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Call me Jarvis.

I'm a teenage girl and a wannabe writer. Right now I'm bouncing between stories and ideas trying to find my voice. I love Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, and pretty much everything YA fiction. Right now the story I'm really working on is Endark, and Academy of America on the side. If you liked the Three Heralds I'm sorry.

A bit about me:

Gender: Female

Where I live: Utah

City: Not tellin'

Street: 2350 N. Getoutofhere

My favorite books are Michael Vey, Ender's game, Ranger's Apprentice, Thirteenth Reality, Divergent, Maze Runner, Leven Thumps, Hunger Games etc. All young adult fiction, look them up online to see if you might like any of them, they're all popular enough to be at any local library. Seriously. Do it.

My favorite band is either Piano Guys or Lindsey Stirling, but just in case they don't technically count as bands, Imagine Dragons.

I'm the second of five siblings, and if you like pokemon and fanfiction you can check out my brother's stuff (user: PatrioticSwellow) on the fanfiction site.

I love reading, writing, the outdoors, debating (especially with my brother) and learning new stuff. I also love editing and analyzing other people's stuff, so if you want constructive criticism for your story PM me (AFTER YOU CHECK MY BETA PROFILE TO SEE WHAT I DON'T WANT TO SEE.)

Happy writing!



Dear precious readers,

I regret to inform you that I will not be posting any more work on fictionpress. I started being concerned about the safety of my writing. I'm not the best writer right now but the ideas I post here are ideas I want to get published one day, especially with my newest story, Endark. This site was fantastic when I was just posting experiments in hope it would go somewhere, but that was when I wasn't even thinking about getting published. I've appreciated all of your critical reviews and encouraging words. I will continue to read and review your stories.

HOWEVER, if you happened to be the kind of person to always finish what they start especially when it comes to literature, I do have a bit of hope left for you. If I ever get any of these stories published I will post a new chapter on it to alert you. So consider anything you read here a sample. But until then, at least you won't be getting any more pesky emails from Fictionpress JayJarvis (speaking to all you followers). ;)

Hope to be sending you another "chapter" in a year or so,


P.S. I still accept beta reads and review requests

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Endark reviews
Arena Endark lives in an forgotten mansion that has become only a legend, to all except the few hundred people who live there of course. She is named for her craft, combat. She is getting older, and her father wants all of his children to start completing official assignments to help his goal: to come out of hiding and return to the power and prestige of their ancestors. R/R
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Years after losing his grandparents, Rook Emton lives lives with Laura Merrick and her five other children. When financial problems start to hit the Merricks, Rook decides to return the favor for taking him in. But as he enters the world of miliatary and politics, he discovers financial problems aren't the only threat worth fighting. (Written in fake time period with mid-evil tech)
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Reagan always considered herself unusual, analytical and clever, but can she survive one of the most prestigious boarding schools in America? Will try to update regularly. Review mine and I'll review yours.
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