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Hallo all.

Even though I am rather new here at "FictionPress." I am a pretty old user at "Fanfiction.Net." where I go under the pen name. "Moonbird."

Though that name was already taken here, I had to go for a slightly different option :)

I may apologies and explain at once, many if not to say all of my stories have spelling and at least some grammar mistakes in them.

It's because English is not my native languages, and still I am stupid enough to try and write in English, I am from Denmark and speak Danish.

I am honestly trying to improve myself constantly and I am only to greateful when people point out the obvious mistakes to me, believe it or not, somebody had to point the difference between "Suddenly" and "Certainly" out to me, and I will be forever grateful because it means that I am never ever going to make that mistake again! so I am just so grateful towards that person!

When people offer themselves as Beta readers or ask if they can fix an already posted story, I usually accept, but I can't get myself to actually ask people...

I am a nerd and fan of only to much stuff, I love discovering new stuff and really just tug into it, and am not just excluded to one franchise only.

Regarding reviews.

All right, as you can see my user here at fanfiction net is starting to be kind of old. And I have to admit, I have been a bit of a sinner. In the past, I never commented on any story, only those extremely few that I just really really really liked. If I only really liked it, I wouldn't review :/

But that is until now where I realised what a great impact comments actually have on the author and the story, reviews means a lot! And now I write them to any story that have managed to keep my interest all the way through to the last chapter, it equals that it must have been good. And then it's important to give moral support to the author, this is the only kind of reward they will ever receive; people actually reading the story and reviewing it. And it's hard to tell how much of an impact these reviews actually have, let me tell you, it's a lot more than you as a reader would think. The long story I wrote on "" "Second chance a new choice." I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't have written more than three chapters of it and then never finished it, had it not been for the reviews. The reviews made me want to write more and put more effort into it, which ended up learning me one or two things about writing and made me a better writer, simply because I didn't stop the story, and I didn't stop because I got reviews. And I probably wouldn't have had to courage, much less the skill, to write the way I do today, if it wasn't for that.

So a big, from the buttom of my heart, A thank you to all for caring.

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