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Hey there!

I'm Lirian :D

I write to:

a. Keep my sanity (srsly)

b. Spread the love of fantasy

c. To make friends ~

September: Super, super busy, so chapters may take longer than usual.



Related to Gakuen St Warriors, this will be a collection of stories from the past, present and future from different angles.

There will be hints and clues about what happened, will happen, and many more mysteries will be revealed!

(Mainly one-shots.)

I recommend you start Asura Shots after you have read the chapters on the Three Great Clans. :D

Current Projects:

I. Gakuen St Warriors Vol I

[Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, school, shoujo, shounen, harem, mystery, romance, supernatural, psychological, horror, friendship, coming-of-age]

GSW is a saga, which will unfold slowly. If you like a story in which you get to grow alongside the protagonists, and experience their adventures, do check this out!

II. Return of the Lost Queen [Sci-Fi, romance, tragedy]

III. The Witch's Wish [Fantasy, mystery, romance, horror, tragedy, war]

IV. Destiny of Thorns [Action, adventure, empire-building]


Reviews appreciated and returned!

Be it on-the-spur-thoughts or constructive criticism - feel free to drop a line or two :)

[or a para if you are so inclined XD]

Really makes my day ~

Feel free to pm, I always like to make new friends :D

Related to GSW;

The OCs are in the works!

Current/Upcoming: Jihan, Data, Aurora, Feng, Kain, Marguerite, Halla'an and the mysterious Magic Shop sempai.


Lirian Out!

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A strange viral phenomenon that appeared suddenly in Japan — cities would get vandalized and seed-like objects were found in destruction's wake. Who are behind the vandals? What are those Seeds? And the million dollar question — what are Seedlings? Ingrid Choi, your average 17-year-old, and her friends are about to find out. (Reviews returned!)
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In the continent of Dexio, there lies 32 academies, one for each of the 32 islands, tasked with training young hunters to fight against the demons and criminals that reside in their world. One of the academies, Star Academy, houses several of the next batch of hunters, including Kenji Yamada who runs into a girl from his past he thought he never seen again
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Sovereign to the Skies by candid reviews
Once valued in their world, the mages of Rothmora are now being persecuted and killed by the power-hungry despot of the Dominion Empire. Ilarion is a soldier in the Emperor's army. Rensa has been imprisoned in a sanatorium for ten years. Neither are what they appear. And both can do magic.
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Shadows of the Mind by Addison Cain reviews
Savages call me witch. Raised in the woods, educated by the cycles of nature, by fire, by blood, that disparaging title is one I've earned. I've lived a life of balance, of reverence for the land. Even so, one day peace was stolen from me. I was driven from my woods, and now I am hunted by an entity eager to hear my screams echo through the night.
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Asura Shots reviews
Related to Gakuen St Warriors, a peek into the past, present and the future from different angles. Read on and find out more about the Clans of the Asura, and new mysteries! Ch. 3: First Meeting: Amir of Nimr.
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Gakuen St Warriors reviews
Welcome to St Warriors Academy, where teachers toss grenades and hunt kids. Where student councils act like cults and kids with strange abilities do as they wish. Enter a fantastical world where outright insanity, weird friendships, and mysteries await! (Reviews returned!) Ch 96: The secrets of the Blue Faction...
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Return of the Lost Queen reviews
A prophecy of greatness. An unavoidable price. A princess of the stars, whose fate can only be unlocked by torment and loss. Betrayed, abandoned and lost, will she remember? Will she return?
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One love lost. Another love betrayed. A destiny denied, torn away. Reborn in the embers of a violent hate, will that love be found again?
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Gakuen St Warriors - Prologue reviews
Twelve Years ago...
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 606 - Reviews: 4 - Published: 5/28 - Complete