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I enjoy writing stories when I have some free time. If you have any criticisms please share them with me so I can improve. I mostly do this for fun and don't think I will ever do it professionally. I would love to but just don't see it happening. Still as for anything cool or interesting about me I have an obsession with scarves and have an irrational fear of stars. Muffins. Not dead yet? Thanks for any support or criticism in advance. Or you know...keep reading. Dark and terrible secrets await you if you keep going. You're sure you still want to keep going? Okay fine but just warning you it's a pretty big deal. Scarves are cool. Okay bye. Seriously why are you still reading? I suppose I can appreciate the determination, seriously that's impressive. I would have just scrolled down and begun looking for something that's an actual story. Maybe you're just waiting to find something resembling a story in this profile area? My, aren't you just unique. I think I like you already. Now this is getting awkward, you might have a serious problem to just keep reading at this point. I don't mind I suppose, feel free to count how many sentences start with I. Have you counted them yet? I haven't. It's not a code or anything I just figured you'd have enjoyment in thinking there was something hidden. You're not still doing it right? If you are you could have an obsession with the letter I. I'm more of a K person myself.

Notes for possible readers

- As of my current mindset I believe Scarf of Ue'cvis is due a rewrite at a later point of time. The story shall thus be discontinued for the time being until it is rewritten. To those of you who have messaged me on Discord and have given their opinions I thank you. This thanks also extends to any who even bothered to read the story at all. It's honestly nice to get constructive criticism and compliments on what does work. I'll be sure to focus more on what has been enjoyed about that specific story more in the future.

- The Scarf-Bound Anodyne of Aes is planned to be completed first with mainly only breaks for short stories every once in a while. I will also confirm it that yes this story was partly written as part of the rewrite to Scarf of Ue'cvis. I will also say now that currently there is likely to be a delay with stories. As of the moment I write entirely in my free time which is likely to lessen due to the common events of life. This is not as much an excuse as much as an apology for how long it takes to write currently.

- Yes, it is a known fact wearing a scarf while reading makes you comfier. You may continue.

-Chapter 3 of Quilt-Something Remedy of Antler lady is likely to be updated. I feel like it could explore more before we move on. (Update to this note: It grew on me sort of after reading it.)

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The Scarf-Bound Anodyne of Aes reviews
As the very first Urukin comes to the realm of humanity she seeks to test humanity in her own Quixotic ways. As the testing continues a new solution appears. Neither in the form of a kingdom nor a single warrior, instead a guild of sorts. Those few remaining souls who seek to ease the pain of their people at the hands of this Urukin. They are the Anodyne, bound together by hearts.
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A short tale of a girl finding herself in the spirit realm of Belialuin. A realm she notes for its unusual occupants, upside down city, happy forest, and potential friends. Others note the realm for the white ring in the sky and eternal feeling that one lacks purpose. But hey, look smiley faces! Rated due to possibly disturbing imagery.
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Scarf of Ue'cvis reviews
In the nation of Sharveu there is the city of Ue'cvis, there two siblings bound by an oath instead of blood. One a girl who had a low chance of ever coming into existence, the other a boy who wished to escape his already determined fate. As war looms the two siblings must separate. One facing the challenge head on and the other learning of something far darker. Rated M to be safe.
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