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Hello there, here I will be posting the stories that I have already finished here. My other account is Doctor Demon Yaoi Sama but I haven't been able to finish any stories due to writers block. Which is why, stories that I have written down that are already finished will be put here. It will take a while since its a lot of typing but I hope you will come to read them once in a while. That is all.

Thank you~

Hello! I am the leader of a comic project. The name of our project is Leslie's Book of Monsters. If you would like to help, pm me here or message me on my Googleplus under Franklin "burn it all" Bonnefoy for more information. I will be posting our written chapters here and it has been posted on Wordpress by one of the artists. Thank you and enjoy.

Ok, here is the true intro

Hi! I am Mizz, also known as Ant, and I am the leader and partial creator of Wild Creations Studios. We have four bases, here, WordPress, googleplus/hangouts, and Webtoons where you can read our current story, Leslie's Book of Monsters. LBM was what got our studio started. I say I'm the partial creator because LBM may have been my idea and getting people together at first was also me, all of us together was what created WCS. We are a family or writers and artists who all contribute hense why some chapters on Webtoons will look different. Its too stressful to have one artist work on everything by herself, especially when LBM is meant to be a big project. That and I can't draw to save my life. There is planned sequel on the horizon so stay tuned for that.

Another thing that I would like to address is that Leslie isn't going to be our only story! I can't exactly tell you when the new comics will be up and the written portions will be posted slower than a sloth ordering a cup of coffee, but do know that we will be working and are always looking for DEDICATED members. Feel free to pm me or message me, Nikita, or Macaroni (Illegal) on Googleplus for more information. Below are the upcoming stories:

Joe Spaceman - This story is based off of the homeless man that Leslie mentions in LBM. It will follow Joe Graham, an astronaut who protects us in outer space while Leslie protects us down here on Earth

Anastasia and Fink - Fink is a villain that has successfully taken over the world and enjoys every bit of it. Unfortunately he is disorganized, a bit scatterbrained, and is always missing out on meetings. Don't get him wrong, he had secretaries. He just doesn't think he needs them and its because of this that many believe that he's behind the untimely demise of his 99 secretaries. Enter Anastasia. A girl who is known for being very good at her job. She is good at organizing, cooking, protecting her boss, and is pretty much the perfect robot even though she isn't one. Her fighting skills are among the best and she is quite smart. Her current boss, a retired villain named Doctor Faux, tells Anastasia that he is dying and that she is free to find a new boss or do with her life as She chooses. She finds this to be very inconvenient but does as she's told, soon finding herself at a secretary convention. She spots a booth where a scientist named Troy looks ready to off himself. She doesn't seem to care and tells him that she's looking for a new job. He instinctively points her in a different direction after telling her that her employer would be Fink. She has no idea who he is nor does she care. She wants the job. She gets it. The whole time she works for Fink, he insists that she has to wear a skimpy maid's uniform at all times, not for sexual reasons but because he knows it bothers her. He puts her and himself in countless situations in an attempt to kill her, make her quit, or lose her. He keeps failing but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Under The Sea - It won't have any dialogue and would just follow a girl who finds herself at the bottom of the sea. Marisol is a 13 year old girl who, after the destruction of the ship She and her mother were immigrating on, wakes up at the bottom of the sea. For some reason she can breathe and is able to move a little more fluidly as she would if she were on land. She wonders the world's oceans at different points in time coming across real and fictional creatures who either pay her no mind, become her friend, bully her, or even try to eat her. She'll occasionally have a creature or two keeping her company but life does happen, some die, some migrate, some get caught by fishing boats, they get lost, or they just go to start a family. What will become of her in the end?

Lost Marbles - After falling down a rabbit hole, a young girl, expecting to find herself in the fictional world of wonderland, instead finds herself in the middle of a war of two kingdoms. And when I say middle I mean she literally lands in the center of the battlefield. How will she survive? How will she get back home? Can she even go back home?

Technicolor - Olive and her twin are old fashioned in a technical world, literally. Everyone is a different type of robot. Our twins are old designs but don't want updates. When there's a change in code and old designs are to be terminated Olive and Caleb have to run, hide, and fight their way through a new horrifying, high-tech society while discovering scandalous secrets along the way. Will they survive? Can they?

Living in Reverse with Alex and Sam: The story would focus on a couple, a man and a woman, with switched personalities. Like the guy is hella feminine and is an extreme housewife stereotype while the woman is hella masculine and has the stereotypes of a guy, loves to drink, loves sports, and has a slight beer belly from sitting on the couch after work to laze around drinking and watching sports.

It would follow them and their relationship with funny stuff. Like there would be a scene where the guy goes to the bar to get his wife after receiving a drunken message. (He is always wearing a frilly apron with a different saying on it everyday.) He goes to the bar and convinces her to leave before she gets into a bar fight. The guy she was about to fight says something negative about the husbands apron. They stop and the whole bar goes silent. The woman goes. "Oooooh babe, he sassed the apron." the man takes off said apron, ready to fight.

"Sweety can you you hold this?"

"Don't worry babe, I got your apron."

"What did you say about my apron? I'll have you know that my beautiful hard working wife bought me this apron."

"Yeah babe! Kick his ass!"

Of course the audience isn't going to believe that the housewife husband can fight, but he can. And he's a fucking SAVAGE. His backstory if that he grew up in a home of seven boys and one sister, all raised by their dad. They were trained in martial arts to protect their little sister while also learning things like cooking, sewing, gardening, things that would be seen as a stereotype for women though it was just so she could learn to live on her own. Unfortunately she does not know how to do any of that. All he does is punch the guy in the face with a quick punch, take out his legs, then kick him. He then goes to his wife all serious then starts whimpering like a puppy. "Honey my poor hand! It hurts! I can't bake for the contest with a hurt hand QQ" and they go home.

The wife's backstory is that she grew up in a 11 girl home with two non-violent dads. All of the girls were violent from the day they were born. There can even be home videos of them fighting; The girls fighting each other, the family having to constantly move due to property damage and arson to their school and neighborhood each time.

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Under The Sea
After the destruction of the ship she was in, 13 year old Marisol finds herself at the bottom of the sea alone and curious of the world around her. What better thing to do than to explore?
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 541 - Published: 7/23
Leslie's Book of Monsters
Mel is a not really "normal" kid who just wants to get through high school and life then be done with it. Then one night while trick or treating with her siblings, she is suddenly transported to a world of monsters and quickly finds her way back out. She had been sucked into a book held by a strange guy who mistook her for a zombie. Hijinks ensue!
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 31,752 - Updated: 7/7 - Published: 10/27/2017
Ballad of the Guardian
Takes place 200 years in the future. Leslie reflects. One swear word I think
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 828 - Published: 3/15 - Complete