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I am developing my very first original story!

The main story 'Cornelis' takes place in Roman Gaul under the Pax Romana, in 3 A.D, under the late rule of Emperor Augustus.

Though my setting is historical, I believe the main focus of the story is on friendship and romance.

'Mesmer' which is the second story I have online, actually starts 5 years earlier and is the prologue that describes how two of my characters became friends. I intend to intertwine both stories eventually, but I want to get them written first.

I have been writing about my main characters for years, mainly in Asterix fanfiction. Which has been published on

But in an Original Story, where the entire world and ALL characters need to be introduced, I took a leap into their past. I have also forwarded the entire story in time, because the Pax Romana was something I needed. And I needed it to be less new than in the Asterix comics.

I am especially curious about how the characterization and the historical elements come across. Also, I should point out that I am not a native English speaker (Dutch is my native tongue). Weird expressions will occur. Please tell me when they do!

As for me: I am 31 years old and I have devoured stories for as long as I can remember. I have fanficced stories, playing them out with my childhood friends and on my own before the internet was even common.

I have always enjoyed writing, though mainly because it gives me a chance to share the stories in my head. It frustrates me that it is a slow, time-consuming process when the stories develop so quickly in my mind, and it has often held me back from writing full length stories.

Today I think I have a universe that will keep me captivated for years to come, and so I want to give writing it out a try!

P.S. I adore writing and reading dialogue, and I have a hard time pausing down for descriptions. So if you find yourself having the opposite problem, I would love to hear from you!

Actually, I'd love to hear from you in general!

You can find me on twitter:

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