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「 b i o 」

i'm a pisces and a recluse. but i don't bite. i just prefer my solitude.

my imaginarium is weird.
and my writing style is... unorthodox, to say the least.
i'm a believer in the emphatic power of repetition, alliteration, similes, and metaphors (as well as the cummings-esque beauty of writing in only lowercase, but that actually doesn't bleed into my fiction, just my poetry) to get the story going. many might find that unappealing, especially when my works may come across as "pretentious" or "flowery" or "shallow and pedantic" in a setting meant to be serious and succinct. but that's just me (ツ)
i appreciate those who read more over those who review, but to those who do review, i love, respect, and am eternally grateful for honesty. i don't care how terrible or lovely or "meh" my works are in my own or anyone else's eyes; what i care about are the critiques that show where i can improve. how else will i hone in my skills if i don't know where my faults lie?
i'm highly influenced by manga/anime, probably much more than i ought to be at my age. i love yoshihiro togashi's yu yu hakusho; it's the quintessential shounen series that i hold near and dear to my heart. the storylines are amazing, the character development is well-paced, the humor, the drama, and the action sequences work perfectly in tandem, and the old-school art style is something that you just don't see anymore. i'm also a huge fan of nobuyuki fukumoto's work. gambling apocalypse kaiji, akagi: the genius who descended into darkness, and legend of the outlaw gai are, simply put, badass. fkmt is the god of the seinen genre, so if you're looking for an outlier in a world dominated by unnecessary and overt fanservice, i highly recommend anything by fkmt. you won't be disappointed!

「 w i p 」

lightning flower
this follows the story of a cold, vain girl and how her life changes, for better or for worse, following a freak accident. takes on a tired trope with a bit of a different approach, in my opinion. this is also my first foray into the world of original fiction, so i'll take any criticism i can get lol
"blinded and disfigured after being struck by lightning, keiko kagawa is given a chance to restore her sight. the colors of her rainbow have disappeared, save one—a spectral dust embodying the souls of those unwilling to move on. in a new world where she can no longer see, keiko decides to bring light to those who can no longer be seen."
rating: t
•6.12.18—the black act, prelude, has been submitted.
•6.12.18—the black act, part i, has begun.

the secrets of the black spider, komoyo
an ode to fkmt, the true genius who descended into darkness. the main inspiration for this piece stems from akagi, so if you don't know much about riichi mahjong, the terminology may be confusing.
"a woman recounts the secrets she's amassed as the gamble of her life nears its end."
rating: m
i'd like to make a special mention for this one. although unwritten as of this edit, i do plan on this story touching on highly sensitive themes, such as human trafficking, mentions of (though not explicit) rape, and racism, among other things. the populace is so trigger-happy nowadays that i already fear this will be a controversial piece, whether it's professionally published or published on a free-to-read online forum. i just want everyone to know now that this will be purely fictional and is no way meant to justify any of the matters that, unfortunately, run rampant in this day and age.

a fantasy series involving ojibwe lore that's been brewing in my mind for years. i don't think i'll ever get around to actually writing it because i feel like it would take from a lot of other fantasy series (and i'm no hack), but here's to hoping for inspiration and originality.
"one hundred years have passed since the seven ascendants disappeared into the clouds to live in ishpiming, the world of above. the seven grandfathers of virtue are near death, causing moral and physical chaos in aki, the world of below. while the ascendants are destined to fulfill the roles left behind by the grandfathers and restore peace, the grandson of truth, debweyenim, jeopardizes the sanctity of both worlds when he returns to aki to figure out his own mortal and immortal truths."
rating: ?
an amalgamation of genres, including fantasy, adventure, drama, supernatural, etc.

you've got a riot on your hands
this is a personal response, from me to the nation, of the contemporary tragedies riddling the streets both on and off the reservation. after a local boy went missing on halloween night nearly two years ago, i was inspired to write about the what-ifs regarding his case—and thus, this idea sprang in my head. this is another story i'm not too sure i'll ever get a chance to finish (and honestly, i have no idea where the plot's going as of this edit), but hey, a girl can dream.
"i was too young to understand prejudice. and i was too young to understand the monster in the mirror. but in the end, none of it mattered. i'd do anything to see ambrose one more time, even if it meant in the imaginarium of strawberry acres. even if it meant finding him. even if it meant losing him."
rating: t? m? meh.
humor/drama/mystery/tragedy, probably with elements of other genres because i can't just settle on two, ever (ಥ_ಥ)

Lightning Flower
Blinded and disfigured after being struck by lightning, Keiko Kagawa is given a chance to restore her sight. The colors of her rainbow have disappeared, save one—a spectral blue dust embodying the souls of those unwilling to move on. In a new world where she can no longer see, she decides to bring light to those who can no longer be seen.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Drama/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,218 - Published: 6/12