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Check it out, everyone. I UPDATED MY BIO! Well, what can I say about myself? ...I'm insane. Seriously. Crazy. Don't believe me? Read my fanfics. Most are about the X-Men, but they're nuts. Completely bonkers. I mean, Spiderman makes random appearances in some, crazy Mexican bands show up spontaneously in others, and Cyclops always ends up doing extremely stupid, embarassing nonsensical stuff. Oh and let's not forget, the main character in most of my X-Men fics is a monkey named Eugene. 0_o

Speaking of Eugene, he happens to kick royal ass. So if you're gonna flame my fics: you can diss me, you can diss my writing, you can even throw in some creative yo mama jokes, but NEVER, EVER, diss the monkey!

...Thank you for your time. :-)