could think about, and a few original characters. Since I did not have the know how, and especially didn't have the money at this time, I thought, "Hey! I'll bet I can write something kickass on fanfiction about this!" And that I did!

I started immediately, I also did not tell anyone. I began to write the story in notepads that I kept hidden under my bed. I'm not sure how I discovered fanfiction, but I took my chances, and started to post a story on there, named the "Legacy of Gage" the results were... quite cringey to say the least, I must admit. Never the less, I was seriously determined to write this, and that I did! The first story was named, the chaos breaker. It was a story containing well over 100,000 words, and no matter how cringey I think it is today, or how terrible the writing was, or the ideas, I had determination. Even more determination than I have today. I would often come directly home from school on a daily basis to write the Legacy of Gage, and stay up well past my bedtime to make a chapter on a daily basis. At one time, I made THREE chapters in a day!

Somewhere towards the beginning, I met people that were interested in my work. That started an everlasting friendship! Four people from fanfiction joined up on a facebook group messenger, to do anything from roleplay, to discuss my story. I considered them my co-authors, and they considered me their leader. It was truly something awesome, and to this day, we still have the group chat up, even though a few of the members have moved on sadly... Together, by encouraging me and even writing a chapter or two when I couldn't, we created what we thought was the coolest multi crossover ever! It still remains in fanfiction to this day.

Somewhere along the line, a friend of mine suggested that we roleplay. He was into the furry fandom, or... well, I wouldn't necessarily say that. Rather, he was interested in a game involving some furries. I created a character, used him, and it grew into something more from then on. The character I created was unique, and I liked him quite a bit. In that roleplay, I formulated his story, background, name, ect. Needless to say, the idea stuck. Around this time, I got out of the whole brony thing, and... I guessed switched fandoms. I'm aware that both are cringey and are overall seen with some negativity by the majority, but, I've never been about the majority. I've always been able to be myself, it's one of my best attributes one could have if you ask me. Now, I never actively participated in said fandom, or even the brony fandom, other than creating stories. The same goes for the furry fandom. I do not actively participate in it, but I will say that I am interested in a universe of furries. This eventually formulated into what my main story is today. I don't fursuit, or draw art, or even go to conventions. I've never been to one, and it truly does not interest me. My story is the only thing that interests me, that could even be slightly considered "furry"

I've called myself a "Writer" for years, but honestly, my work on Legacy of Gage pretty much stopped after I grew out of the whole brony thing. And after that, the only really writing I've done on my current story is a few failed attempts at a first chapter. Thankfully, many years of roleplaying has both gave me much more creative ideas, and made me a more fluent writer. I still wouldn't call myself a professional, not by a long shot. But...

I try the best that I can with my work. I genuinely think that if one can get past the awful stereotypes the furry fandom has underwent (or, really any fandom. this applies to them all.) one could see my story as I truly intend it to be read. I hope that my story isn't hindered because of this. I've often feared this so much, I've simply thought of changing all the characters to humans, but... well, I think if I did that, I may as well write a mass effect andromeda fanfiction or something. This story is totally unique, and of course inspired by many works. I hope someday, I can at least create the end of my story. I pretty much have it ALL planned out, at least the basics. I truly believe I'm on to something that people could really get into and enjoy for what it is. The deep characters, the sci fi elements, and other genres, the deepness of it all, not just the characters backstory, but the backstory of the setting, and all of that goodness.

Please, if you could, go check out my story, "The Rift" it is a work in progress of course, and even if it ever gets finished, I'm positive I'll be re writing it, since there are many things I don't like about it, like the names of stuff like planets and space stations, which are pretty much just simple place holders. I hope that you enjoy my work. Support me if you can. I'm very easily discouraged, and my determination to write is not as strong as it once was.

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Life is bound to exist elsewhere besides earth, especially in a universe so frustratingly huge. It is unlikely we will leave our galaxy, but if we did we might be surprised that life has a stronger hold on the universe than we think. In the Andromeda, for example, there exists a civilization like our own, but even more advanced, more populated, and about a thousand times more crazy
Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 19,006 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 10/10/2016 - Published: 9/5/2016