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Yes, gentle readers, I'm back. At the very least, I'm going to finish "Digimon; the Next Generation" for two reasons. First, I began working on this story as just another one or two parter, dealing with an older TK and Kari reuniting. It kind of exploded rather quickly into the monstrosity that I know believe it to be. And before anyone thinks that 11-12 chapters isn't bad, think about this. I've calculated that this story will probably be roughly forty to fifty chapters. Minimum, just to cover the main story. Add in several side chapters to delve into TK and Kari's growing relationship, some time spent developing my own characters, and even more chapters fleshing out TK and Ken's pasts, you're talking about a damned long story.
But, it's become my baby. It's going to be slow going, I'm going to admit that right now. It's becoming harder and harder for me to find time to devote to writing this. But, I'm going to do it because it needs to be done.
Secondly, I really want to thank everyone who has reviewed TNG and my other works, and especially for the lack of flames. Your feedback has been especially helpful, and you are the ones who convinced me to keep writing. I want to thank Mina right now, because she's been a great friend, egging me on to write the damned chapters and she's always given me feedback on my work, and some of my plans for the future. Thanks alot, Mina.
Alright, now for the harsh part. If you are reading this, PLEASE GOD, REVIEW MY WORK! I say this every damn time, and I'll probably keep saying it: I'm not doing this for my health. I could quite easily just work these things out in my head and not worry about them. I write these down and post them for the enjoyment of others, as well as the brief boost to my ego that get from reading every new review. So please, review my work. Tell me what you liked. Tell me what you hated. Hell, tell me what you had for lunch today, I just want proof that people are reading this. Review it, email me, IM me, just let me know that I'm not waisting my time.
-Angel of Hope-