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Here are a few things about me:

Age: Somewhere between 1 and 100

Gender: Male. (I feel comfortable giving this one away.)

Home: Texas, USA

I draw a lot of inspiration from Terry Pratchett. If you haven't read his books, do so. I promise that you will enjoy at least some part of it.

If I don't upload on schedule, blame life. ...not that I have a schedule...

I cannot art. Period.

I love feedback, so please review my stories. It won't guarantee the next chapter, but it'll probably increase my motivation.

Since it's been actually forever since I did anything productive with my profile, I'm going to list all of my stories with a more detailed summary, as well as a few author's notes on that story.

FanFiction Stories

A Second Chance-Five Nights at Freddys-Humor/Supernatural

He's had many names throughout his life. Vincent Tollini, The Violet Assassin, The Purple Guy, and, most recently, Springtrap. By all accounts, he should be rotting in hell for what he's done. Murder, massacre, and thievery. In fact, the only reason he hasn't been dropped into the burning pit is because of the mercy of his victims. Now he must atone for his sins, while working as a night guard in the newly revamped Freddy Fazbear's pizza, warding off figures from his criminal past, and worrying about a demonic entity that stalks his dreams.

Author's comments.

My first story here on Fanfiction, and one that I'm quite proud of. Admittedly the earlier chapters are somewhat lackluster, but about two thirds of the way through the story was when I really figured out what I wanted to do. I had the idea for this story waaaay back when FNaF three was released, and I began to wonder how I could make the murderous corpse within the rotten rabbit into a sympathetic and entertaining character. Once FNaF four introduced the nightmare animatronics, and specifically Nightmare, I had found my avenue. I feel accomplished with what I've done.

There's also a sequel on the way, which contains elements I thought of even earlier than FNaF 3. Just... don't get too excited about it. I'm working on other projects right now.

Oh, and keep in mind that this is pre-Sister Location, and will not use the Sister Location canon. At all. It's an AU.

Sometimes Things Happen-Five Nights at Freddy's-Humor/Supernatural

Vincent may be a part of the family now, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get into trouble. And it's not always his fault, honest!

Author's comments.

The oneshot accompaniment to the Ghost Magics series. It currently contains only a few stories, because motivation hides from me, but those current stories contain little hints as to what'll happen in the sequel to A Second Chance.

With Sword in Hand-Pokémon-Friendship/Adventure

Finnegan Ferris has a rather unfortunate life. His right arm has been paralyzed since birth, tragedy seems to follow him like a lost dog, and most of the people he knows just hate him. The worst part, though, is that while his mother is a gym leader and his father is an accomplished breeder, he can't get a single Pokémon to spend more than a few minutes with him. That is, until he finds a Honedge buried in the mud of a rainstorm. As per usual for poor Finnegan, the Honedge's sash inevitably found its way around his arm. Yet that's not the strange part. Somehow he survived, and now he can understand what the Honedge says.

Author's comments.

This story's currently on a little break, because the motivation fairies have abandoned me. I do really like this story, though. I've put quite a lot of thought into all of the characters. If you were to ask which is my favorite, it'd have to be Mono, the ghost gym leader of my imaginary Toreta region. I've probably given him a more in-depth backstory than any other character in the story, excepting Finn. Of course, I haven't written it down, so it's not technically canon.

I originally got the idea for this story when Pokémon X and Y came out. I made it my personal mission to catch a Honedge, and I was not disappointed when it evolved into one of the strongest Pokémon in the game. I knew I wanted to create a character that could actually wield a Honedge as a sword, but without breaking the canon of the soul-stealing sash. Thus, With Sword in Hand was born.

Elemental Turmoil-Spyro The Dragon-Friendship/Adventure

What is the fate of a dragon without an element? To forever be a disappointment to those around them? To forever be a pariah from society because of an accident of birth? Null knows what these feel like. Not only is he lacking an element, but he's weak and fragile. So why is it that he's the one who can destroy the elementals that have been appearing out of nowhere?

Author's comments.

This story will be darker than the other ones currently on my profile. Not to say that some of the things that happen in the Ghost Magics series aren't dark, but this story will be a bit more soul crushing.

I started this story as a tribute to the purple dragon, because honestly Skylanders isn't Spyro. At first I had no idea what I wanted to do, but fortunately the plot bunnies had a stampede through my house, and I came up with this.

Also, yes, Null is based almost entirely upon the dragon I use as my avatar.

Fictionpress stories

On Wings of Trust-Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

Three thousand years ago, the human race discovered dragons. But it wasn't dragons that drew their attention. It was the magic that these dragons could wield. As humans do, they experimented, and eventually their experimentation wiped out the dragons entirely. The experiments that the humans performed upon the dragons led to a fantastic discovery: hybrid creatures that could wield magic. But, again, as humans do, they shunned these hybrid creatures, calling them freaks. But justice comes swift, and karma is a cruel mistress. In retaliation, the hybrids waged war on the humans, causing the weaker, more fragile humans to make an escape into space.

Now, humans are but a myth, and the hybrids are the dominant creatures on the earth. But the hybrids are more like their human creators than they know, and they began to wage war upon each other. Kerren, a dragon who knows every myth about the humans but believes none, is about to be dragged into this war, and there's nothing he can do about it.

Author's Comments.

I'm not sure if my writing this story makes me a furry, but to be honest I don't really care.

This story was born of my dislike of human characters in fantasy settings. Let's be honest, humans are boring. Or at least, when compared to options like eldritch entities and creatures that reincarnate every time they die. That's not to say that human characters can't be interesting or good, but I just like inhuman ones more.

This story is also my first attempt at writing romance, so it will be a bit awkward at points.

Mutantur Corpora-Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Hurt/Comfort/Friendship/Family/Romance/Etc.

A collection of independent stories about transformation into something inhuman. Each story has a focus on body horror, but contains other themes as well.

Author's Comments.

Mutantur Corpora. Latin for changing bodies.

More or less what it says on the tin. It's basically where I'm going to put all my experimental monster transformations. At some point it might be more, but for now that's all it'll be. Rated M, because these stories will contain a ton of gore and disturbing imagery.

I'd like to specifically thank Ferric on for the inspiration for starting this. Transformation and body horror, as well as what the victim thereof does with it, has been something of a guilty pleasure of mine. Stories that turn the main character into a horrific monster, but leave their mind almost intact are some of my favorites to read, but just don't exist in the quality or quantity that I would like.

You can find Ferric's profile Here. Go check them out. Their stories are great and thought provoking, if a bit disturbing at times.

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Mutantur Corpora reviews
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