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He y'all..I'm BaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAck!!!!!!!

I have (hopefully) recovered from a stupid writers block, 'cause people around me and my family stop living all of a sudden and then the cat ofcourse... about 7 people have died only this last month! halfway through September until now and then I heard my aunt had cancer and probably won't live to see next year... well all bad news for me, but for you there is good news, Facing the Shadows has been completed, well the first part: Loss Of The Light. I will now write the second part, though I do not really know what about and I do not have a title yet. All you people, can you help me out by reviewing? It would hurry up my writing, 'cause I can probably make my decision over the plot sooner. Well, all you bad peeps out there, here comes the ~DISCLAIMER~ 4 all of my fics, I do not own any rights over Lord of The Rings and Final Fantasy VIII, I do not own any of the characters starring in my fics, except for Lea, Mirthia, Ceriella, Mirennia, Pearion, Kirandinel, Teranon, Jewel and the Mestiando in Facing the Shadows. So, that's that.
BTW, Facing The Shadows is a SLASH fic, means male/male love between Legolas and Aragorn: don't like, don't read. My stories may contain pieces of NC-17, but you will be well warned, so all you youngsters, DO NOT READ after you see Beneath the Nc-17 part there will be another line like that or a A/N, so you know when to read on. When it is not there...the next chapter is available for u youngsters :d
Well, have fun reading my fics and do not forget to click on the blue box, its there in the left bottom corner with each chapter :D
Luv Jane

Just To Be Clear:

Original Fiction - You Are Mine = progressing fic

Teknoman - Blade and Star Forever = finished (real old and dusty though)

FFVIII - Old Times = finished
FFVIII - Strongest Love = finished
FFVIII - Your Decisions = finished songfic
FFVIII - The Things You Say... = dead end, no end
FFVIII - Ultimecia's Souvenir = dead end, no end

Lotr - Facing The Shadows - You Win Some, You Lose Some = progressing fic
Lotr - Facing The Shadows - Loss Of The Light = FINISHED!!!
Lotr - Facing The Shadows - Together Forever? = progressing fic

You Are Mine reviews
A POV story between Jane and John. Jane has been raped and now needs to cope with it... will she tell her boyfriend John, or will she go mad within herself? *chap 1 up *
Fiction: General - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,334 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 11/3/2002