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dear residents of fictionpress

Ahren nightshade is a (slightly insane) person (demon, female, chaotic neutral six foot reptilian, fae necromancer, tiny irate assassin, murderous vegetable, 12 foot long fish, explosive lemon, bubbly chicken leg , emo water bottle ) whose backstory could win the x factor all by itself adapt some fake tan and cleavage would need to be added.

the demon originally started out on FanFiction, but now has discovered this place the female can finally do something that has some small semblance of work instead of writing fan fiction and going "it is work! really, mum, I swear!" the chaotic neutral six-foot reptilian mostly write's because it helps the fae necromancer stay inside and away from sunlight and human interaction.

the tiny irate assassin will probably be putting out a variety of stories every so often, so expect really anything from the murderous vegetable.

the 12 foot long fish is very lazy so if the explosive lemon doesn't upload for a while then an apology is due.

the bubbly chicken leg hopes you all enjoy the emo water bottle's work as the demon is a very creative female. Well, the chaotic neutral six-foot reptilian hope so at least! It would mean a lot if you favorite the fae necromancer's stories and the more interest the tiny irate assassin gets, the more the murderous vegetable will put out on FictionPress. Again, enjoy the 12 foot long fish's stories and make sure to leave a review with any feedback!

Make sure to check out the explosive lemon's FanFiction account: Ahren nightshade

if any of you haven't yet realized from the bubbly chicken leg's writing the emo water bottle is a HUGE theatre nerd,

sincerely, an independent profile writing entity.


This is my list of songs I like to have playing in the background when I am writing. Enjoy!

Pompeii by Bastille (general)

The Ballad Of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco (general)

Missing You by All Time Low (sad/happy bits)

Let It Be by Labyrinth (fight senses)

Let Her Go by Passenger (very sad bits )

Crazy by Gnarls Barkly (general)

LA Devotee by Panic! At The Disco (general)

mad world by Jasmine Thompson (sad)

ride by twenty-one pilots (general)

lost in stereo by all time low (sexy times/ if you have a loud or part atmospheres in a bit)

backseat serenade by all time low (if you have a loud or part atmospheres in a bit)

in a week by Hozier (feat. Karen Cowley) (death bits)

the internet is here by Dan and Phil (happy go lucky moments)

supermassive black hole by muse (loud/ fighting)

the judge by twenty-one pilots ( soft/romantic/ sad)

immortals by fall out boy (montage/ fighting/ loud)

the mighty fall by fall out boy (destructive/ self-destructive/ fighting)

centuries by fall out boy (heavy metal broke my heart) (fighting/ loud)

young and menace by fall out boy (young and meeeeence) (this one, I don't know)

hold me tight or don't by fall out boy (everything)

2 heads by Coleman hell ( fleeing/ reflective/ any dancing)

run boy run by woodkid (fleeing/ fighting)

Why you should join the dark side:

1 cookies, hot chocolate, sweets and decent reading material comes as standard.

2 a lack of moral responsibility.

3 all the badass outfits we never have to wair spandex ever.

4 we get the best into songs because no good guy will ever have the cores of young and menace as their into song.

5 there would be no good guys without the bad guys

6 Double bubble disco queen headed to the guillotine Skin as cool as Steve McQueen, let me be your killer king It hurts until it stops, we will love until it's not I'm a killing spree in white, eyes like broken Christmas lights.

7 tumbler is more likely to identify with us

8 if we go out, we go out in a blaze of glory and emotionally scar the good guys for the rest of the series

9 if you think about it good and bad are objective things so what are we really? we are the villain of one story and the hero of another.

a small note from miss nightshade

hi, it me.

now some of you may have realised that some of my stuff a disappeared.

well, guess what?

I'm rebranding!!!

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