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Hello, dear visitor. If you're looking for mystery stories that span multiple parts, you've come to the right amateur writer!

My stories here focus on a young man named Aidan Lonsdale who discovers in college a gift for puzzle-solving and cracking cases. His adventures are broken up into three series: the St. Ciaran's Chronicles, the San Diego Chronicles, and the White Crow Chronicles.

All three series are made up of smaller stories, and every entry within their respective "Chronicle" builds off one another to form a larger narrative. While each entry can stand on its own, I encourage all interested readers to take the series (and the entries within those series) in order. Don't worry about not knowing which order to read them in. I'll lay it all out below!

To anyone who's into this sort of thing, all three Chronicles have their own playlists.

St. Ciaran's: open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/3jHjrKGi2NiOsAovMB4snZ?si=2v1EckimSUi4nlGoCqKycQ

San Diego: open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/2YfQJ5zDkNhXop2z532Vhb?si=jlfFn5ezSSWDlC6G12JryA

White Crow: open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/0LoLKoSotlhoHtGSTs80Da?si=i1sANiIhTvmSTHdEKiXvJQ

SERIES #1: The St. Ciaran's Chronicles

Summary: On the first night of his college career at the prestigious St. Ciaran's, Aidan Lonsdale and his best friend since childhood Rob Dunne are amped up for a semester of adventures. But things take a turn for the worse when Aidan returns from a night of partying to discover someone has ransacked his dorm room and Rob has gone missing. Uncovering the truth about what transpired in his room, as well as what happened to Rob, puts Aidan on a path that will bring to light the dark secrets and history lurking beneath the surface at St. Ciaran's.

Case 1: First Night [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/0xtBLL6M9SXgzQzMgamHC0?si=EPCtJIs5Se-PWAjL0in-vQ ]

Case 2: Relay, or Bust [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/6ZcYquklPmvB2iXp63V0KO?si=t-t5VmLBQEWoWLsTiHXLmQ ]

Case 3: Checkout, Breakout [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/6S467V5cGZuBSfzrAWq7qS?si=pe3Kr_A3SHGapDfYHG7Vrw ]

Case 4: Up in Smoke [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/4NnxrcSaxk1OsjoDQW7PY1?si=AlZ4cmLSQSGTsB6iqOggew ]



SERIES #2: The San Diego Chronicles

Summary: Aidan's accomplishments at St. Ciaran's have netted him an internship as an investigator with the San Diego branch of the FBI. After only one day on the job, he regrets taking the internship; he suffers a severe bout of homesickness, and digging into white collar crime bores him out of his mind. He wants to go back to hunting dangerous criminals and cracking high-stakes cases. Aidan gets his wish when the body of a rising star in the California justice system is found on the shore of Ocean Beach overnight. But investigating this murder will put Aidan on a collision course with a different case -- one that will push his skills and his spirit to the breaking point.

Case 1: Three's a Crowd [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/6UmYYOQ7u6kp4LwlIsr0Xz?si=HBg762svSySNXXDlsspRXg ]

Case 2: Double Duty [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/1NgTIfcL4RPiSoIgDFYi4K?si=lyz9PIOyQ5GX52C6m2EL_w ]

Case 3: Life Sentence [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/1VU9a4K3W6BcJAwPVBLxk4?si=m4oa0i6ZTHGv77kL4eyR0A ]

Case 4: Cold Shot [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/1KNokKirUnptctl1Zq48Oq?si=KsE5Is6-TV2QVAFwE-MCXA ]



SERIES #3: The White Crow Chronicles

Summary: Three years have passed since the end of his internship, and Aidan has sworn off a career in law enforcement forever. Instead, he's settled for working at a private investigation agency, willing to assist any client who needs help with a matter that they can't or won't trust to the police. But Aidan's routine of comfort comes to an end one night when a new client calls him with a mysterious assignment. Aidan's boss hears the price the client is willing to pay and orders him to take her case. The assignment sends Aidan down a deep, dangerous rabbit hole, forcing him to re-enter the dark world he'd tried so hard to escape.

Case 1: Last Goodbyes [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/6SxxoYMZqp0LWBhDjs75H3 ]

Case 2: It All Keeps Adding Up [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/2UFQ39ngvoUAu6j6A4KhRm ]

Case 3: Eleventh Hour [ open(DOT)spotify(DOT)com/playlist/5pFwENT5szJSCd94sgcUa3 ]

Further cases TBA

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It's not often investigators get widespread recognition, especially when they're only an intern. Aidan has done just that. But everything has a cost. Before his 15 minutes of fame have even ticked away, there will be a shocking development in the case that earned him his acclaim.
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The witnesses are sure that the victim's death happened one way, while the coroner says it happened another. The San Diego Police are reluctant to enlist the help of the FBI in solving it. As an intern, Aidan knows matters like these are far above him. He also knows he won't be able to resist.
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A tragedy shatters the bubble of a private school and leaves one person dead. As Aidan figures out what happened, he'll find closure of his own while laying bare the full, dark history of St. Ciaran's College.
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