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Author has written 2 stories for Haiku, and Song.

About the user:

Gothic Manga is one of the indie literature-based writers on FictionPress. She also has a FanFiction account by the user name Kahli Godzilla.

Narratives/Stories (Fictions):

Rekinjutsu is a Humor/Sci-Fi Fable under development. The story will be divided into a Trilogy (or Duology in some countries).

Kunoichis' Ninjutsu is a Humor/Fantasy Manga under development. The story will be divided into a Tetralogy.

Elements of Chaos is a Humor/Sci-Fi Mythology under development. The story will be divided into a Pentalogy.


8 Haiku of Saizo is a Haiku poem about Saizo telling 8 myths to Sasuke.

9 Songs of Scitalis, Seps, Hydrus, and Wyvern is a Song poem about the four dragons telling 9 different myths and legends to each other.

Characters confirmed in Renkinjutsu:

Azoulay "Driss" and Dandan

Burhagohain "Poulomi Ganguli" and Naga Seri Gumum


Do "Kyung" and Mangnyang

Iguchi "Midori" and Kamaitachi

Khouw "Shujiao" and Feilong

Morokuzu "Setsuko-hime" and Jiraiya the Ninja

Morokuzu "Umanosuke-koshaku" and Tsunade the Kunoichi

Naseri "Shanzay" and Zahhak


Characters confirmed in Kunoichis' Ninjutsu:

Eguchi "Naoko" and Nekomata

Hirayanagi "Fuminori" and Ushi-oni

Koda "Ikumi"

Koda "Mizuko" and Furaribi

Morikubo "Jitsuko" and Inugami

Morikubo "Rikako"

Morokuzu "Sakie-Kogo" and Ogata Shuma Hiroyuki the Ninja

Morokuzu "Yoshinori-Osho" and Tsunade the Kunoichi

Otomo "Suketoshi"

Otomo-Sensei "Tomomi" and Nure-onna

Shigemitsu "Akira" and Yuki-onna

Shigemitsu "Hokuto"


Characters confirmed in Elements of Chaos:

Aavik "Vilma"

Ballesta "Guadalupe"

Baronetess Crampton "Sunngifu"

Duke Droz "Dominique"

Kitagawa "Sakura"


Möller "Astrid"


Sandoz "Fabrizio"

Sharma "Mallika"


  • When there is an untitled work being developed, it is referred to as "Project Narrative."
  • Most of the characters and creatures in "8 Haiku of Saizo" are from Japanese mythology and folklore while the Spriggan is from English folklore, Reynard the Fox, Isengrim the Wolf, Tibert the Cat, and King Noble the Lion are from French mythology, Rübezahl is from German folklore, Coca is from Spanish mythology, Longana is from Italian mythology, Kratt is from Estonian mythology, Pakhangba is from Manipur mythology, and Badroulbadour is from Arabian mythology.
  • The 7th Haiku in "8 Haiku of Saizo" is written in the style of Tanka.
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    9 Songs of Scitalis, Seps, Hydrus, and Wyvern
    A poem about Scitalis, Seps, Hydrus, and Wyvern each taking turns telling their myths and legends.
    Poetry: Song - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 736 - Published: 8/9 - Complete
    8 Haiku of Saizo
    A poem about a Kunoichi named Saizo who tells the 8 myths to her formal rival, Sasuke.
    Poetry: Haiku - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 9 - Words: 918 - Updated: 8/8 - Published: 8/7 - Complete