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1/06/03: UPDATE

Hey minna-san, =) I don't know if any of you still check here, but I'm still moving, but to a different name. You can find me at eechan, soon, I'm making the transition right now.

For those of you wondering: "WTF!?! Where did you take the fics?!" Well, ur, I took them down. "TLGO" is going to be the first thing I upload on Eechan, also note that there will be some changes made, ^_^; I'll be sure to note what's new in beginning of the prologue / default first chapter.

Also, to anyone who reviewed the fics that I've written and posted, thank you guys so much, you're the reasons that I decided to bother with a new account, ^^; After a really, incredibly long writers block (which "coincidentally" just started once college began for me) I can really say that I'm back. ^_^ Uh, enough sentimental stuff, see you on the "other side"! =D THANKS FOR REVIEWING!!!


Removing fics, they can be found on my new pen name, unless being revised, re-written, or deleted...

Gundam Wing:

"The Newcomers" ~ Check it out while you can, being removed and won't be reposted for a while. Being re-written! ^_^ Rated for strong language and angst

"Up With the Dawn" ~ Going down down down...

"Adventures in Babysitting" ~ Only one chapter to go, removing as well, look for it before the end of this month on "eechan" ^^;

Magic Knight Rayearth:

"The Legend Goes On" ~ Removed, find it at "eechan" now, revised and soon to be updated (I swear it this time!!!)

"Magic Knight Bloopers" ~ Being removed, might be reposted, not certain, due to new rules about bloopers and lists