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Update 12.10.17: Yea, I'm still kickin', just been a crazy few months. Glad to be back. So far, Dessa Book One is still going through edits, this stage its final edit before being published. I'd like to thank everyone who gave me great feedback; I underwent some very essential revising and would like to extend my appreciation to those who have helped me thus far. I am also working on Book Two, and will update it after my copy editing for Book One is completed. The last two chapters for Dessa are still not uploaded (I did this on purpose) but I will temporarily have them up as well post copy editing. Tanks and Happy Holidays!

Update 1.4.18: Hey guys. I finished with pro-editing the first Book; the final revisions are up now. I will also have the first chapter of book two on here this month, so stay tuned! Also with a little bit of research, I decided against uploading my story on Wattpad; the exposure requirements for that site are a bit much, and they tend to look down on mature content for featured works (for obvious reasons lol) Sorry, can't write PG stuff, just not entertaining enough for me. Perhaps a Tumblr account? We will see

Update 1.14.18: Hey guys. So I have pretty much ventured off to Quotev. I will still be uploading and revising my stories here if time permits, but fictionpress dropped down to second priority for now; there isn't much traffic in this site, which doesn't help me in seeking out feedback for my latest book (it helped me IMMENSELY for my first). Don't worry, I'll pop my head in on occasions as I still get notifications for PMs. Again, I want to extend my deep gratitude for everyone who has helped my writing via reviews. I truly do appreciate it .

Update 2.22.18: Hey boys and girls! I'm officially saying goodbye to fp. I haven' really been too active here and quotev has been very good to my stories in terms of feedback and such, so I don' really see the point in dipping my head in here ever so often. I do appreciate your kind and helpful reviews and do wish all you young novelists to keep writing! Stay creative, and if you want to follow me on quotev, the name is Andrea lombardi. I will leave my stories on here for reference and enjoyment.

Name: D. Lombardi

Location: USA

Sex: (F)

Occupation: Scientist/Medicine

Personality: Geek/Artist

Interests: drawing (I actually drew my profile display pic and the cover book art for Dessa), gaming (Nintendo mostly), writing, playing piano/guitar, and cooking

Talents: digital artist, writer, cook

Specialties: Novels, Comics, Short Stories

Genre: supernatural, fantasy, action, adv, gore, adult

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I do read and review exchanges, and have no bias towards any genre/theme.


If you're wondering what Narus/Kess looks like, he's my display pic for fictionpress! I drew all of my original characters for Dessa, and had Cabil up for a couple months prior. I should be uploading Syreene next. Please don't borrow material from my story. Dessa is my original novel, part one of three books, and I haven't borrowed anything for it, so I would like the same from everyone else. Same thing goes for my images/drawings. If you want to share/upload my chapters in another site, please ask for my permission first. I ultimately want to publish Dessa, and would rather control where my text is. Thank you!
Dessa: The Spirit of Vengeance (Book One) reviews
With a never ceasing battle between the damned and the inhabitants of Khorgathe, young Syreene and her elder sibling Cabil find that living a mellow lifestyle is far beyond their reach. As Syreene train to enlist in Aegelleon, a reputable militia her brother is classed, she encounters an intrusive series of tides washing over her clear path to warriorhood.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 31 - Reviews: 131 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 4/25/2020 - Published: 1/4/2017 - Complete