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"I am a reader not because I don't have a life but because I choose to have many"

Hello there! (I seriously doubt if anyone will bother to read this)

I am a book obsessed girl from India and cannot imagine life without reading. Though you can never point a book and say its better than the other, my personal favourite is Harry Potter. I hate those people who say they don't like harry potter when they haven't even read the books! seriously they should read first and then make a judgement. It can at least be a little tolerable; and for those who still not like it-bang their heads against the table. (just kidding ;) as long as you like books- no problem)

If you read my favourites list, you will probably find many wonderful stories favourite hp pairing is Dramione(who doesn't like it?) other pairings I like are Ginny/Blaise and Ron/Pancy (yes I know weird. but they
sometimes make such a sweet couple) Harry/Ginny are also not too bad.

One of my favourite quote “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”― Oscar Wilde

Books give you an escape from reality. It is very difficult not to be addicted from it. I like harry potter (apart from the wonderful story) because it gives you a way out of your life, to forget your worries and tensions from the real world and experience another life. Unfortunately we have to come out of it (which I have still not managed) into the real world. ah! truth is bitter. I am still young but think that life is a bit too harsh. fanfiction gives me an escape from it and perhaps that's a reason I have become so addicted to it.

I am not very social but cheerful and love to make people laugh .I am very creative and good in arts. AND If you want to know something very important about me its that 'I absolutely HATE maths'. For writing fanfictions lets see...well English is actually not my language and my vocabulary is not good at all (above is the proof). still sometimes I get ideas and wonder if I will ever be able to write a fanfiction. so I am currently working on a story but don't think it will be there anytime sooner than five years; no make that 15. so bye bye!