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UPDATE: FRIDAY FEB 07, 2003!!!

YAY!!! UPDATE OF THE NEW YEAR!!! Ermm... no, there's nothing really good to say except DUDE!!! I HAVE A HOMEPAGE NOW!!! *clicks heels together* There's no place like home, la la la XD No I am not getting anywhere with Documentary or Road Trip. Yes my speeling and gramer is getting worser. OH HELL YEAH I WANT YOU TO VISIT MY WEBPAGE!!! Kiriban @ 200, print-screen the counter and send it to me as a .gif, prize is a piccy. PICCY, YAY!!! Or, if you really want, a fanfiction, but I suck at writing, as you can see from the measley examples below. DOWN WITH SHIZUKA!!! UP WITH HONDA!!! HONDA AND SETO FOREVER!!! GO PRINCESS-WARRIOR OTOGI!!! JOUNOUCHI IN PLAID WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! MARRY ME, MICHAEL!!!

Profiles to visit or you die: Starwriter, Silvermoon, Alexi Serenitia (check the spelling for me), Kobura Doragon, Umeko TBE and Pegasus, Moonchild DJ, Elanor Pam, Blue Lagoon Loon, and JenniChan. OR YOU DIE!!!

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last updated . sat 28 dec 2002

- name . catherine l*
- dob . 1602*
- sex . f
- location . ca

- dark chocolate, peanut butter
- hiroto honda
- mango, tamarind, apple, durian
- black
- drawing guns and knifes
- hiroto honda
- turtles and frogs and snakes
- yaoi
- hiroto honda

- yami yugi (of dub and of original second series)
- shizuka jounouchi (both series)
- white chocolate
- udon
- too much candy
- britney spears
- conformists
- haters

supported couples . het
- seto/anzu
- anzu/jou
- anzu/ryou
- seto/isis
- ryou/mai
- honda/shizuka

supported couples . yaoi/yuri
- seto/honda
- honda/jou
- seto/jou
- honda/bakura
- jou/ryou
- ryou/bakura
- honda/otogi
- jou/otogi
- anzu/mai
- anzu/isis
- mai/shizuka

hated couples
- seto/shizuka
- yami/seto
- yugi/seto
- yugi/jou

- a rubber chicken named 'calculator' - deceased
- a messed-up téa
- the cantonese first series yami yugi

yami yugi: zoi gin, sei yun. (good-bye, crazy person.)

Thanksgiving Haiku reviews
A haiku 'honoring' Thanksgiving.
Poetry: Haiku - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 12 - Reviews: 7 - Published: 11/16/2001