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My Name: Freedom of splash

Gender: -

Age: - In teens-

Religion: Muslim. (Do not have a biased judgment about me and my religion).

My personality: Nothing Much to tell, An introvert and have trust issues and practically a Neet. Which means I am influenced by Anime, That does not mean I am Intelligent, or good looking.

Education: High-schooler (last year).


  1. You are welcome to Private Message me!
  2. You are welcome to criticise my Work.
  3. I am blunt. I do care about things said about me so keep the backbiting to the minimum.
  4. Referring to above statement 3, I said about me only not my work so according to that ruling you can follow statement 2.
  5. My work should not be copied anyhow If you want to refer to my work Ask me First.
  6. I am not strict so you can be friends with me if you want to!
  7. I do not like mature content (Morally) So I will not write to that extent. (Personally, I think we should stay away from such garbage).
  8. Referring to statement 7, I will write something Romantic, but that clearly does not mean it would not contain slight mature content like you Know language, etcetera.
  9. Do comment and favourite the Work if you like it. Do comment if you do not like it (even if it is not critiqued response).
  10. Please do not comment anything against my religion or judge me because of it. (Ask me if you have any Question about it. I will answer you)

"Everyone Asalam-o-Alikum! Despite whatever religion you belong too, In the end, our creator is the same. It Doesn't Matter if you Believe in Him or not. We all are brothers and sisters. If not then just as human beings".


Note: Taken down for a while, but will be up soon, as it is complete

Relationship status:

  1. Khadijah and Ahmed: Husband and first wife. {Parents to zariyan, zira, and Naiya.}
  2. Rubia and Ahmed: Husband and second wife. {Parents to Rayan, zyena, Zakariya, Alina}
  3. Sapphire and zariyan: divorced.{Parents to Zariya}
  4. Zariyan and Naureen: married
  5. Sapphire and Rayan: divorced. {Parents to Hadi and Hani.}
  6. Ali and Yasmine: married


  1. Zariyan and his twin Zira, and Sapphire: 18 years old.
  2. Rayan and His twin Zyena: 17 years Old.
  3. Zariya: conceived after 3 months of the marriage born 9 months later.
  4. Naureen: Not in the story yet.
  5. Mr.Ramirez: 40 yrs old.
  6. Khadija: 39 yrs Old.
  7. Rubia: 38 Yrs Old.
  8. Zakariya and His twin Alina: 14 Yrs Old.
  9. Naiya (Eldest daughter): 20 Yrs Old.

AT THE TIME OF ZARIYAN AND SAPPHIRE DIVORCE ( 3 YEARS LATER)/ 4 months and 10 days later Iddat ( waiting period) of Sapphire. ( TIME OF RAYAN'S MARRIAGE WITH SAPPHIRE).

  1. Zariyan and Sapphire: 21 Yrs old.
  2. Rayan:20 Yrs old.
  3. Naureen (Zariyan's second wife): 20 Yrs Old.
  4. Zariya: 3 Yrs Old (I do not care if age does not match up).

Calculate rest of the characters Age by yourself.


  1. Zariyan: 23 Yrs Old
  2. Sapphire:23 Yrs Old
  3. Rayan:22 Yrs Old
  4. Naureen: 22 Yrs Old
  5. Zariya: 5 yrs Old
  6. Hadi and Hani ( Rayan's offspring): Sapphire 1st months Pregnant with them.
  7. Zakariya and Alina: 19


  1. Sapphire: 28 Yrs Old
  2. Zariyan: 28 Yrs Old
  3. Rayan: 27 Yrs Old
  4. Zariya: 10 yrs Old
  5. Hadi and Hani: 5 Yrs Old.
  6. Zakariya and Alina: 24.

Hope All is clear now. Enjoy!!!

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