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Welcome to my page!

It's nice to finally have enough confidence in myself to post some of my own stories in hopes of receiving some constructive criticism. Although I've been writing for well over 10 years, I've never really been courageous enough to post them anywhere or to let too many people read them. It was mostly out of fear of rejection that I suffered, thinking that my writing would either come off as stale, uninteresting, or even straight to the point awful. However, having the idea of writing fan fiction for a while has proven to be surprisingly fruitful towards my writing trends and ideas. So now, after 5 years of fan fiction writing with confidence, I've decided to dig out my old notebooks and really begin taking my writing seriously.

My written subject matter tends to jump around all over the place; a reflection of my brain and its thought processes. When I write stories, I tend to let my emotions speak through me, which often depicts my mentality or emotional status at the time of writing. I believe that in order to write a great story, one must truly feel what's coming out of the pencils, pens, or even key strokes that convey the message. With that in mind, my stories often stick to certain trends.

Hopefully I don't scare anyone off, but a lot of my writing can get rather dark; things such as sexual content, violence, horror, and traumatic events can often arise within them. I often find myself in the clutches of depression, which has proven to be surprisingly useful tool when writing, but not exactly nurturing when it comes to healthier writing. Not all my stories are like that of course; I also enjoy writing teen drama/romance, adventure, fantasy, and even the occasional Sci-Fi.

I'm definitely more of a writer than an editor, but I will do my best to keep my stories in check so that they don't sound like a child wrote them. I'd also like it if someone could inform me on an appropriate word count I should shoot for per chapter since I don't know what the standard is for an actual novel. That'd be a huge help.

I hope my writing can be enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing them. Happy reading everyone!

She's My Collar
James, a young man who hasn't always made the best choices, meets with his boyfriend at a bar. Once he finds out that he was just a phase, he's kicked out of his home abruptly, leaving him a sad, broken mess. Ready to drink his sorrows away, he's approached by a seductive woman named Tricia, who offers to take him in and help him get back on his feet.
Fiction: General - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,026 - Published: 10/15