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hello World, My name is Kevin! But you can call me the Awesome Bringer. Just a guy who loves writing great fanfiction stories. I also write my own original fictions considering my mind is a crazy, colorful cesspool of insane ideas.

Link to my Fanfiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/~theawesomebringer (Still a work in progress)

Writing is one of my favorite pastimes and I will not let my ideas just float around in my head, so be prepared for anything that might come your way in the upcoming months! (And possibly years)

Favorite Anime: I have quite alot actually, some of which not too many people talk about, but There's Fairy Tail, One Punch Man, Sgt. Frog, Bleach, Vandread, Sekirei, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, Hellsing, Kill la Kill, Ah My Goddess! and More!

Gender: Male of course.

Favorite Video Games: Anything Nintendo! Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, Smash anything! Except Pokemon for some reason... I don't really play Pokemon. (PLZ DON'T KILL ME!!!) I also like Call Of Duty games, Halo, Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter, and alot more.

Favorite Movies: Deadpool, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Toy Story Movies (All of Them), Any Pixar movie that isn't Cars 2 (Especially Finding Dory. Love that movie), Freedom Writers and much more!

Future Occupation: I want to be a great entertainer when I grow up who eats, breathes, and sleeps three things. Music, Comedy & the Internet!

Favorite Music: OHHHHH Here we go. Sit back in your seats and hold onto your hats for this one folks. *clears throat* I like Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop-Rock, K-pop, J-Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Groove, R & B, Pop, EDM, Video Game Soundtracks, Jazz, Country (YES I like Country!), Dubstep, Contemporary, Funk, Classical Piano pieces, Broadway Showtunes, and honestly so much more we'd be here all day so i'll spare you the rest. I love music a lot. =)

Favorite Bands: (In Alphebetical Order - Because Spotify) Aerosmith (The greatest Classic Rock band that ever lived!), BABYMETAL, Barenaked Ladies, The Beatles, Black Veil Brides, Crush 40, Creed, Earth, Wind & Fire, Evanessence, Gorillaz, Green Day (My Favorite Rock Band of ALL TIME!) Journey, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nickelback (Yes I actually like them), The Offspring, Paramore, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Seether, Skillet, Starbomb (FUCKING Hilarious), Slipknot, Your Favorite Martian (Also Hilarious), The Lonely Island (SUPER fucking hilarious), Three Days Grace

Favorite Artist/DJs: Tupac, 50 Cent, Alicia keys, Carrie Underwood, P!nk, Amy Winehouse, Asher Roth, Ariana Grande, Aviicii, Avril Lavigne, Benny Benassi, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Weird Al Yankovic, Deadmau5 (Huge FAN of his work), Skrillex (The dubstep KING), Daft Punk (The greatest EDM duo that ever lived), Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, B.o.B, Calvin Harris, DeStorm Power, Drake, DJ Khaled, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson (The greatest musical artist that ever lived), John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Nas, Owl City (Probably one of the only huge fans of his on this site), Pitbull, Pharrell Williams, R.Kelly, Rihanna, Sade (One of my personal favorites), Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Traphik (Timothy DeLa Ghetto), Usher, Wolfgang Gartner

Some special Notes about me:

- I almost ALWAYS leave a review If I read your fanfiction. I think it's great to pass on some constructive criticism to one another in order to help each other out. I don't expect you to do the same for me if you read my fictions, but in general I would REALLY appreciate it if you left a review on my stuff.

- I update almost always on the weekends.

- I upload only on the weekends due to my busy schedule, so don't expect things to go quickly.

- I put alot of research into my fanfictions & fictions, I write with my heart & soul in my ideas so please be honest and lenient with your reviews.


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