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Hey my name is Joon, I'm a 20-something year old from Canada.

I'm interested in things like video games, witchcraft, drawing, and anime !

I'm a non-binary trans person, and I'm pansexual, so please expect a lot of LGBTQIA characters and themes in my stories.

I'm also mentally ill, with depression, anxiety, borderline disorder, and paranoia, so you can expect characters with mental illnesses too.

Other than that, I believe in having a diverse cast of characters from all nationalities and races. More of these characters will be written in, sooner by request!

I also believe that different body types need to have a place in the media as well, so I will write characters with an actual variety of body types.

And characters with disabilities will be written in as well, as much as possible.

I believe all these things are underrepresented in media, so I will put these characters in my story. If, in any story, I misrepresent one of these things, please voice your concerns. I only want to have someone that everyone can relate to and I dont mean any offense. That being said...

I am part of the LGBT community and I have mental illnesses. I will write about characters developing through these things and coming to terms with them, as I can know where they are coming from and feel like I can represent them well.

I will not be writing things that it is none of my business to write about. This means that I will not have any of my characters of colour experience hostility or violent racism. I will not write an arc about a transradial amputee coming to terms with only having one hand. I will only write these characters to be characters. I will write these characters as villains sometimes, but there will also be plenty more good guys too. I will do my best to study the facts and avoid the misconcepted stereotypes when writing about them.

Please let me know if theres anything you liked of mine, or if you have any concerns.

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