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HELLO! As you can see, my name is Psychotic Bella, but you can call me Weirdo or PB (Psychotic Bella; FanFiction).

You will like my stories/poems for the following reasons:

I use proper grammar and punctuation. I write in my free time. My ideas are new and exciting!

I am going to show you one of my poems, so please don't steal it!

Sweet is sour, spice is nice
I was only told this twice
Ice is hot while fire is cold
Although they are both very bold

My mouth is dry and my hands are wet
I think this is because we've met

Why do I feel this way?
No one knows,
But I think that I have a right to be told!

Guys, I'm telling you, never be afraid to be yourself. If anyone messes with you, stand up! Because I know what it feels like to be bullied, I know more pain than anyone my age should experience... In fact, I am dealing with a rough situation right now. BUT PLEASE, don't be the victim! I love you guys, as do many others! So, there is no need to feel alone, because for every bad person out there, there is a good one.

P.S. If anyone wants to talk about random stuff or things relating to what I was talking about up there, just PM me whenever!

Hobbies: singing, doodling, writing, watching anime, reading, taking photos, playing with my animals, sleeping, listening to music, riding ATVs, and hanging out with my father.

Dreams: to be a photographer and get paid for writing a column in the newspaper, or be a teacher. Either way, I would be happy. I also dream about having a romance after I get through school and having a family far in the future. I want to adopt a child, because it would feel like I'm giving back to the world.

Favorite Color(s): White (because it symbolizes pure essence), black (because it symbolizes darkness and chaos), and gray (because it symbolizes something in between).

Favorite Band(s): Volbeat, Rush, Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, AC/DC, and any Nightcore song.

Favorite Movie(s): Hacksaw Ridge, Shawshank Redemption, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Snowpiercer.

Favorite Animal(s): Don't have any, I love all of God's creatures... except mosquitos...

Favorite Food(s): peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies, apples, seedless oranges, and house salads with Italian dressing.

Favorite Drink(s): Root beer, apple juice, and chocolate milk. Plus water.

Favorite Book(s): ALL OF THEM, BITCHEZ! (But I love Milkweed)

I am a natural tomboy, but I don't mind girly stuff, just choose to stay away from it.

We all have that one person in life who keeps us going, who we fight for. And although it is pitiful, if the actions that I have been through didn't happen, then I wouldn't be ready for the world. I wouldn't have shaped into the person I am. The person who's always there, even if no one notices. The person who, when someone talks to me, is passionate, understanding, kind and rude. The person who speaks from experience and whose advice comes naturally for all, even those who don't want it.

Yes, I am broken, but I hide it and put on a smile for everyone else's sake. I don't know who I am, that much, but I learn a little bit everyday. And, although I am still young, I am mature and understand a lot more than people think I do.

Truth is, I'm just a weird person, with a weird appearance and personality. So, I ask you, do you know who you are inside (it sounds cheesy only because it's a good question)? Also, I forgive anyone who has ever picked on me, made mean comments or jokes about me, or just dislike me for no reason, because it's the right thing to do.

Again, if you want to talk to me, just PM me anytime. I love you guys, and every one of your nice comments make me happy.


Weirdo Out*


Sayings That I Made Up And Should Be On Signs:

'When life gives you clothes, you work, sweat, get them covered in dirt and grime, throw them in the wash and then do it all over again.'

'Yeah, my dad likes to go fishing with my stalkers/people who I don't like. Sometimes they get out of the boat and swim, but they never come back.'

'Everyone's always said to live life to the fullest, so how come I can't have desert?'

'When life gives you band, you throw it back at them with a SQUEAK!'

'Depressed and lonely, but not forgotten, because the day ends knowing you are sad, and the night begins to try and comfort you. It works, you fall in a deep slumber filled with hope. Depressed and lonely, but not forgotten.'

'If you never see the bad in anything, how can you ever see the good?'


1) I get startled easily.
2) I hate most people.
3) I am very weird.
4) I really love cheese.
5) I am bored now.
6) These are four words.

Uh... I joined FanFiction! I am Psychotic Bella on there, so check me out if you want!

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