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RK site: Collection of fanfictions featuring a kickass Kaoru

Fanart site: My doodles and fanart

HYD site: Find translations to Meteor Garden (the drama) here

Hey HYD fans, dementedchris and I co-authored a fic! Go read it here:

To RK fans: My Best Friend's Wedding and Testing Fate are temporarily dead. Perhaps I will reconsider continuing them in the future, when the purpose of writing them is for my fulfillment and not for the reviews received...Don't get me wrong, getting comments and reviews are always refreshing and awesome, but I have gotten to a point where continuing those fics bring me no enjoyment, and I was only doing it for the mere sake of reviews. My apologies to readers who wish to see those fics completed -_-

And also, my interest seemed to have switched from Rurouni Kenshin to Hana Yori Dango, so I will be concentrating most of my energy on finish Toukon 4 instead ^_^