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Twenty-Four - Born July 22, 1992 Proud Mama Of Two Aspiring Writer Shaman Horror Addict Music Junkie

My name is Nerissa, and I go by a penname of Sinbulvinter which is based on the norse mythology of Finbulvinter; which marks the prelude to Ragnarok. I am a huge fan of different cultures mythologies, especially Norse, Native American, Mayan, and Egpytian. And I'm a lover of the occult, supernatural, and mystical. This is what lead me on my path as a Shaman, and also what sparks my interest in the horror genre.

I am Twenty Four, Cancer/Leo cusp Zodiac, and Stay-at-Home Mother of two. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful two year old named Sabrina, and second little one on the way. =)

I have been a writer off and on for over ten years, and started when I was very young and (like most of us) was horrible at it. I've been working on my writing skills and perfecting and improving my work the best I can. Trying to get involved in an active writer community that can help me grow as a novelist, meet new people, and maybe find an editor.

My novels are usually dark themed, Psychological horror/Thrillers and have a lot of Mature Content that can disturb some readers. Writing as been an outlet, release, and escape for me for years, and helped me through a lot of crap. I like putting pieces of myself into the characters and stories, expressing parts of myself and life in mephtors and shock value. I like touching the more "taboo" topics, and going where most writers won't. Nothing is off limits for me.



A Multi Volume fictional series that follows the lives and mindsets of Serial Killers, and the chaos of when they cross paths. This series has at least three Volumes planned out with the first currently being written. The entire series follows the same handful of people, and characters come and go per Volume. The events and characters are completely fictional, but based on/inspired by actual serial killers, movie/book/TV characters, and pieces of myself. It is a very graphic series, and doesn't hold back. It's designed for shock value and to disturb and upset the reader, while getting them to look within themselves as well.

Warnings contains but is not limited to (Spread over volumes); Graphic scenes of Murder, Violence, and Death. Often mentions of Child abuse, Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, drug use, prostutions, and mental disorders. Contains several scenes, differing in descriptions and intensity, of self multilation, suicidal idealation and attempts, and actual character suicide. It also contains sexual content, differing in descriptions, including consentual between Female/Male relationships, Male/Male Relationships, and Female/Female relationships, attempted rape/molestation/sexual abuse/rape between Male/Female and Male/Male characters. There are also Major and Minor Character Deaths. I do not hold back. A lot of the content is upsetting, and may be too much for some readers to handle.

  1. Tasteless, Vol 1:

Follows two serial killers who cross paths and change each other for the better and the worse. Frey, a homeless troubled man with depersonalization disorder and trauma induced amnesia, who was raised as a serial killer by a serial killer and holds no remorse or care for the lives he takes, completely devaluing human life and even his own. Rema, a former battered wife turned serial killer who suffers from PTSD and Paranoia that drives her to kill due to loss of control. She, however, hates what she's become and feels ashamed of her sins, feeling as though she became one of the monsters she was trying to kill.

When the two cross paths during difficult times, and end up realizing they have a lot more in common than they first thought; Rema attempts to use this as a way to help Frey and herself stop killing and live a normal life like she's always wanted, while Frey begins dragging her down the rabbit hole he's fallen into. Faces from their pasts threaten them, Friends betray, and a lot is lost, yet the two still try to fight there way through it.

2. Tasteless, Vol. 2:

A short, multi chapter prequal to Volume One, telling the tales of Frey and Rema before the events leading up to the first book, including their first kills, the people they used to be, and how they changed into their current state.

3. Tasteless, Vol. 3:

Takes place after Volume One. More infromation will be added once Volume one has been completed and posted, to avoid spoilers.

4. Tasteless, Vol. 4:

Takes place after Volume Three. More infromation will be added once Volumes one and Three have been completed and posted, to avoid spoilers.

Tasteless reviews
Tasteless is a fictional psychological thriller/psychological horror series that revolves around serial killers and their mindsets and paths of life. The book follows around Rema, a former battered wife turned killer who regrets her actions, and Frey, a homeless man who was raised by a killer and lacks emotions and morals. (Has been rewritten and now will be updated much more!)
Fiction: Thriller - Rated: T - English - Angst/Horror - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,133 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 8/8/2017 - Published: 4/5/2017