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Febuary 12, 2003

What's Going On:

This Friday (Valentine's Day) there's another school dance!! Yay!! My friends and I can't wait to go! To top it off, before then Rayel, Emmy, Sarah and I are having a Fruits Basket Marathon! We're going to watch the twelve episodes, eat lots of fruit candy and cook riceballs! Then, we go to the dance, party-hardy, go home, party-hardy some more, and then pass out. Next day Rayel and I have to go to hers and Robbie's birthday party. I'm gonna be wicked busy...


As of January 14, 2003 there will be a Digimon Couples Fanfiction and FanArt Contest. Contest entries will close on Febuary 14, 2003 and Winners announced March 14, 2003. For details please go here:


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Digimon Fan Fiction http:///group/Digimon_Fan_Fiction/ Gundam Wing For the Soul http:///group/GWFS/

Current Fics:

Defying Destiny

Home Away From Home

Baby Bumble-Bee

Lightina Anime!

CIAKI Anonymous

Fics On Hold:

Heero's Depression

Heero and Relena's Supposed Wedding

No Need For Promises

Duo's Diary

Lilly Fannell

As for the other unmentioned fics, they will be coming back soon. It's just a matter of cleaning the virus on the disk they're on (damn computer...).



Defying Destiny -- 2/10/03 (2 new chapters!)

Home Away From Home -- 2/10/03 (NEW!)

Gundam Wing:

Baby Bumble-Bee -- 2/9/03 (NEW and COMPLETE!)

Coming Attractions:

Gundam Wing, I'm coming back to ya baby!

Expect to see a few strange pairings in my up coming fic Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. I originally was going to enter this in a contest but didn't finish it in time ~_~. Oh well. I've got a parenthood fic coming up to! The main one will be pretty long, the main plotline having the divorced Heero and Relena's daughter, Biz, go in search of becoming a part of her mother's life again. On the way she visits with various "family" members and finds out just how much Relena did love her and why perhaps the parents split up. However, I'm going to have a prequel fic to it (it'll humor one instead of drama) when certain parents are pregnant and shopping for little baby cloths, lots of mood swings...Ah it'll be fun to write. I was going to call it The Parenthood Trilogy, but you kinda need three books for that...*Shrugs*

You'll most likely be seeing A Pirate's Life for Me! sooner then the fics mentioned above however. This will be an AU that takes place sometime in the 1700's- 1800's (haven't decided yet) centering around Quatre learning the ways of pirateing from four other certain boys. The whole story is laid out, it's just a matter of writing it :-p.

I have one other Gundam Wing fic in the works. It's an original character fic, BUT there's no romance between her and the other pilots!! It's about a girl named Lydia who is ordered to be a back up pilot for the G-boys and her trials with them and then her leaving them and coming back. It's a mix between a humor and a drama fic. It'll be fun, I have some ideas for it ^_~.

Two more ideas for Gundam Wing and then I'm done. One is another AU about the guys being princes of different places, and Relena being a fallen princess who is sought after by the Prince Duo, but protected by Quatre and Heero's realm. This idea came from reading The Seer and the Sword. If you ever get a chance to read that book, read it!! It is one of my all time favorite!! The other idea is a crossover between Gundam Wing and Metal Gear Solid. How that will come into play I have no clue. It may be a loooooooong time before we see that.

As most know I have more Digimon fic ideas then I can write :-p. I have three song fics in the works, a Harry Potter Fusion fic idea (that'll be fun to write), an angsty/drama T.K. fic (Finding Hope), a fic centering around someone's birthday (Birthday Bash), a possible Valentine's Day fic...and lots of others!

Worry Section:

Falling behind in school work ~_~.