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Hi, my name is Ryan. I'm not sure exactly how long I've been writing but I started when I was in elementary school (I am currently 30 years old so if any of you want to do the math on that, knock yourself out ;) ). I wrote with a red crayon (red is my fav color :) ) and the teacher (Very supportive. I wish I could remember her name) would put my short stories in the corner of the room so all the other students could read them.

I write mostly crime fiction (my fav genre). I was working on a novel but decided to take a step back and do short stories as recommended when I watch a couple of videos of authors on YouTube and by an indie author, I was lucky enough to meet in person at an OddMall event, Marcus V. Calvert. He wrote the I, Villain trilogy. I am currently on the last book and I love it. If you like superheros, super villains and/or crime thrillers, you'll like it, too.

You'll notice I deleted all of my stories. I'm not quitting, obviously. I love all the feedback, I've been getting. I've been rewriting some of them and am going to re-upload them. I will also be reading other people's work but, I have to be honest, I'm not the best at giving feedback other than saying whether or not I like it. so, I'll work on that, too.

I look forward to reading and writing more stories in the future. I love this web site. ;)

Top 5 Fav Authors:

1) Jeffery Deaver

2) Peter Blauner

3) L.A. Meyer

4) David Baldacci

5) John Grisham

Top 5 Fav Books:

1) Bloody Jack (series) by L.A. Meyer (All time fav series and I haven't even finished it)

2) The Devil's Teardrop by Jeffery Deaver (Was on the edge of my seat the entire time)

3) Man of the Hour by Peter Blauner (Read this after Devil's Teardrop and it was like getting off a great roller coaster then getting on another equally great roller coaster)

4) The Human Disguise by James O'Neal (This book got me out of a big reading slump. I loved it.)

5) Blood Ninja by Nick Lake (Want to read the sequels ;) )

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